Caplan’s Reaches: Week Five


David Garrard at Seattle – It’s getting to the point with him that we may not be calling him a reach much longer. Garrard is starting to look like one of the best values in fantasy football this season. He’ll face a struggling defense, and his much improved offensive line has been giving him a lot of time to throw the ball. Look for him to post at least two TDs and 225 yards in this matchup of two bad defenses.

Kerry Collins vs. Indianapolis – The formula has been the same every week. Their secondary causes Collins to throw the ball more than the coaches want, and he posts big passing numbers. Nothing looks to change against the high-powered Colt offense. Look for big numbers again from Collins.

Running Back

Chester Taylor at St. Louis – We see no way that the Rams will be able to hang in this game, so Taylor figures to have his chance to post good numbers later on. Look for him to post 50-70 yards and a score in this matchup.

Sammy Morris at Denver – With veteran RB Fred Taylor out, Morris’ role will increase. What we like about him is his versatility. He’ll get work in any part of the game and at any part of the field. He should get enough touches this week for you to start him as your #3 RB.

Ahmad Bradshaw vs. Oakland – Bradshaw has been dealing with a foot injury for a few weeks, but that hasn’t seemed to slow him down. He’ll face a usually bad Raider run defense, so Bradshaw should be able to be a solid #3 RB for fantasy owners this week.

LeSean McCoy vs. Tampa Bay – While Brian Westbrook probably will probably be back in his usual role in this game, we’re expecting this game to be a blowout, so McCoy should get to pile up carries in the second half of this game. By the end of the game, McCoy’s numbers will be good enough for you to start him as your flex player.

Jerome Harrison at Buffalo – IF starting RB Jamal Lewis is inactive again, then Harrison will carry the rushing load once again. If that happens, Harrison should do well against a very porous Bill run defense. If Lewis is active, then Harrison would be better off on your bench.

Fred Jackson vs. Cleveland – Jackson has been quiet so far, but the Brown run defense is shaky. Jackson figures to get a decent amount of touches in this game, even with Marshawn Lynch sharing time with him. Start Jackson as your #3 RB.

Wide Receiver

Mark Clayton vs. Cincinnati – Clayton has been kind of quiet so far, but this could be his break-out week. The Bengal CBs play off coverage, which means they could be susceptible to big plays off of play action fakes. Look for Clayton to make a big play or two and start him as your #3 WR.

Steve Breaston vs. Houston – Make sure he’s actually playing since he’s listed as questionable. If Breaston plays, we have to think he will have success against one of the NFL’s worst coverage secondaries. Look for him to make some plays, perhaps down field.

Nate Burleson vs. Jacksonville – We’re expecting this to be a high-scoring game, so Burleson should be more involved than usual this week, with starting QB Matt Hasselbeck finally back in the lineup. Start Burleson as your #3 WR in PPR leagues.

Nate Washington vs. Indianapolis – He’s scored three times this season, and we’re figuring that the Titans will be throwing quite a bit this game, since they figure to be behind most of the game. Washington has good size, and the Colt CBs aren’t big, so he figures to have some success. Not a bad #3 WR this week is Washington.

Kenny Britt vs. Indianapolis – The Titan secondary can’t stop anyone, so their offense has to constantly throw from behind. That’s why Britt has been surprisingly involved so much so far. And look for that trend to continue against the NFL’s best offense. With the Titans likely to be playing from behind most of this game, Britt will get involved again in the passing game. With veteran CB Marlin Jackson out this week, that means the Colts will have to use an inexperienced defensive back on Britt, since Jackson has been used in nickel situations.

Mohamed Massaquoi at Buffalo – He now should be Cleveland’s top passing target with Braylon Edwards gone, so Massaquoi should now take over that role. Buffalo’s two starting safeties are out this week, and starting CB Leodis McKelvin is on IR. Massaquoi should be active again, so start him as your #3 WR.

Pierre Garcon at Tennessee – While he’s not posting a lot of catches, he’s making a big play every game. The Titan secondary continues to struggle with communication, and no one manipulates defenses than Peyton Manning. Look for a big play or two from Garcon this week.

Bobby Wade vs. Dallas – The Chiefs are likely to be playing from behind, and he’s scored the last few games. Wade seems to have the trust from the coaches, that he’s already a reliable passing option. Dallas has struggled from a coverage standpoint so far, so Wade should be able to catch a decent amount of paces. He’s worth a look as your flex player in PPR leagues.

Miles Austin at Kansas City – Austin will start for Roy Williams, and Dallas feels that he’s capable of stretching the field. He’s capable of making a few big plays, so he’s worth a start as your flex player.

Patrick Crayton at Kansas City – With Roy Williams out, they will spread the ball out more this week, so Crayton has a chance to get more passing targets against a shaky Chief secondary. He’s worth a shot as your flex player.

Percy Harvin at St. Louis – Harvin has been quiet lately, but Rams aren’t deep at cornerback, and this is the kind of matchup where the Vikings can take advantage their weakness. The expectation is that Harvin could make a big play or two, so he’s worth a shot as your flex player.

Austin Collie at Tennessee – Last week was Collie’s first big game and he’ll face a struggling Titan secondary. If Titan starting CB Cortland Finnegan is out again, that would mean Collie would likely draw one of Tennessee’s two rookie CBs, who have struggled so far. Collie, for PPR league owners, makes sense to start as your flex player this week based on the matchup.

Tight End

Vernon Davis vs. Atlanta – He’s scored three TDs so far, and Atlanta really lacks good coverage players at linebacker and in the secondary. When they want to score inside the red zone, Davis should get plenty of looks.

Marcedes Lewis at Seattle – He’s been surprisingly very active so far, and they’ll face a very shaky Seahawk secondary. This could be a high-scoring game, so Lewis should get his share of looks.

Brandon Pettigrew vs. Pittsburgh – With Steeler SS Troy Polamalu likely out for the Steelers, that really changes the way they’ll be able to cover the tight end. Last week, Antonio Gates went off against the Steelers. While Pettigrew won’t likely go off, he should get his chance to post 4-5 receptions and possibly a TD in this matchup.

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