Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/7/09 Notes


  • Ingram and Harvey started at OLB in the Jaguars 3-4 front
  • S Nelson was again the nickel corner aligned over the slot for the Jaguars; Russell came in at S in the nickel
  • Jaguars much more aggressive early in the game with blitz; ILBs Durant and Smith played downhill with aggression
  • This was a different Jaguars defense in terms of intensity and tactics: More blitzing, more pressure schemes, more stunting – Titans OL was overmatched though the first quarter
  • Titans clearly tried to go back to basics, The offensive focus was Johnson running the ball
  • Collins was not sharp, He missed some routine throws in which the receiver was open
  • Jaguars went with predominant zone coverage based schemes in the second half with a 30-3 lead; First play of the second half they rushed 3 and dropped 8 in coverage
  • Britt gets in-and-out of breaks with quickness for a big man, Not vertically explosive
  • Collins third quarter interception was not his fault: It was a combination of inside pressure, and more importantly, WR Washington not running hard on his clear out route to lift the coverage; Poor effort by Washington allowed Cox to be in position to make the pick
  • Jaguars aligned Mathis on Gage in their man coverage schemes, even when Gage aligned in the slot; That put Nelson on the outside, where he’s not used to playing, since he’s a safety [13 40 57 00: Washington 14 yds on 3rd + 10 matched on Nelson, Jaguars “2 man” coverage] – Something to take note for the rematch week 8
  • Collins did not play poorly, The dynamic of the game put Collins in an untenable position – The Titans are not a passing team: Their pass game is proactive, based on their ability to dictate with personnel, formations and play calling; It’s not a reactive pass game in which they are forced to throw against defenses playing pass


  • Watkins was the Raiders third WR in this game
  • Two things stood out early: The Raiders OL is a liability, both run blocking and pass protecting, and Texans DE Williams plays with tremendous power and leverage
  • Russell has accuracy issues, He misses too may routine throws; Also has footwork issues: Does not throw on balance consistently – No ability to move within the pocket, maintain his downfield focus and throw on balance; He cannot reset and deliver
  • Russell has problems reading safeties, and safety rotation – He should be past that point in his development
  • Raiders OL could not get linebackers blocked in the run game, They did a poor job of working up to the second level, Too many clean run-throughs by the Texans LBs
  • Raiders OL could be the worst OL I’ve watched on film this season; Russell clearly has own set of issues, but he has very little chance behind this OL
  • Russell too slow in everything he does: Dropping into the pocket, Processing information, Setting and delivering – No refined sense of timing and anticipation, Waits to see receivers break open before throwing the ball
  • Cushing continued to show up on film: Played all 3 downs, Aggressive and instinctive, Plays fast
  • The Raiders offensive coaches do not help Russell at all: Everything is downfield, Very little short to help Russell ease into games and develop a sense of timing and comfort


  • On the second play of the game LT Samuels was overpowered by DE Adams, Adams sacked Campbell – Samuels has become a liability in pass protection, He’s playing on a bad knee that won’t get any better but he still has to be accountable
  • The third play of the game Adams jacked up RT Heyer on a pass rush – Once again, the 2 Redskins tackles struggled in pass protection
  • RG Rhinehart also struggled in pass protection
  • Bucs linebackers more aggressive downhill in the run game; Hayes stood out as he has at other times this season, He played all 3 downs
  • Overall Samuels had problems anchoring in pass protection, He was driven back too many times
  • Campbell’s first interception came against “man free” coverage; Great job by Barber over the slot dropping off his man when he saw S Piscitelli attack Randle-El and reacting Kelly’s slant – Talib outstanding job reading Kelly’s route and undercutting Campbell’s throw
  • Campbell’s second interception also came against “man free” coverage, Kelly ran a go route versus Talib and Talib ran with him all the way, Kelly no vertical separation – It was man-to-man and Kelly did not win
  • Adams showed up on film in this game, with both power and quickness
  • Campbell not playing with a lot of confidence right now, He’s not getting a clear picture and he’s leaving throws on the field – Also a little quick to move, Perceiving pressure
  • Kelly had a difficult time getting separation against man coverage concepts – Thomas did not play many snaps at WR, That tells you what the Redskins think of him
  • Bucs a lot of man coverage, and the Redskins receivers did not get open; Cooley had trouble getting separation against linebackers
  • Talib an excellent job in press man coverage on the outside, He has really improved in that area
  • Barber a great understanding of route combinations in zone coverage
  • Interesting that Talib had played a lot of press man coverage and played it very well, and then on the Moss 59 yd TD, he played off zone coverage and Moss ran by him on the stutter-go
  • Campbell’s third interception came against “cover 3”; An inaccurate throw, underthrown and too far to the inside
  • The Redskins did not attack the predominant man coverage schemes the Bucs played: No crossing routes, No rub elements, No stacked releases, No shifting and motion – They didn’t help Campbell and they didn’t help their receivers
  • Right now, Campbell is an erratic player; Not much efficiency to his play At the end of the day, Campbell is not a West Coast offense QB


  • Grant no stop and start ability, Very limited laterally, His numbers are a function of his OL and the volume of carries he gets – Grant does not really have the skill set of a number one back in the NFL
  • Vikings aligned DE Allen on both sides of the DL in their nickel defense
  • Packers began the game with screens and quick drops to minimize the limitations of their OL and negate the Vikings pass, and to get the ball out of Rodgers hands fast
  • TE Finley an outstanding athlete, with great alignment versatility; He can be utilized as a “Joker”, aligned all over the formation – He may be the most athletic TE in the NFL
  • Rodgers sack and fumble to end the first series was on him: It was a 3 step drop, which means it’s blocked that way, so the ball has to come out – Rodgers held the ball and tried to make a play, Poor judgment
  • CB Winfield made the coverage mistake on Finley’s 62 yd TD: A continuing problem for the Vikings secondary, Not properly executing their zone coverage responsibilities
  • Packers OTs are a definite liability in pass protection, They cannot hold up one-on-one against quality pass rushers
  • Rodgers really good throwing the ball on the move, Very accurate with good velocity – Also outstanding throwing the ball between the numbers, especially slants and seams
  • The majority of the Vikings sacks came well after Rodgers had the ball for 3 seconds; Rodgers was the culprit more than his OL – On 6 of Rodgers 7 sacks, the ball was in his hands more than 3 seconds, and there was not quick pressure
  • Watching the film I did not get the sense the Vikings DL was dominant; The sack numbers were really not a reflection of the game

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