Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/6/09


  • Steelers came out throwing: First 3 plays, all were 1st down plays – The Steelers offensive approach is clearly the pass sets up the run, Stretch the field horizontally and vertically first and that creates running lanes
  • Mendenhall downhill decisiveness and explosiveness, He ran with power and great body lean – Great job pressing the hole and impacting second level defenders
  • Mendenhall showed the ability to stop and start, Good change of direction and acceleration
  • Steelers started their second drive with 4 consecutive Mendenhall runs, for 20 yds
  • Steelers high percentage formations with Holmes the single receiver to one side, Often dictates the “x iso” matchup with Holmes one-on-one versus the corner
  • Chargers made a lot of assignment mistakes, Played with a glaring lack of discipline
  • Chargers generated no consistent pass rush pressure on Roethlisberger, whether it was from their base 3-4 or their 4 DL in the nickel
  • Chargers 3 DL in their base 3-4 front were consistently moved in the run game
  • Corners Cromartie and Jammer vulnerable on the outside, Cromartie a very undisciplined player whose athletic skills don’t come close to matching his production
  • Most overlooked element of Roethlisberger’s complete skill set is his accuracy
  • Roethlisberger threw the ball extremely well, I liked his patience in the pocket, He did not succumb to his usual tendency to flush himself out of the pocket when there was no pressure – Was more in command in this game, Less random and more measured
  • Rookie English was not a factor as a pass rusher
  • Steelers run game featured LT Starks and LG Kemoeatu pulling and getting outside, They were effective
  • S Hart a liability as a run support defender, Takes poor angles when he comes up to fill, Runs that should be 8-10 yds become long gains like Mendenhall’s 32 yarder – Both Hart and Weddle had poor games
  • Steelers offense balanced and efficient, Rhythmic as opposed to relying on individual plays by Roethlisberger


  • Garcon good quickness off the LOS, Gets into his routes quickly which is critical given Manning’s fanatical emphasis on timing
  • Right side of Colts OL beaten by a stunt on a 3rd + 9 at the end of the first quarter
  • Colts attacked rookie LB Curry in the pass game, especially with the use of play action; Curry reacted tentatively throughout the game
  • Colts truly a spread offense by NFL standards: Manning works predominantly out of the shotgun, and their running game, both out of shotgun and with Manning under center, utilizes a high percentage of draw action
  • Rookie RB Brown much quicker than Addai, More juice and explosiveness
  • Seahawks generated no pass rush pressure on Manning with their DL, and they did not blitz much at all – Again the combination of no pressure and soft coverage, It’s too easy for Manning
  • Colts doing more this season with formation variation: Wayne aligned on the right 7 times in this game – Colts clearly expanding their passing game concepts, and it’s been effective
  • Clark is the wild card in the Colts offense: He’s the movable chess piece, and he looks quicker and more explosive than in previous seasons
  • Seahawks defense did not challenge Manning and the Colts offense, They played reactively not proactively – They clearly played defensively, trying to prevent big plays rather than trying to create them


  • Johnson 45 yds came on the first play of the game: The Bears aligned with 8 in the box, “cover 3” in the secondary versus the Lions straight “I”; Stafford play action, C. Johnson ran by CB Bowman
  • Bowman can be attacked at RCB, He’s lacking confidence right now and has a tendency to play soft in off coverage
  • MLB Roach was impressive: Quick with good instincts, A mover and a runner with lateral agility – Must be kept clean so he can run to the ball
  • Stafford needs work on touch throws, A tendency to throw the ball too flat on downfield throws – He missed Pettigrew on the second series on a throw that might have been a 37 yd TD
  • Stafford’s strong arm immediately stands out: He made a far hash / deep comeback throw to C. Johnson on the second series that separates NFL QBs
  • C. Johnson deceptively fast because of his long strides, and his ability to eat up ground quickly, but he’s not dynamically explosive – He has a big body and great hands, and can make contested catches
  • Stafford on occasion loses the strike zone: The big question as he progresses is whether his erratic accuracy can be corrected with a focus on his techniques and mechanics
  • Stafford is definitely a “wow” passer: He hit C. Johnson in the outside void versus “cover 2” on the 98 yd TD drive in the second quarter that was as impressive as any throw you’ll see; Just as important was his willingness to make the throw
  • Lions OL not very quick or athletic; The Bears front seven was much quicker, They at times overmatched the Lions OL
  • Smith more methodical and measured as a runner than quick and explosive; There’s something missing to put him in a high level category of runner
  • Rookie TE Pettigrew not explosive, but he has deceptive movement ability for his size; He’s a huge man, and he moves a lot better than he looks because he’s not naturally smooth and fluid
  • The speed and quickness of the Bears defense was evident in the second half, They were just too fast for the Lions OL

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