Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/5/09 Notes



  • What again stood out was how well Suggs plays the run, Much more physical than people believe
  • Patriots began the game with Maroney as the lead back, not Taylor: Why? Taylor quicker in the hole, and more explosive downhill
  • Brady still not comfortable in the pocket: Too much movement, Not still and settled, A little quick and hurried
  • Ravens attacked Brady with a good percentage of blitz: Smart tactic because both Brady and the Patriots overall passing game is out of rhythm
  • Suggs beat LT Light one-on-one on his sack and forced fumble that resulted in Ravens TD
  • 5 of the 6 plays on Patriots 3rd quarter TD drive came out of the shotgun, including the 2 runs
  • Moss 14 yd TD on 3rd + 4 came against “cover zero”; Moss was matched on Foxworth
  • 13 of the 14 Patriots plays on their 7 minute FG drive in the 4th quarter came out of the shotgun
  • Welker is the key to the Patriots shotgun spread offense: A huge play on that 4th quarter drive was 3rd + 7, Patriots shotgun empty, Welker matched on the inside against S Zbikowski – Welker 11 yds
  • Faulk also critical to the spread shotgun, aligning in different locations – Patriots split Morris and Faulk quite a bit in this game
  • Unlike last week against the Falcons, the Patriots did not believe they could line up with base personnel and run the ball versus the Ravens – Patriots ran 39 plays out of the shotgun (out of 65 plays)
  • Shotgun breakdown: 15-64 rushing with 1 TD (2 of those rushes were Brady scrambles); Brady 15-23 for 164 yds, 1 TD, 1 sack – This was primarily a shotgun offense, so the overall run / pass balance is really skewed
  • Moss no longer as vertically explosive as he used to be; He’s never been a precise route runner, and his decline in explosiveness only draws more attention to his poor route running
  • Patriots offense still not rhythmic and precise, No real flow – Some outstanding individual plays, but little continuity


  • Streif started at LT for the Saints – A definite weakness
  • Bush will never be a great runner: Looks for the sideline, Braces for contact, No physicality at all – He’s solely a space player
  • Thomas a more physical inside runner than his size would indicate: Naturally tough with excellent body lean, Balance and body control
  • What really stands out about the Jets is their coverage: A lot of man concepts – They do not give the offense the short throws that so many pressure defenses allow
  • Colston not quick in-and-out of breaks, Tendency to raise up just before he cuts; He’s a better route runner versus zone than man, or when his height is a big factor – Revis was not a good matchup for Colston
  • A key element of the Jets pressure schemes is that they force offenses to keep eligible receivers in to block, reducing the number of eligible receivers by 20% or 40%
  • Saints success running the football using designed cutbacks out of the “I” formation; FB Evans a good lead blocker – This was their most effective running play in the second half
  • DL Jenkins was dominant in this game, aligning at different positions
  • Saints calmed down the Jets defense by running the ball in the third quarter, primarily out of the “I” formation, and they had success with Thomas – Thomas in the second half: 15-81
  • Jets defense not as disruptive in this game as in the previous 3, but the Saints dictated that with formations and play calling
  • Payton called a great game: He played offense to his dominating defense, not allowing the Jets defense to play their style of organized chaos


  • Jets use an unbalanced line when they run the “Wildcat”, bringing LT Ferguson to TE on the right
  • Sanchez clearly did not account for Sharper on the 99 yd interception return TD, He anticipated off his play fake that Sharper would react inside to Cotchery’s post route and not sit on Keller’s intermediate angle route
  • Rookie Greene a naturally powerful runner, Patience and vision, Got downhill with decisiveness and burst
  • Sanchez played very fast, He hurried himself – A little frenetic and out of control
  • Sanchez was rattled both mentally and physically in this game: He didn’t see things clearly, and he had a tendency to pull away from throws when under pressure – He looked like an inexperienced rookie, which is what he is
  • Saints defense more physical than the Jets’ offense, plus they played much faster
  • Keller the movable chess piece in the Jets’ offense, He aligned all over the formation
  • Saints clearly had an excellent feel for the Jets offensive tendencies, They often took away the Jets high percentage short to intermediate route combinations
  • Sharper great awareness and instincts
  • Saints played a lot of man coverage on Cotchery and were effective, Cotchery a big receiver with excellent ball skills but he does not have great lateral quickness to separate – He’s similar to Colston in terms of movement
  • Saints played a lot of press man coverage, and the Jets receivers struggled to win – Nickel corner Gay an excellent job on Stuckey in the slot
  • Saints defense challenged the Jets offense: Pressure looks with 8 men on the LOS, Predominant 8 man fronts, Press coverage on the outside with no safety help – They knew the Jets do not throw the ball downfield in the pass game
  • The Jets limited offense was exposed in this game by DC Williams: He was willing to be aggressive without fear of getting beat
  • What troubled me about Sanchez was his timidity in the pocket in response to pressure, He fell away from a number of throws as the cumulative effect of pressure took its toll


  • Broncos defense plays fast, They attack and flow
  • Broncos do an excellent job with concealed fronts, which is switching gaps at the snap – It broke the Cowboys blocking schemes, especially in the run game
  • LT Adams looked slow and plodding, Poor lateral movement in his pass sets
  • Choice a strong downhill runner with lateral quickness, balance and body control – All he lacks is vertical explosiveness
  • Broncos 3-4 more of a 1 gap defense, aligning in gaps and doing a lot of slanting and moving
  • Crayton too long to come out of breaks, Too many steps, Breaks down the timing of the pass game – Williams also takes too many steps, Very slow in-and-out of his breaks
  • Cowboys offense is not the offense for Williams, He’s a speed cut receiver who fits best in a Mike Martz / Cam Cameron kind of offense – It makes Williams look like a bad player and he’s not
  • Cowboys OL slow and un-athletic, Very susceptible to slanting and stunting – Broncos excellent job with concealed fronts to break down the OL
  • Cowboys have evolved into a methodical, run based offense: On their 8 play TD drive in the first quarter, they had both Bennett and Witten on the field on the final 7 plays – A very constricted offense
  • Cowboys ran 21 offensive plays in the first quarter
  • Romo not very comfortable, He was late with a number of throws – He also is not seeing things quickly, He is not playing with the kind of discipline and conviction that you would expect from a QB who has been in the same system for a long time
  • Broncos defense clearly playing with great confidence: DC Nolan aligned in press man coverage at the end of the first half, challenging the Cowboys – Not many defenses do that in the 2 minute situation
  • Ayers and Woodward play in the Broncos nickel defense; Ayers a versatile player who aligned as both a LB and a DE
  • Cowboys receivers could not get open against the press coverage of Bailey and Goodman
  • Williams was the Broncos nickel corner, and he did an outstanding job in the slot
  • Broncos did not blitz a lot – They’re were more of an execution defense that played with speed and assertiveness, They understood the concepts coached by DC Nolan and played with great awareness and instincts
  • Broncos played “cover zero” on the final play of the game, which was symptomatic of their aggressive challenging approach throughout the game
  • Cowboys offense lacks an identity at this point: They’re clearly trying to be a running team, but they have not been able to generate any consistency, and Romo has not advanced to the point where the offense can be built around him and the passing game
  • Cowboys played Witten and Bennett together 36 plays out of 72 total snaps (50%): 16-49 rushing with a TD; Romo 12-16, 92 yds, 4 sacks and a fumble


  • Jaguars opened with 3 WRs, and Garrard in the shotgun
  • McCourty started at CB in place of the inactive Finnegan, and Mouton was the nickel back in the slot
  • Both rookie tackles Monroe and Britten were inactive: Thomas played LT, and Williams RT
  • Jaguars came out throwing the ball, attacking the clear weakness of the Titans defense, the secondary
  • Corners McCourty and Harper played soft off coverage, Too many completions in front of them – McCourty and Harper susceptible to “smoke”, the called run that the QB and receiver turn into a quick pass
  • Titans LBs very fast flow reacting to backfield action, Cutbacks very effective against them: Jones-Drew 9 yd TD
  • Another reason designed cutbacks are effective against the Titans is due to the wide “9 technique” alignment of their DEs; It creates pre snap gaps
  • Titans did not generate any consistent pressure with their DL, Garrard very comfortable in the pocket
  • Titans played predominantly zone coverage schemes behind 4 man DL rushes, Not an aggressive concept
  • Titans clearly increased their blitz frequency in the second half, with intermittent success – It’s easy to say they have to blitz more, but their corners are below average and play very soft; It’s a tough challenge for the Titans as the season progresses
  • Rookie Jennings a methodical downhill runner with some natural power and body lean, Limited lateral quickness and explosiveness – Very similar in running style to Glen Coffee
  • Titans struggled with far too many missed and blown assignments: A perfect example was the Lewis 33 yd TD in the fourth quarter; S Hope just went brain dead, He had Lewis man-to-man and abandoned his coverage responsibility to play what he read as run
  • Jaguars and Garrard exploited a bad Titans pass defense: They went with a pass-first approach because the matchup dictated it

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    Greg, I really look forward to reading your coaching tape analysis every week. If D.Garrard can exploit the Titan’s pass defense, P.Manning should have a field day.

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    Your info is priceless. Keep it up.

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