Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/1/09 Notes


  • LB Sims was inactive, Rookie Levy started in his place
  • LB Dizon at times played in the nickel for the Lions, Hobbs was the nickel corner aligned over the slot
  • Campbell still a little too slow with his footwork and his delivery; Still too much of a windup, which really hurts him when there are bodies around him – Campbell lacks a refined sense of pocket movement
  • LB Levy can really run, His speed and lateral pursuit really stood out
  • WR Thomas very slow in and out of his breaks, Too many steps when he throttled down to make his break – Lateral quickness and separation clearly an issue
  • RG Rhinehart impressive: Physical, tough, played with determination and effort – More of a phone booth player than an athletic mover
  • On Moss 57 yd TD, CB Henry showed little understanding of his zone coverage responsibilities; The Redskins route combination distorted Henry’s recognition of his deep third coverage, and he sat too low
  • Campbell clearly did not read the coverage on his interception: It was “cover 3”, and S Simpson was the lurk defender sitting in the middle of the field; Campbell did not see him at all, Very surprising given Campbell’s level of experience
  • My sense watching the Redskins pass game is that they don’t do a very good job with route combinations, creating more clearly defined options for Campbell – Once in a while you see it, but only when they are trying to orchestrate a big play downfield
  • Portis no longer explosive, Does not have the burst and acceleration through the hole that he used to have; He’s a grinder at this point in his career, more reliant on quality OL play
  • LB Peterson did not show up on film; This has been the case through the first 3 games
  • WR Kelly no vertical explosiveness, An intermediate possession receiver
  • Tackles Samuels and Heyer did not hold up consistently in pass protection; Too much quick outside pressure on Campbell, forcing him to move


  • The Packers played a 3-5 as their base personnel package to match up to the Rams offense: Chillar was the 5th LB: He played a lot like a rover, aligning in many different positions
  • What allowed the Packers to match up with 3-5 personnel was corners Harris and Woodson, their ability to match up man-to-man on the outside against the Rams WRs
  • Chillar and Barnett were the every down linebackers in this game
  • Chillar had TE Fells man-to-man on Fells first TD in the second quarter, Fells beat him on the route – The Packers were in their 3-5 package
  • Jackson looked more measured and methodical than quick and explosive; He’s a 4 quarter runner whose best attributes are power, determination and relentlessness
  • LB Hawk looked slow and laboring in his movement, especially moving laterally; He did not play in the nickel package
  • Woodson again stood out on film: Tremendous versatility in his skill set, and how he is utilized
  • The Packers stopped using the 3-5 package in the fourth quarter with 12:07 remaining and a 12 point lead; It was dictated by the score and the game situation
  • 35 of the 69 Rams plays the Packers played with 3-5 personnel: That number is skewed by the Rams 2 minute drive at the end of the first half (9 plays), and the Rams final drive trailing 36-17 (7 plays) – 35 out of 53 is a more accurate assessment


  • Packers run game is lead based when they’re in a 2 back set, and zone based when they’re 1 back
  • Packers a Mike-protection based passing game; Their predominant protection concept is slide protection based on the player designated as the “Mike” LB
  • In long yardage situations, the Packers attack the vertical seams with their pass game
  • LT Colledge too high in his pass sets: Poor technique and mechanics, Struggles to play with leverage, A bad tendency to bend at the waist – He’s a liability if left one-on-one to protect against quality pass rushers
  • Both tackles, Colledge and Barbre, really struggle in pass protection: On the first series, Rodgers had 2 big play opportunities down the field but Colledge and Barbre did not hold up
  • RT Barbre repeatedly had problems with DE Little, who had consistent success beating Barbre with both speed and strength; Barbre does not play with good technique, Slow in his pass set, Too quick to turn his shoulders to the sideline
  • Long aligned inside at both DE and DT in the Rams nickel package: He looked quick and strong as a pass rusher – He also aligned at DE in the base defense, and was also a factor as a run defender
  • King was the Rams nickel corner, aligned inside over the slot
  • Grant very limited lateral quickness and explosiveness to his running style; Really struggles when he is unable to immediately get downhill and must redirect and change direction to find another running lane – Cannot make the unblocked defender miss with lateral agility, but instead relies on power and strength to run through potential tacklers
  • Rodgers clearly does not trust his OL at this point
  • Rodgers throws the ball between the numbers really well: Velocity and accuracy
  • Rams front seven played well against the run, They were quicker and faster than the Packers OL
  • Rodgers has very good athleticism when needed to improvise and make a play with his legs, Able to avoid pressure and pick up valuable yards running with the football with deceptive speed and quickness


  • Cutler just overthrew Hester on what would have been a TD on the first series; Hester has a tendency to look up for the ball too early, negating some of his speed – A function of inexperience and teaching
  • Olsen used as a movable chess piece, Caught a 14 yd pass split wide left matched against CB Lucas
  • Fisher was the Seahawks nickel corner, aligned over the slot
  • Cutler’s interception was his fault: He moved when he didn’t need to, He rushed himself and made an off-balance
  • Curry physical and aggressive, Does not play like a rookie – Showed good rush skills from the outside: He will become a quality pass rusher in time
  • Forte shifty and elusive, but not quick and explosive; Does not really have a burst – A sustaining volume runner at his best, More measured than quick twitch
  • Bears predominant base personnel and formations in normal down and distance situations – Seahawks matched up with a high percentage of single high safety looks
  • DTs Mebane and Bryant stood out for the Seahawks
  • MLB Hawthorne impressive on film: Showed good instincts, Good lateral quickness and speed in pursuit
  • Rookie WR Knox both laterally and vertically explosive, A “wow” factor to his movement
  • LT Pace really struggled in pass protection, He will be a problem all season if matched one-on-one against quality pass rushers
  • Bears stayed patient all game, both in terms of personnel and formations, and play-calling – This was a conservative, methodical offensive approach

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