Week One Reaches

After last year’s success, I’m back with more for Week One:


Joe Flacco vs. Kansas City – While the Ravens will still be a power
running team on offense, we’re expecting them to throw more on early downs.
Against the Chiefs, Flacco should have no trouble against one of the league’s
worst defenses. Even though this game should be a blowout and he might not need
to throw much, he’ll have very good success when it puts the ball in the air.
Look for Flacco to be a nice low-end starter this week.

Matt Hasselbeck vs. St. Louis – I understand how shaky his offensive
line is, but the Ram secondary is average at best. When Hasselbeck throws the
ball, he’ll have success spreading the ball around to his open receivers. He’s
not a bad low-end starter this week.

Running Back

Mike Bell vs. Detroit – With the likelihood that he’ll handle most of
the carries in this game against what looks to be a bad Lion defense, Bell could
find success early and often. He could easily have 80-100 yards and 1-2 TDs–by
the start of the fourth quarter. So Bell is really looking like a nice #3 RB or
better for fantasy owners this week.

Willis McGahee vs. Kansas City – Yeah, we know he looked terrible last
season, but he’s on his way back. McGahee plays in an offense where they will
always want to run the ball more than pass it and that’s going to be the case
against the lowly Chiefs. When the team gets a big lead in the second half.
McGahee should start to pile up carries and yards against a very weak Chief
front-seven. He’s not a bad third back this week.

Leon Washington at Houston – Reaches are basically defined as players
you wouldn’t normally start and Washington clearly fits in this mold. But
against a weak Texan defense, he should be in your lineup. We’re buying what
head coach Rex Ryan said several weeks ago in that Washington is expected to see
an increased role this season. Look for a few big plays this week and for
Washington to wind up being a rock solid #3 RB or better by the time that game
is over.

Darren Sproles at Oakland – If this game isn’t a blowout, we would be very
surprised. Expect to see Sproles get a decent amount of touches late in the game
and don’t be surprised to see him make a big play or two against a terrible
Raider run defense. He looks like a solid low-end #3 RB this week.

Chester Taylor at Cleveland – Here’s yet another backup that could put up
starter-worthy numbers in what looks to be a blowout against a bad Brown
defense. Look for Taylor to start getting a lot of carries in the fourth quarter
and don’t be surprised if he posts 70-80 yards on the ground and a TD as the
Vikings look to control the clock to end the game.

Wide Receiver

Chris Henry vs. Denver – It seems that Henry has put his off-the-field
issues behind him and is poised to get back to where he was a few years ago when
he was one of the best backup NFL WRs. He should be heavily involved in the
passing each game, especially down field because he runs so well. Henry should
be able to do well against a Bronco secondary which lacks depth at cornerback.
Look for him to be a solid #3 WR this week.

Percy Harvin at Cleveland – Once the team cut veteran WR Bobby Wade, it
became obvious that Harvin was going to see an increased role. It also showed
that the coaches believed he was ready to make an impact on their passing game.
Look for Harvin to get touches in the running and passing game against a weak
Brown defense. Start him as your #3 WR.

Anthony Gonzalez vs. Jacksonville – The Jaguars cut veteran CB Brian
Williams last week and will go with rookie CB Derek Cox which means they only
will have one good cornerback on the field at all times. Gonzalez should have no
problem doing well in this matchup. He’s looking like a solid #3 WR.

Devery Henderson vs. Detroit – Ok, this is the ultimate reach. We would
never recommend starting him unless he would be going up against a bad secondary
and the Lions look to have a bad one again this season. If you’re looking for a
reach from a flex player who could pay off, Henderson is it this week. He can
run by anyone, certainly the Lion secondary.

Santana Moss at NY Giants – Again, it’s about would you be starting him
each week? The answer is clearly, no based on the shakiness of their passing
game. That’s why he’s a reach. You can call Moss a high-end reach against a
Giant secondary which will be without starting CB Aaron Ross and possibly nickel
CB Kevin Dockery.

Laurent Robinson at Seattle – This guy is really a good fit for the West
Coast offense based on his size and run-after-the-catch ability. He’ll face the
NFL’s worst secondary from last season which will be without starting CB Marcus
Trufant. Robinson should wind up being a solid #3 WR for fantasy owners this

Robert Meachem vs. Detroit – Once this game becomes a blowout, the
backups will be in and Meachem should see a decent amount of time later on. But
he could also start rotating with Devery Henderson, so don’t be surprised if he
makes a big play or two. Meachem isn’t a bad one-week reach if you’re hurting
for a flex player.

Tight End

Jeremy Shockey vs. Detroit – I know I’m listing a lot of Saints this
week, but they will probably post 6-7 TDs this week. Yes, I’m not joking. That’s
how bad the Lion defense looks to be right now. They look to be pretty weak at
just about every position on defense and even the underachieving Shockey should
get into the act.


New Orleans vs. Detroit – If you were ever going to start this
defense, now would be the time to do it. They’ll face a rookie QB at home, so
new DC Gregg Williams figures to be aggressive against Matthew Stafford in order
to force him to make mistakes. Look for a lot of turnovers from the Saint
defense this week.

Dallas at Tampa Bay – This defense was a big disappointment for fantasy
owners last season, but head coach Wade Phillips will be take over this year.
Expect him to be very aggressive against struggling QB Byron Leftwich. Look for
lots of sacks and turnovers.

San Diego at Oakland – Like the Dallas defense, the Charger defense
was disappointing last season. But there’s virtually no way they don’t perform
well against a weak Raider offense on Monday night. It will be lights out once
they get a big lead and Oakland has to play from behind.

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  1. Idiot Savant says:

    Excellent picks Cap…this is perhaps my favorite part of your contribution to the site…your VERY MONEY on these.

    (Also nice that I have a number of these guys as backups…)

  2. Call Me Dragon says:

    Nice work Cap

  3. riverjags says:

    see a LOT OF HITS ! Well Done and look forward to your week 2 reaches listing

  4. deputy says:

    Wow, you were almost 100% on with these predictions. EXCELLENT work!

  5. Adam Caplan says:

    I had pretty good success last year, but last week was off the charts. I’ll see what I can do to repeat that success.

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