In the Loop moves to Tuesdays

Just wanted to let all fans of “In the Loop” know that we have been picked up by The Fantasy Sports Channel on BlogTalkRadio. We will be moving from our usual time slot of Wednesday, 8-845pm EST to our NEW, LIVE time slot of TUESDAY 3-4PM EST (THAT’S TODAY). The show will no longer be taped, so we will be taking calls. We wanted to take this opportunity not only to make the announcement, but to thank all of you loyal listeners that have been with us since the beginning. We have grown in every way possible since we started and couldn’t have done it without all of you. We hope you all follow us over to our new time slot, and while you are at it, bring some friends too. As always, all shows will be in the archives and can be listened to at any time. The other big change is that we will be now under the FantasyGuru account, so make sure you update your iTunes bookmarks as we can now be found at John Hansen’s Thursday Night call-in show (7-8pm EST) can also be found under this account. This means you’ll be able to get both weekly radio shows under the same account, which should make life easier for everyone. Check us out LIVE today at 3pm EST and make sure you call in: (347) 857-2848.

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  1. Stretch says:

    You’ve been bumped! What’s up with that. 3-4pm EST is too early for me. 8-8:45pm EST was primetime. But as long as you guys are still podcastable, I guess I will have to listen at that time.

    Matt & Joe keep up the good work. I’m also looking forward to the Mock Draft on Friday Aug. 14th at 3pm EST.


  2. Irish_Flyers (Neil) says:

    I have had zero luck finding John’s show on iTunes. I subscribe to the one he & Adam do (with Greg Cossell), which is listed as ‘ Radio’ but when I update it I don’t get John’s new Thurs phoner show. Nor did your show from Tues show up there.

    For example, I just updated the bookmark last night, and I got John’s most recent podcast with just him & Greg Cossell on 8-5-09. But your ‘BTR: In The Loop/Blog Talk Rado’ that I also subscribe to, wasn’t in your old account, or the one I subscribe to above. Is there something I’m missing?

    Can you post a screen shot of the iTunes page or something? Because I am not seeing it on there at all. Just my old version of it

  3. Irish_Flyers (Neil) says:

    I figured out what the issue was. There is now a 3rd entry on iTunes that appears in the podcast lists which has John’s phone in show, and now In The Loop.
    It’s listed as this in iTunes:
    BTR: / Blog Talk Radio

    The old In The Loop listing in iTunes (BTR: In The Loop / Blog Talk Radio) doesn’t seem to update anymore now that it falls under the one listed above.

    And the podcast that John does with Adam & Greg is on still iTunes under title:
    ‘ Radio’

    I was expecting the new shows to be under the Radio listing above. But those shows appear under the new listing.

    Figured I’d post the info here in case anyone else was having an issue finding the shows on iTunes

  4. Matt Camp says:

    We actually changed the iTunes link at the top of the page on the right side to link to the BlogTalkRadio account. If you click that, you will automatically be subscribed to In the Loop (Tuesdays, 3pm ET) and John’s Radio Show (Thursday, 7pm ET) as they are now under that same account. Hopefully that makes things much easier.

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