Thoughts For the Week (7/27-8/2)

Each week, I’ll start with my thoughts of the week on various

Sirius Fantasy Football/Radio Stuff

- We’re starting up again this Friday though the first week of the NFL playoffs.
The show is live 8-11 PM ET on channel 124, replay is 5-8 AM ET on Saturday.

- We know many of you have complained about the replay time (I’ve read the
emails and message board posts.) A few years back, the show was also replayed on
channel 123 I believe, but that’s now Mad Dog Radio. We’ll bring up
getting a replay on another channel and/or a better time to management, soon.

- Greg Cosell, from NFL Films, will be a weekly guest as he has
been for the past three years. This goes without saying for anyone who has heard
him before, but I don’t believe there has been a time that I didn’t learn
something from him. Anyone who read his film blog for us or heard the weekly
podcasts last year should know a lot more about the NFL and how schemes and
plays are developed after listening to him. He won’t be on this Friday, but
he’ll be on every show the rest of the way. He will be the only weekly guest
we’ll have for sure. We’ll have players on from time to time, though.

- I’ll be hosting again this Saturday evening from 6-9 PM ET on 124, talking
strictly NFL and training camps.

- Scheduled to be on Fox
Sports 1370 AM
on Wednesday at 11:35 AM ET.

- I’ll be on KFAN 1130 AM every
Friday starting in the regular season for the seventh straight year. I believe I
will be on most weeks during August through early September before the regular
season starts. They archive my segments for anyone who likes to listen while
they work.

Training Camp Schedule This Week

- I’ll have a short minicamp tour this year beginning with the Eagles this
Friday/Saturday. Going to Ravens on Sunday, which is only about a 90-minute
drive for me. Should be interesting to see all the new pieces the Eagles will
have on offense this season. I want to see how Mark Clayton and Joe
develop as well.

Couple of Deep Sleepers For Dynasty Leagues

- Kenny McKinley/WR/Denver Broncos – Fast and had a great NFL combine
workout. Because we’re expecting them to run somewhat of a spread offense,
McKinley could see the field this season more than first thought.

- Louis Murphy/WR/Oakland Raiders – I mentioned him in one of my recent
blog posts and I will again. It would be a surprise if he doesn’t start by the
2010 season. Another receiver who had a great combine workout and has good speed
and size. He played in a bad passing offense in college, so teams weren’t sure
how he would fit in at the next level, but I can tell you several teams believe
he will be a star some day.


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3 Responses

  1. rich whiting says:

    whats up Adam,

    I like the scoop of Louis Murphy, I heard a great interview with him yesterday on sirius NFL Radio
    Anyway with the signing of DHB today (nice & Early for a 1st rounder) do you think Murphy can outperforn the #10 overall this year?

    and do you get the feeling that DHB is going to be a bust?

    Thnaks dude
    R Dubb

  2. Adam Caplan says:

    #10? What do you mean?

  3. rich whiting says:

    oops..I meant the #7 draft pick this year DHB….Crabtree was #10 bad

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