Thoughts For the Week (7/27-8/2)

Each week, I’ll start with my thoughts of the week on various

Sirius Fantasy Football/Radio Stuff

- We’re starting up again this Friday though the first week of the NFL playoffs.
The show is live 8-11 PM ET on channel 124, replay is 5-8 AM ET on Saturday.

- We know many of you have complained about the replay time (I’ve read the
emails and message board posts.) A few years back, the show was also replayed on
channel 123 I believe, but that’s now Mad Dog Radio. We’ll bring up
getting a replay on another channel and/or a better time to management, soon.

- Greg Cosell, from NFL Films, will be a weekly guest as he has
been for the past three years. This goes without saying for anyone who has heard
him before, but I don’t believe there has been a time that I didn’t learn
something from him. Anyone who read his film blog for us or heard the weekly
podcasts last year should know a lot more about the NFL and how schemes and
plays are developed after listening to him. He won’t be on this Friday, but
he’ll be on every show the rest of the way. He will be the only weekly guest
we’ll have for sure. We’ll [...]

Thoughts on Team Defenses

Here’s the next round of random thoughts, this time on some team defenses:
 1) New York Jets – Like many of you, I’m high on the Jet defense with the addition of Rex Ryan as the head coach. Ryan has a unique feel for calling plays on defense and even though the talent he’ll be working with might not be as good as what he had with the Ravens, he’ll get things turned around quickly. The one big issue staring him in the face early is the loss of OLB Calvin Pace due to a four-game suspension. That one will hurt as he’s their best pass rusher. But as the season progresses, Ryan will work his magic and the Jet defense will turn out to be a decent starter and they’ll post decent turnover numbers.
 2) Philadelphia Eagles – With it being a virtual certainty that defensive coordinator Jim Johnson will not be coaching with the team this season, defensive backs coach Sean McDermott is slated to take over. McDermott has been with the team since before Johnson joined them, so he knows Johnson’s system well. But as I’ve said before, calling the shots on defense or offense is a skill, not [...]

Breaking down my expert mock draft on

With the Guru on vacation, he asked me to take his place in an expert mock draft taking place on It was a standard scoring league (Non-PPR) with a starting lineup of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, and 1 DST. 12 teams, 16 rounds, and no limitations on number of reserves per position. Let’s take a look at my picks. The draft order was as follows:

1. Adam Caplan (FantasyGuru/Sirius Radio)
2. Nicholas Minnix (KFFL)
3. Greg Ambrosius (Krause Publications)
4. Mike Doria (Rotowire)
5. Matt Camp (Fantasy Guru)
6. Scott Engel (RotoExperts)
7. Michael Fabiano (
8. Gregg Rosenthal (Rotoworld)
9. Craig Ellenport (
10. Roger Rotter (FOX Sports)
11. David Ganos (OPEN Sports)
12. David Sabino (Sports Illustrated)
Check out the draft results here to follow along.

1.05 Steven Jackson – I was torn between Jackson and LT here, but with Jackson being the only legit weapon in the Rams offense, and this not being a PPR league, I felt I made the right call. Side note – I was baffled to see DeAngelo Williams go right after me considering his situation in Carolina. Way too early, in my opinion.

2.08 Greg Jennings – This was going a little off from our rankings, but I just don’t have [...]

Thoughts on Various Players-Tight Ends

Here’s the next round of random thoughts, this time on tight ends:
 1) Jason Witten/Dallas Cowboys – Here’s a case of what seems to be probably the most obvious numbers that a player will be able to achieve this season. As soon as Dallas released WR Terrell Owens, it became obvious that Witten was going to become the team’s undisputed top passing option for years to come. Roy Williams was terrible after being acquired from Detroit (trust me on this, it looked like he was running with boots on), so there’s virtually no way Witten won’t dominate the ball again last season. Witten had 81 receptions last season and with Owens gone, you have to think he’ll approach 100. Plus, who will catch the ball in the red zone now with Owens gone? Doesn’t it have to be Witten?
 2) Brent Celek/Philadelphia Eagles – He turned out to be a little better than anyone thought last season and the starting job is now his. Starting at other positions such as running back is pretty meaningless, but at tight end in this offense, it’s important. Because the Eagles will throw quite a bit in the first half of games, especially on early downs, [...]

Thoughts on Various Players-Receivers

Here’s the next round of random thoughts, this time on wide receivers:

Roy Williams/Dallas Cowboys – He probably has more pressure on him than any other receiver in the NFL, but I doubt he’ll be their top passing target. It still should be Jason Witten. The chemistry that he and Tony Romo have is about as good as it gets and it won’t happen between Williams and Romo overnight.

Devin Thomas/Washington Redskins – You could call him the key to their improvement in the passing game. Santana Moss badly needs help from a big receiver on the other side. It likely won’t be Malcolm Kelly who is coming from knee surgery. Thomas is a little raw, but has a lot of upside. If he does decently this season, the Redskin passing game could actually be pretty solid.

Devin Hester/Chicago Bears – We’re pretty convinced with Jay Cutler throwing to him that Hester will have a really good season. I see no reason based on his improvement from last year that Hester won’t be a solid #2 fantasy WR.

Percy Harvin/Minnesota Vikings – There’s no player that I’m more interested in seeing that this guy. It will be interesting to see how they use him. [...]

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