Early Thoughts on Various Players-Quarterbacks

I’ll be posting random thoughts by position leading up to the start of training camps in late July:
 Aaron Rodgers/Green Bay Packers – Did you realize he threw for 28 TDs and totaled 32 TDs (4 rushing TDs) last season? Think about it. He did most of that on a bad right shoulder. Amazing. And all his receivers are back for 2009. Can you think of any reason why he won’t be solid again? Dynasty league owners should know he only turns 26 in December.
 Philip Rivers/San Diego Chargers – He averaged 19.5 completions/game, yet he threw for 34 TDs. Another way to look at it is, every 9.1 throws resulted in a TD. Talk about efficiency. He did that last season with Chris Chambers being hurt most of the way and with a weak running game. Rivers seems to be actually pretty safe these days, never thought I’d say that.
 Matt Schaub/Houston Texans – While he clearly has as much talent around him as any other QB in the NFL, I still don’t trust that he’ll wind up staying healthy for a full season. He has poor pocket awareness and that results in sacks and injuries. Draft him as your backup.
 Carson Palmer/Cincinnati Bengals – I’m cautiously optimistic that he’ll be back to normal. It seems that Chad Johnson’s injured shoulder is back to 100%, which is a good thing. But both players have to regain their chemistry from years past. No one seems to be discussing the addition of Laveranues Coles to their passing game. I think something we need to understand about him is that he never got to work with a strong-armed QB until last season with Brett Favre, so it’s possible Coles stretches the field a little more than first thought. For Palmer to have a big season, he’s going to need a decent contribution from Coles and probably Chris Henry, which is certainly possible.
 Drew Brees/New Orleans Saints – What we learned last season with him is that it doesn’t matter who he has at receiver, he’ll make those guys better and he can play with anyone. While it’s hard to see him throw as much as last season (635 attempts/39.69 per game), he’s going to be successful against most teams. Brees has a great feel for the game and for their passing game.
 Matt Ryan/Atlanta Falcons – He won’t throw nearly as much as Rodgers did last season, but it’s hard to see why Ryan won’t post good numbers. With Roddy White and now Tony Gonzalez as his two top passing targets and a solid running game led by Michael Turner in back of him, Ryan is poised to have somewhat of a breakout season.
 Joe Flacco/Baltimore Ravens – We’re praying that they add a veteran receiver by the start of the season, one that can make an impact. Flacco certainly has the capability to put up big numbers, but only if the front office gives him some help. It’s hard to understand what the Ravens are doing here.
 Brett Favre/Minnesota Vikings – Assuming he signs with them, he should be at least a very solid backup. I’ve been targeting him in rounds 10-13 as my backup. I think he’s safe in that area.
 Peyton Manning/Indianapolis Colts – I’m surprised he’s been slipping a little in recent drafts. I understand the coaching changes are a minor concern, but keep in mind he basically called his own plays. And offensive line is intact and he gets rid of the ball quickly, so I don’t see much changing this season.

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  1. KDA says:

    Adam, thoughts on Delhomme? They didn’t add anyone to push him. So, is this purely a function of limited throws? If you got a low-end starter, would you be looking elsewhere?

  2. Adam Caplan says:

    Not much, he has one good passing option. They want him throwing as little as possible, it’s pretty clear.

  3. stemel says:

    Any feel for McNabb? New raise, new bookends on the o-line, and maybe the best receiver in the draft.

  4. Off The Hook says:

    How about Jay Cutler? Does he have enough weapons in the windy city to still produce elite numbers?

  5. Adam Caplan says:

    McNabb could be in store for a career season, but I’m a little concerned with his inconsistency from last year. Get a good backup if you draft him.

    As for Cutler, he’ll make everyone better around him, but his upside isn’t what it would be with the Broncos when you compare the WRs from both teams.

  6. aniston11 says:

    what is the earliest you would draft a qb? i am seeing 2 gone by round two, typically brees in round 1 and 4-5 gone in round 3. is there a chance warner will put up the same numbers and will he make the season? or will pennington be a good back up this year, assuming he starts.

  7. Adam Caplan says:

    FYI: I really don’t take questions on anything but the subject matter. Best time to ask questions is in the weekly chats.

  8. Adam Caplan says:

    As for Pennington, basically nothing better than a backup fantasy QB. Check our projections for Warner, but I’m expecting them to make more of a committment to running the ball. Only problem is the defense could be bad again, making them throw the ball more than they want.

  9. Stretch says:


    I know I’m late. But no mentioning of T.Edwards. He will be the next K.Warner. GTPer(Garbage Time Performer). I am aware of the O-line issues but he could easily be a top 10 QB by this 2009 season.

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