COACHING TAPE – WEEK 17 (12/25/08)


  • Giants ran 71 offensive plays, and had 454 total yards, 301 yards on the ground – Ward 15-215 rushing, including runs of 22, 34, 37 and 51 yards
  • Giants 9-16 on third down conversions
  • Giants 6 trips inside the red zone, 4 TD
  • Giants only committed 2 penalties, and did not turn the ball over
  • Walker started at DT in place of injured and inactive Kemoeatu – Hayden became the third DT in the rotation, Gibson also played some snaps at DT
  • TE Mathews not as strong a blocker in the run game as Boss, Mathews struggled to block DE Brayton one-on-one
  • S Harris strong in the box, playing downhill; Not as effective in space, Does not show loose hips and transition skills in coverage – He’s more of a glorified LB
  • Peppers aligns on both side of the DL, and he’s normally the DE that drops into coverage when the Panthers zone blitz
  • In the Panthers nickel package, Brayton moves inside to DT, and Johnson comes in to play DE
  • Giants clearly game planned to re-establish their running foundation with Jacobs
  • Ward 34 yards in the first half came out of the shotgun in the 2 minute; Giants 3 WR personnel versus Panthers nickel package
  • Toomer is the WR defenses are more than willing to match up man-to-man with no safety help; It’s been a pattern since Burress has been out
  • When the Panthers rush 4 DL and a LB, the LB is almost always Davis
  • Panthers predominantly played single high safety concepts in normal down and distance situations versus Giants base offensive personnel
  • Ward 22 yards on Giants third quarter TD drive came out of 3 WR personnel versus Panthers nickel package; It was a zone run to the boundary, to the single WR side – Hayden was in the game at DT in place of Walker
  • One thing that stands out about the Panthers defense is the physicality of both safeties Harris and Godfrey
  • Peppers fourth quarter sack he just beat LT Diehl off the ball to the outside, Diehl a little slow in his pass set
  • Manning a very professional QB: Smart and efficient, Poised and composed, Much more consistent with his decision-making and accuracy
  • Giants offense very methodical and efficient, Stability and continuity with the run game – Giants OL took charge as the game progressed, They were physical and dominated with double teams
  • Ward 51 yards in OT came on 1st + 10 out of “21” straight “I”, It was “Power strong” versus Panthers 8 in the box – Johnson at DT driven back by Snee and McKenzie double team, Walker handled by C O’Hara
  • Ward 14 yards in OT came out of 3 WR personnel with Manning in the shotgun versus Panthers nickel package; It was “Power” to the field, which was the single receiver side – Brayton at DT driven back by Snee and McKenzie double team
  • Ward 17 yards in OT came out of “22” personnel, straight “I” versus Panthers 5 DL personnel; Blocks by TEs Mathews and Boss opened the hole for pulling Snee and leading Hedgecock
  • Giants physically whipped the Panthers defense as the game progressed, Their OL was the defining feature of this game


  • Eagles ran 64 offensive plays, and only had 275 yards
  • Eagles 3-14 on third down conversions
  • Eagles 2 trips inside the red zone, 0 TD
  • Eagles play breakdown: 50 called passes / 14 called runs (2 of those runs came at the end of the first half)
  • Redskins played 2 snaps on Eagles first series in which they rushed 3 and dropped 8; Make McNabb make stick throws into tight windows, which is not what he does
  • Westbrook did not look as explosive as he had in previous games, I thought he was laboring a little
  • Eagles a lot of tight formations on their first couple of series, That dictated 8 in the box / single high safety for the Redskins defense
  • McNabb not a quick progression reader, He was a little slow in this game, He did not see the field with clarity
  • TE Smith cannot run anymore, He now lacks the ability to threaten the defense vertically
  • Eagles OL looked slow, They did not move well laterally
  • S Landry outstanding as a deep safety, whether “2 deep” or single high; He’s terrific reading routes in front of him and attacking downhill with burst and explosiveness – Also has excellent lateral range and speed
  • Problem with McNabb is you just don’t know what you’re going to get from him week-to-week; There’s no overriding consistency to his game, either from a decision-making or accuracy standpoint – His lack of anticipation is a real problem, It breaks down the pass game
  • Taylor sack and forced fumble was on McNabb: He had Brown wide open on the shallow cross for a first down and was looking right at him, but he did not pull the trigger; No clarity in his decision making
  • Redskins have a strong young safety tandem with Landry and Horton
  • Eagles called 16 consecutive passing plays from the middle of the third quarter until the first play of their final drive with 3:48 left in the game
  • Eagles had 4 consecutive 3-and-outs in the fourth quarter
  • Redskins did a good job taking away the middle check down to Westbrook, which is a staple of the Eagles passing game; They did it with DL dropping out, with LBs hugging up
  • Redskins corners sat on the Eagles WRs all game, No fear of getting beat deep
  • Redskins game plan featured very little blitzing, It was coverage based with a lot of single high safety schemes
  • McNabb not very good at manipulating the secondary with his eyes and his body movements, You don’t see him do that very often
  • Jackson a bad drop in the end zone on the Eagles final drive, He ran by Hall and McNabb made an unbelievable throw, he couldn’t have handed to Jackson any better
  • Final play was on Brown, He did not take his route into the end zone, He hooked up at the 1 yard line – That’s just being a dumb football player


  • Redskins only 249 yards on 68 offensive plays, just 3.7 yards per play
  • Redskins only 5-15 on third down conversions
  • LB Jordan showed good downhill instincts and quickness, A little burst to him
  • At times DT Patterson gets moved too easily, like he’s on roller skates
  • Big 3rd + 1 stop in the first quarter: Abiamiri made the play, beating the block of RT Fabini, and Mikell did an excellent as the alley player in run support
  • Howard continued to look quick and explosive as a pass rusher from the DT position
  • The Eagles matched up to the Redskins “22” personnel with Demps coming in at deep safety, so the secondary had Demps, Mikell, Dawkins and Brown or Samuel
  • Redskins run game featured a lot of zone flow, primarily to their left side
  • Redskins offense again showed no explosive downfield element in the passing game, Very compressed – A lot of short routes, and the Redskins don’t attack all levels of the defense
  • Howard sack near the end of the first half came out of a 3 man rush, He was aligned at DE and he beat RT Fabini with an inside move; Great quickness – Howard showed up a lot on film in this game
  • On the Portis 1 yard TD, Howard stood up at the snap and lost his leverage; He got pushed back by LG Kendall and the hole was opened for Portis
  • My sense watching the Redskins offense all season is that they are very basic both running the ball and throwing it; They are limited with their concepts and their dimensions, and therefore not difficult to defend tactically
  • Campbell must develop a better sense of timing and anticipation; Right now, he is not willing to pull the trigger on intermediate throws where the window is a little tight – Lack of confidence? Lack of clarity in what he sees?
  • Samuel dropped on an interception on 3rd down in the fourth quarter that would have significantly flipped field position for the Eagles; Redskins then punted, and pinned the Eagles down at their 3 yard line
  • Redskins run their offense as if they have no trust in Campbell, It looks like they are trying to hide him
  • A very solid performance by the Eagles defense against a very limited offense, They just did not produce any turnovers


· Raiders ran 60 offensive plays, and had 362 total yards

· Raiders 7-14 on third down conversions

· Henderson the starter at LT in place of the ineffective Harris; Henderson showed some athleticism, Also played with leverage and balance, Showed a tendency to rush himself in his pass set and struggle with speed– Has a chance to be a solid NFL LT tackle

· DT Robinson again flashed for the Texans, Most impressive player on Texans DL play-after-play

· Russell looked very comfortable throwing on the run; In this game, he threw with more touch and timing – Still inconsistencies with his footwork, his base and his balance

· Fargas a tough physical inside runner, Strong and powerful; Not a lot of elusiveness and lateral agility

· McFadden a one cut downhill runner, Burst and acceleration, Speed through the hole; He lacks lateral agility and explosiveness, Has hot shown any ability to make the unblocked defender miss in the secondary

· Texans defense didn’t really challenge the Raiders offense, I was surprised they didn’t blitz more, They allowed Russell to get comfortable


  • Chargers ran 58 offensive plays, and had 370 total yards
  • Chargers 7-13 on third down conversions
  • Chargers 4 trips inside the red zone, 3 TD
  • Chargers did not turn the ball over
  • For the Bucs, Hovan and Haye were back starting at DT – Piscitelli started at SS for Phillips, on IR
  • S Piscitelli very good as an add-in defender in the run game, Attacks downhill aggressively and brings some pop, Some explosion to his tackling
  • WR Jackson moves very well for a 240 pound man, Good quickness and lateral agility; You wouldn’t say he’s explosive, but he can separate and his big body creates space for him to catch the ball cleanly
  • Manumaleuna extremely versatile; Aligns in a number of different positions, and is a factor as a run blocker, a pass protector and a receiver
  • Rivers unbelievable throw running to his left on Gates 15 yard TD, Not the kind of play you expect to see from Rivers
  • Barber is now a liability in coverage when the Bucs play their man coverage schemes, whether he’s on the outside in their base defense or over the slot in their nickel package
  • Rivers made some big time far hash / deep comeback throws in this game, He was confident and he threw the ball very well
  • Rivers terrific throw to Jackson at the end of the first half to set up Kaeding 57 yard FG: It was an intermediate dig to the front side of “Tampa 2”, and he stuck it right on Jackson in a very tight window – Big time throw in a critical situation
  • Chargers OL a very solid game in pass protection; The Bucs did not blitz much at all, and the OL was stout against the predominant 4 man DL rushes
  • Chargers a very good screen team, especially with Sproles, who has tremendous open field burst and acceleration
  • Chargers offense very efficient versus the Bucs, Consistent and methodical, Few negative plays


  • Chiefs ran 65 offensive plays, and had 492 total yards, 7.6 yards per play
  • Chiefs only 3-10 on third down conversions
  • Chiefs 4 trips inside the red zone, 3 TD
  • 85% of Thigpen’s passes this season have come from the shotgun, but only 8 of his 17 TD passes have been in the shotgun
  • Gonzalez is essentially a big WR in the Chiefs predominant shotgun spread offense; He almost always aligns extended from the formation, rarely ever in a LOS TE position
  • Johnson 25 yards in first quarter came on an interesting run concept from the shotgun: It was “Counter” but because of where Johnson was initially aligned in the backfield, it had a much more pronounced misdirection element to it – Because of the shotgun spread, Dolphins only 6 in the box
  • Jones was the Dolphins nickel corner on the Darling 33 yard TD, He was aligned over Darling in the slot
  • Dolphins played a lot of single high safety coverages against the Dolphins shotgun spread, even when Thigpen went empty; That put the burden on corners Goodman and Allen, They were locked in man coverage with no help over the top on outside routes
  • In their dime package, the Dolphins went with 3 safeties, Culver being the third safety
  • The shotgun spread gave the Chiefs a lot of one-on-one matchups on the outside, and Thigpen was getting the ball out quick to negate the Dolphins pass rush
  • Out of the shotgun spread, the Chiefs running game featured “Counter”, “Power” and zone runs
  • Charles 75 yard catch and run came out of shotgun spread empty with Charles split wide right, It was a basically a WR screen – Unbelievable blocks by RT McIntosh, He took out both CB Allen and S Hill
  • LT Albert very good movement, The few times he got out on the perimeter pulling in the run game he looked athletic and fluid, Excellent balance on the move – In pass protection, Albert handled Porter on the plays in which they went head-to-head
  • In the Dolphins dime package with a 4 man DL, safeties Bell and Hill basically aligned as LBs with Culver the deep safety
  • Thigpen not a very good deep passer, Much better throwing the short and intermediate routes – The shotgun spread gave him a number of one-on-one matchups on the outside and he underthrew quite a few vertical passes
  • Thigpen has terrific speed and outstanding running instincts, which showed up on his 27 yard run in the second quarter
  • Dolphins sacked Thigpen on first drive of the third quarter when they sold out with blitz and played “cover zero” – Risk / reward defense
  • Culver lacks the speed and range to be an effective deep safety, It was very evident on the 37 yard completion to Bradley in the third quarter
  • Darling dumped on Thigpen on the third quarter interception, He broke off his corner after Thigpen pulled the trigger
  • Thigpen a little scattershot with his accuracy in this game, He missed some easy throws
  • I never got the impression the Dolphins defense stopped the Chiefs shotgun spread, They were reactive to it the entire game

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