COACHING TAPE – WEEK 15 (12/18/08)


  • Raiders only ran 24 offensive plays in the first half
  • Raiders first 3 possessions went 3-and-out, When they got the ball to start their fourth possession they were losing 21-0
  • Guyton started at ILB, and Colvin at OLB in the Patriots base 3-4 – Seau played in the nickel package, Also got some snaps at ILB in the base 3-4
  • Russell remains very erratic and inconsistent with his accuracy, He’s too scattershot
  • Redd played some snaps at OLB for the Patriots
  • McFadden does not have good feet, He does not have good lateral agility, Limited ability to redirect in response to penetration, Very stiff in the hips
  • Seau looked very slow in his movements, No ability to transition and change direction; Very susceptible to play action – Bottom line is that Seau just cannot run
  • At this point in his development, Russell really needs a comfortable cradle from which to throw; His efficiency drops dramatically when there are bodies around him and the pocket gets muddied
  • Russell’s interception was just a horribly inaccurate throw, badly underthrown – It was necessarily a bad read
  • McFadden used effectively on screens, when he could catch the ball and turn immediately upfield – His best role in the NFL will be as a satellite player, just like Reggie Bush


  • Panthers 400 total yards on 56 offensive plays, 7.1 yards per play
  • Panthers 4-10 on third down conversions
  • Broncos LBs very reactive and fast flow, susceptible to misdirection and designed cutback in the run game, and designed movement boot action in the pass game
  • Smith 15 yard TD another variation of “Smoke”: It was a called outside zone run to the left out of straight “I”; Delhomme, Smith and Muhammad were the only 3 who knew it would become a pass – WR screen to Smith with Muhammad as the lead blocker
  • Panthers aggressive with their approach through the first quarter: Formation variation, Spread looks, Focus on throwing the ball
  • LB Williams played significant snaps at OLB in the base 4-3, in place of Woodyard – Woodyard and Winborn played in the nickel
  • Broncos played some 4-4 personnel packages against Panthers base “21” personnel, Clearly the run game was their defensive focus – That’s one reason the Panthers were more aggressive with their offensive approach
  • Both tackles, Gross and Otah, were outstanding in pass protection – Otah really looks like a special player with his combination of strength and lateral movement, Very relaxed and under control in his pass sets
  • Broncos clearly game planned to defend the Panthers run game, and they did a good job; Williams 56 yard TD was an improvisational run – They were hurt by a number of big plays in the pass game


  • Falcons ran 67 offensive plays, and had 373 total yards
  • Falcons 6-14 on third down conversions
  • Falcons 3 trips inside the red zone, only 1 TD
  • Turner 32-152 overall, 18-103 in the second half and OT
  • Hovan was inactive in this game
  • Falcons utilized the unbalanced line on a number of plays, on both sides of the formation – Baker was used when the Falcons went with the unbalanced line
  • DE Adams a great body athlete with quickness and burst; He is not stout taking on blocks at the point of attack in the run game, Can be blocked by TEs one-on-one
  • Ryan’s first interception was an underthrown ball, White had beaten Talib on a go route and Ryan threw it short and too far inside – It was the right read, but a bad throw
  • Bucs DL, particularly their DLs, did a better job stalemating double teams; They were not driven off the line as they were to often against the Panthers
  • Ryan’s second interception was also an inaccurate throw, White had Barber beaten on a crossing route and Ryan threw it behind him – If Ryan led White, it had a good chance to be a TD; Bucs were in “man free” coverage
  • Baker worked in at LT throughout the game
  • Bucs played a high percentage of 8 man fronts against the Falcons in normal down and distance situations
  • Falcons had a lot success running the ball in 2nd + long situations: Turner 18 yards on 2nd + 10, Turner 15 yards on 2nd + 10, Turner 22 yards on 2nd + 8, Turner 17 yards on 2nd + 10 in OT – The last 3 of those runs came out of 3 WR personnel
  • Bucs DL started to wear down physically as the game progressed, Falcons run game with Turner is about repetition and attrition
  • Ryan not quite as sharp mentally in this game as he has been, He left some plays on the field when he didn’t pull the trigger and ran instead
  • Overall, Bucs still have issues with the DT position; It’s not consistently strong enough at the point of attack

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