COACHING TAPE – WEEK 15 (12/17/08)


  • Vikings ran 64 offensive plays and controlled the ball for more than 34 minutes
  • Vikings 396 total yards – They were 10-15 on third down conversions
  • Jackson was the QB for the Vikings
  • Vikings clear commitment to the run game as their offensive foundation – First half play breakdown: 25 called runs / 11 called passes
  • Vikings had excellent field position in the first quarter, They began both TD drives in Cards territory
  • Berrian 41 yard TD came on 3rd + 15, Hood press man on Berrian as part of a “quarters” coverage scheme; Hood great coverage, Berrian did not really beat him, Great throw by Jackson – What was interesting was Jackson threw the same go route to Berrian matched on Hood on the first play of the game, Hood also great coverage on that play and he knocked the ball away
  • S Rolle very active as a run defender for the Cards, He played downhill with aggressiveness
  • Jackson’s second TD, 6 yards to Rice, also came on third down; Hood again was the corner and he again had good coverage – Again great execution by the Vikings, accurate throw by Jackson and good job by Rice using his big body to shield Hood
  • I am continually amazed by Peterson’s lateral agility and his ability to redirect with such suddenness and explosiveness
  • Cards DL was consistently handled physically in the run game, They were consistently moved; Also too many missed tackles when defenders were in position to make plays based on the design of the defense – On Vikings 12 play, 91 yard TD drive in the second quarter, they had 5 consecutive runs that produced 79 yards
  • I was disappointed in S Wilson, He did not show up in the run game; In fact, he was one of the culprits who missed tackles when he was in position – He was not the physical presence he needs to be as a box safety for this defense to be solid versus the run; He finally made a couple of plays in the third quarter
  • Cards did not do a good job setting the edge in the run game, Peterson got to the perimeter with downhill speed too easily on a number of runs
  • Another thing that stood out with the Cards defense was the invisibility of their LBs, They did not show up very often on film
  • Wade 59 yard TD came against “quarters” coverage, Wade double move to exploit Hood; It was not Wilson’s responsibility to play over the top – Great call against an anticipated coverage
  • Vikings were able to win this game handily without Jackson being a significant factor; Won’t be able to play like this against better, more challenging defenses – Overall, Jackson did throw the ball well


  • Texans ran 71 offensive plays, and controlled the ball for more than 36 minutes
  • Texans 7-17 on third down conversions
  • Only negative was 4 trips inside the red zone, and 1 TD
  • Haynesworth combination of strength at the point of attack, and athleticism for a man that size is extraordinary
  • Schaub an excellent sense of timing and anticipation, Willingness to make stick throws into tight windows
  • Brown and Salaam again rotated at LT for the Texans
  • Johnson the best receiver in the NFL: Unmatched combination of size, speed and explosiveness; His burst and acceleration is unbelievable
  • DE Hayes showed up in the run game, Ability to stack and shed, A solid 2 gap DE
  • Schaub a good play action QB, Sells the run fake well and gets his head around quickly after the fake
  • S Griffin beaten on Johnson 65 yards, He was the deep safety and got caught looking back into the backfield on Schaub’s run fake while Johnson was screaming at him with speed and acceleration
  • One thing about Schaub is he can’t really drive the ball down the field, He’s more of a finesse thrower
  • Titans DL dominated the Texans OL in the run game, They won the battle at the line of scrimmage, Texans OL generated little movement
  • Titans will really miss Haynesworth: He is dominant at both DT and DE; He may be better at DE when he can be isolated on tackles, I think he could be the best DE in the league if he focused on that position
  • Slaton again showed the inside toughness that you would not expect given his size, A physical runner with heart and determination – His 34 yard run on the final series was a great example of effort, balance and burst
  • DE Kearse showed up on film, which he hasn’t very often this season; On a number of occasions, he beat RT Winston off the edge with straight speed and burst
  • Overall, the Titans DL dominated the Texans OL; It was a physical butt-kicking the majority of the game


  • Cowboys only ran 55 offensive plays, and had 321 total yards
  • Cowboys only 3-11 on third down conversions
  • Owens drop on Cowboys first third and long, Owens great corner route to badly beat nickel corner in “man free” coverage, Great throw by Romo but Owens failed to make the catch
  • Giants clearly game planned to attack the Cowboys offense and Romo with pressure, High percentage of blitz in the first quarter
  • I really like the way the Giants utilize the different talents of their 3 safeties Butler, Johnson and Phillips
  • Weak link on the Cowboys OL is LG Proctor: He consistently showed up in a negative way, getting beat in the run game and as a pass protector – Defenses will dictate one-on-one matchups with Proctor, and make the weak link have to play at a consistent level
  • Through the first quarter Giants high blitz frequency clearly had the Cowboys offense and Romo playing fast, Cowboys offense was reactive not proactive – Romo made a couple of great throws versus pressure, but the Giants defense dictated the action
  • Cowboys OL not what it was earlier in the season, Their lack of quickness and lateral movement is really showing up – Tackles Adams and Colombo have struggled over the last month, especially in pass protection
  • What was interesting on the Cowboys second quarter TD drive was the 2 biggest plays – Choice 22 yard screen, Crayton 34 yard TD – came with just a 4 man rush by the Giants after such high percentage blitz in the first quarter
  • Giants a lot of man coverage concepts, and the Cowboys receivers struggled to get open; Giants an excellent job undercutting routes, playing to their help over the top
  • Romo a tendency to be a little impatient in the pocket, Played a little fast at times – The cumulative effect of pressure beginning early in the game
  • Owens not as explosive as he was, Does not have that burst and explosiveness that was special for a man his size
  • No rhythm or continuity to the Cowboys offense, Giants defense dictated in this game
  • Choice success in the fourth quarter running out of the shotgun: 23 yards and 17 yards – Deception runs against a Giants defense that was controlling the Cowboys offense
  • On Cowboys final TD drive, they overcame a 2nd + 20 and a 2nd + 23; Big play was Witten 11 yards on 3rd + 9 versus Giants blitz, Witten great release off LOS to beat S Johnson and give Romo a defined place to go with the ball quickly
  • Romo made a few plays, and did not turn the ball over, which was critical against a Giants defense that clearly was the better unit against the Cowboys offense

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