COACHING TAPE – WEEK 15 (12/16/08)



  • Redskins only 280 total yards on 60 offensive plays
  • Redskins only 4-14 on third down conversions
  • Redskins 4 trips inside the red zone, only 1 TD
  • Heyer started at LT, and Fabini at RT for the Redskins
  • Campbell has become a little scattershot with his accuracy, Missing too many easy throws
  • Redskins OL did not get much push against the Bengals DL – Bengals a lot of slanting and moving with their DL, They looked quicker than the Redskins OL
  • Redskins big problem has been inability to generate explosive pass plays off their run game, They do not attack at the intermediate and deeper levels in the pass game, Offense compressed
  • Redskins offensive concept is based on a methodical and efficient approach with the running game as the foundation
  • Redskins must do first down passing off play action to get the ball down the field, like the first play of the second half: Moss 15 yards on deep comeback
  • LT Heyer struggled with the bull rush, Was driven back too many times
  • Redskins do not take advantage of the predominant single high safety coverages they see in normal down and distance situations
  • Redskins need to take the handcuffs off Campbell, and allow him to throw the ball more, especially in normal down and distance situations – They rarely stretch the field vertically, It’s an offense that’s too easy to defend tactically


  • Ravens only 202 yards on 61 offensive yards, 3.3 yards per play
  • Ravens only 4-14 on third down conversions
  • Ravens 3 trips inside the red zone, 0 TD – That was the killer
  • Ravens aligned at times with backup T Terry at TE on the left to account for LB Harrison, Other times they moved RT Anderson to TE on the left with Terry at RT – Impact of Harrison
  • Smith the best 3-4 DE in the NFL: Leverage, strength and movement – He’s the most critical piece to the Steelers base 3-4 front
  • Ravens very conservative approach in long yardage situations, especially in the first half; Did not expose OL and Flacco to Steelers pressure schemes
  • Timmons getting more and more comfortable as an ILB, Looking more fluid and instinctive flowing to the football
  • Ravens struggled to get the Steelers ILBs blocked in the run game, They were making all the plays
  • Steelers “cover zero” blitz on 3rd + 4 in the red zone, Woodley unblocked from the outside forced a hurried Flacco incompletion
  • Not only did the Ravens go unbalanced, they also went “heavy” with the unbalanced concept, with 3 OTs (Gaither, Anderson and Terry) to the side of Harrison
  • Harrison was clearly the focal point of Ravens offensive approach: Unbalanced line, “Heavy” unbalanced line with 3 OTs, TE on his side in normal alignments
  • Flacco had a TD on 3rd + 7 from the 8 yard line, It was the Tebow play; Play action to himself, Mason wide open but Flacco hurried himself and threw to the wrong receiver
  • Ravens clearly tried to win a physical matchup with the Steelers defense, They had some success in the first half with their power run game – Ravens made this a manhood game
  • On the third play of the second half, Ravens aligned an extra OT to Woodley’s side, first time they had done that; That left LT Gaither one-on-one with Harrison – Smith great play to sack Flacco
  • Ravens very few intermediate to downfield throws, They called a few calculated and orchestrated deeper routes off play action with “max pro” once they got into the “go zone” (between the 40 yard lines) but that was it
  • DE Smith was absolutely dominant in this game
  • Steelers another “cover zero” blitz on 3rd + 4 in the red zone, Timmons unblocked forced a hurried Flacco incompletion
  • Flacco was not as comfortable against the Steelers defense as he had been in previous games, A little hurried and did not see things as clearly
  • Got the sense the Ravens played offensively exactly the way they wanted to: Conservatively, close to the vest, little risk – They put this game in the hands of their defense
  • I had never seen 3 OTs on one side of the formation before this game – On 24 of 61 snaps, the Ravens had 3 OTs on the field (39%)


  • Giants only 218 yards on 60 offensive plays, 3.6 yards per play
  • Giants only 3-13 on third down conversions
  • Manning sacked 8 times
  • Giants play breakdown: 43 called passes / 17 called runs – That’s not Giants football
  • First play of the game LT Diehl was a beat slow off the ball, and Ware beat him off the edge: Sack and forced fumble recovered by the Giants
  • James clearly a more significant part of Cowboys pressure schemes, He physically beat Bradshaw to sack Manning on a zone blitz concept
  • Spencer played more snaps in the base 3-4 front, with Ellis at DE in the nickel package
  • In the Cowboys nickel package, Henry again moved form corner to safety, with Scandrick the slot corner and Jenkins on the outside
  • Cowboys DL looked quicker and faster than the Giants OL
  • Newman interception was a well disguised coverage by the Cowboys, They showed man-to-man with Newman on Hixon but Hamlin ran over the top of Newman at the snap, Newman could then jump Hixon’s hitch sine he had help over the top – Manning read it as man
  • Newman predominantly aligned over Hixon, the Giants most dangerous deep threat – Hixon a non-factor in the game, Again the loss of Burress a significant factor
  • NT Ratliff very quick and disruptive; Does not predominantly align as a traditional nose head up on the center, Aligns more in the gap between the center and the guard to take advantage of his quickness and initial burst
  • Cowboys again at times played with their base 3-4 front and 3 corners and 1 safety versus Giants 3 WRs; Burnett played ILB instead of Thomas in this personnel grouping
  • Giants offense established no rhythm or flow, No commitment to the running game – Loss of Jacobs clearly a significant factor
  • Cowboys sacks predominantly a function of 2 things: Winning one-on-one pass rush matchups, and coverage
  • In the Cowboys dime package, Ball was the sixth DB and Burnett was the only LB
  • Cowboys defense again looked fast and explosive, They challenged the Giants offense with pressure and man coverage schemes
  • Cowboys blitzed 23 times on the Giants 43 called passes: Manning 8-19 for 80 yards and 1 interception, 4 sacks


  • Steelers ran 70 offensive plays – They were 8-17 on third down conversions
  • I like how the Steelers started the game on offense: Quick rhythm throws by Roethlisberger, Get the ball out of his hands fast, Limit his reads
  • Roethlisberger has similar traits to Garcia, but he’s so much more gifted physically; Big Ben not very patient in the pocket, not a refined sense of timing and anticipation, often moves when he does not need to – When he does move, however, he does a great job of keeping his focus downfield and making throws at the intermediate and deeper levels
  • Ngata is just a manchild, He tosses OL around
  • Lewis sack at the end of the first quarter: Ravens actually rushed only 2, with Pryce and Suggs staying at the line of scrimmage and just occupying blockers – Strategy worked, as Lewis got in unblocked
  • Roethlisberger did a good job of reading the blitz and getting the ball out of his hands quickly: Washington 18 yards versus “cover zero” in the first quarter, Ward 21 yards versus zone blitz concept on FG drive in the second quarter
  • With Roethlisberger the better percentage is to attack him with pressure, force him to react and move, get him to play a little fast and out of control; He’s much more effective when he moves proactively, when he moves on his own, that’s when the big plays tend to come
  • Roethlisberger is a pre snap QB, or a movement improviser; He is not a refined reader of coverage
  • Steelers game winning drive: 12 plays, 92 yards: Ravens played very conservatively; Only 1 blitz until the Steelers got into the red zone, which came on the second play and Roethlisberger read it and hit Ward for 13 yards – Ravens a number of 3 man rushes with 8 in coverage, and the coverage schemes were predominantly soft zone looks that gave Roethlisberger defined throws before the snap
  • Classic case of a defense going away from what it does best in the most critical part of the game: An aggressive Ravens defense became a passive defense

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