COACHING TAPE – WEEK 14 (12/11/08)


  • Saints ran 62 offensive plays, and had 414 total yards
  • Saints much more balanced in their play breakdown: 33 called passes / 29 called runs
  • Babineaux immediately stood out on film for the Falcons defense: Strong at the point of attack, Good lateral movement
  • Bush 43 yards on 1st + 10 came out of 1 back / 3 WR personnel, Delay action in the backfield with TE Shockey releasing off the LOS as if he’s running a route – Pass action to set up the run game
  • Bush beat LB Boley on his 5 yard TD catch – Saints spread the field to dictate the matchup
  • Saints had success running the ball out of pass looks, They utilized a lot of delay action, OL pass sets and Shockey “easy” release
  • Payton a terrific play caller: Shockey 21 yards in the second quarter a great example, Playing off Thomas 18 yard run on previous series out of same balanced “12” set – Play action from same delay look and LB Brooking bit hard, with Shockey running the middle behind Brooking
  • Falcons defense was out-schemed in the run game, not physically whipped
  • Bush looked fast and explosive in this game, quicker than he had looked before the injury; He even showed some downhill instincts
  • Brees a terrific timing and anticipation passer: His belief is “be where you are supposed to be and I’ll find you” – He also throws with very consistent accuracy
  • Brees has a much stronger arm than he’s given credit for, Ball comes out with rotation and velocity – Brees can really spin it
  • Thomas decisive downhill, Showed some burst and explosiveness through the hole, More powerful than his size would indicate – What I really liked about Thomas was his blocking toughness versus blitz
  • CB Houston has improved significantly as the season has progressed, Clearly playing with more confidence and swagger, A physicality to his game, Willing to come up and hit in the run game
  • Falcons 3-3-5 package featured Boley, Brooking and Nicholas at LB
  • Henderson 36 yards on 3rd + 9 in the fourth quarter came against “cover zero”, the first time in the game the Falcons played it; Foxworth was beat, Great block by Thomas on blitzing Boley
  • Thomas was a huge factor in this game: He showed multi-dimensional skills running, receiving and blocking
  • Boley dropped an interception a couple of plays before the Thomas GW TD, Would have likely sealed the victory for the Saints
  • An efficient performance by the Saints offense: Balanced and methodical – They must play more like this to be consistent week-to-week, rather than be so pass-heavy


  • Jackson played the second half for the Vikings in place of an injured Frerotte
  • Vikings continued to use TE Shiancoe as a movable chess piece, aligning him all over the formation, including splitting him out wide
  • Peterson an incredibly instinctive runner, Sees the color of the opposing jersey and runs away from it, His movements are violent and powerful
  • Still question Jackson’s decision making as a drop back passer, He is much more efficient off designed movement when the reads are more defined
  • Jackson still showed a tendency to break down and lose his fundamentals when the pocket got muddied; He must improve in that area to become a consistent QB
  • Overall Jackson looked comfortable in the pocket, He did not play fast or hurried – Vikings did a good job with him, 3 and 5 step drops and quick throws to get him in rhythm and limit his decision making
  • Rookie LB Dizon flashed in the run game, Started to show the quickness and instincts that defined him in college


  • Bears only 296 total yards, and only 5-15 on third down conversions
  • Bears 4 trips inside the red zone, only 1 TD
  • Williams and Florence started at CB for the Jaguars
  • Forte 26 yards was another prime example of the problems the Jaguars defense has had this season: Back side LB Durant lost his gap discipline, overpursuing to the front side and allowing Forte to cut back inside of him – Poor discipline and gap integrity
  • Orton a good sense of timing and rhythm in the 3 and 5 step drop passing game – Orton not as firm in the pocket on deeper drops when the pocket gets muddied
  • Bears utilized C Kreutz as a puller in the run game, Kreutz good mobility on the move
  • Forte excellent ability to get through small cracks at the point of attack, That’s a defining attribute to be successful as an NFL RB
  • Jaguars clearly not flying around on defense, They looked slow and sluggish in their movements
  • Olsen more and more a significant part of the Bears passing game, Aligned all over the formation – Good hands, Runs well
  • Bears OL not very quick, Susceptible to slants and stunts – For the most part, LT St. Clair has played well; He has not been a liability
  • DE Harvey looked quick in this game, More explosion and burst than he had shown, He flashed on film
  • Olsen 22 yard TD came against “Tampa 2”; Shotgun play action held LB Durant, who then opened up to the 2 WR side away from Olsen – Olsen in the slot on the same side as Hester, so S Nelson cheated toward Hester; Well designed play and a great throw by Orton
  • Overall, Bears an execution offense; They do not do a lot with personnel and formations, Olsen is really the only player they move around – They do not ask Orton to consistently make throws at the intermediate and deeper levels, They manage him well and help him be efficient


  • Texans ran 74 offensive plays, and had 549 total yards – Schaub 28-42 for 414 yards
  • Texans 7-13 on third down conversions
  • Woodson started at SS for the Packers, with Williams at LCB – Hawk again started at MLB, with Bishop at WLB in place of injured Chillar
  • Slaton a much better inside runner than his size would indicate, Strong lower body with good leg drive, Very decisive downhill, Laterally quick and explosive, Can make people miss, Not as vertically explosive as Chris Johnson
  • Walter 58 yard TD came against a Packers blitz in which Schaub was under heavy pressure; Schaub threw it up to the one-on-one coverage on the outside, Walter great adjustment to the underthrown ball
  • Through the first half, DE Kampman was giving RT Winston all kinds of problems with his pass rush, both with edge quickness and power
  • Blackmon was the Packers nickel corner, playing inside over the slot – Poppinga put his hand on the ground as a DE in the nickel
  • Brown and Salaam continued to rotate at LT for the Texans
  • Packers front seven not very stout at the point of attack in the run game, Also Packers had some problems with gap discipline on the zone flow runs
  • Packers DL did not do a good job getting off blocks; At times they were Velcro, just clinging to the Texans OL – They got very little penetration in the run game
  • Walter 46 yards in the second quarter came off Schaub designed movement left, Walter beat Williams on a stutter-go – Great throw by Schaub
  • Walter a really good route runner, Understands coverages and knows how to set up corners and safeties based on his recognition of their areas of responsibility – Also very good against man coverage breaking down the cushion and getting corners to turn their hips
  • Bush was the Packers fourth corner in the 4-1-6 package when the Texans had 4 WRs on the field
  • Packers front four did not generate any kind of consistent pass rush pressure on Schaub, who played very comfortably throughout the game
  • Hawk not much of a factor at MLB in the run game, Did not make many plays
  • Packers have a disconnect with their defensive approach: They predominantly play press man coverage on the outside, yet they get no consistent pressure on the QB with their front four and they don’t blitz very much
  • Texans very effective working inside the numbers against the Packers defense; Packers LBs struggle with pass coverage – Daniels 27 yards on GW FG drive came against man coverage in which he was matched against LB Bishop; Daniels killed Bishop with the “jerk” route, the stop and start route that makes the defender look like a jerk
  • Overall, Schaub is an efficient QB with good timing and anticipation; Nothing more than a better than average arm, but a good feel for the pass game and consistent accuracy


  • Cowboys only 289 total yards on 65 offensive plays
  • Cowboys only 3-14 on third down conversions
  • On Polamalu interception to end the Cowboys first series, Owens dumped on Romo; Owens stopped running his out route when he saw Polamalu, but Romo threw the ball with anticipation on Owens break – What was interesting on the 3rd + 7 play was that Witten stayed in to block, The anticipation of pressure from the Steelers defense
  • In their nickel package, the Steelers predominantly aligned with only 2 DL: Smith and Kirschke, both of whom had their hand on the ground – Timmons played in the nickel package in place of Foote
  • Harrison very powerful and explosive, Plays with great leverage and balance – Cowboys TEs could not block Harrison in the run game, It was embarrassing
  • There were many snaps in which the Steelers matched up man-to-man on Owens, or Williams with no safety help over the top – Steelers clearly had no fear of Owens or Williams
  • Romo very erratic throwing the ball, He was scattershot
  • Romo’s second interception was an underthrown fade to Owens, An easy pick for Taylor; Romo threw the ball too flat, not enough trajectory
  • Cowboys had 8 possessions in the first half and 36 plays, They gained only 134 total yards
  • Cowboys TEs were physically handled in the run game, and the OL overall struggled to block the Steelers
  • Choice had success running the ball versus Steelers nickel package, His 22 yarder came on 3rd + 3 with Romo in the shotgun
  • Choice a workmanlike downhill runner, Tough and physical, Good body lean, No special qualities but can be effective as a sustaining back – Also showed the willingness and tenacity to block versus blitz
  • Romo was never comfortable in this game; His TD to Owens was a lucky play, He had Bennett wide open within the play’s design and stared right at him without pulling the trigger, Then Romo just ran around and threw it up to Owens
  • Polamalu the most explosive safety in the NFL, He is so fast but plays under control
  • NT Hampton was very disruptive, Cowboys struggled to control him in the middle – Steelers even used him at times to drop out and cover Choice releasing into the flat
  • Townsend interception return TD: Steelers 4 man rush with a zone coverage concept behind it, Steelers disguised the look before the snap and Romo did not get a clear picture, Woodley quick inside pressure against RT Colombo showed in Romo’s face – Romo a hurried throw with no definition on what should have been a simple read
  • Steelers predominantly played zone coverage concepts against the Cowboys, Romo never solved the defense, He was uncertain and tentative throughout the game

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