COACHING TAPE – WEEK 14 (12/9/08)


  • Falcons ran 63 offensive plays, and had 414 total yards
  • Falcons 7-12 on third down conversions
  • Falcons 4 trips inside the red zone, 3 TD
  • The only negative for the Falcons offense was Turner and Norwood combined for 23-79, 3.5 yards per carry
  • The designed cutback is a staple of the Falcons running game, and they had success with it again on the second play of the game: Turner 26 yards out of 2 back / 3 WR personnel
  • A lot of flow and misdirection to the Falcons offense, both in the run game and the pass game, especially off Ryan designed movement
  • Ryan’s interception was a misread: He read “quarters”, and it was “Tampa 2” behind a 3 man rush– It was well disguised by the Saints before the snap, They showed a 4 across look; But CB David, with safety help over the top, jumped the hitch to White
  • Saints DL much more physical as the game progressed, Winning individual battles at the point of attack
  • Great job by White reading Ryan’s movement out of the pocket on the 59 yard catch, White ran deep to open space and gave Ryan a place to throw the football – Play’s design was to get the ball to Peelle on a corner route, but that was taken away by the Saints coverage
  • What continues to stand out about Ryan is his pocket movement, He has a great feel for sliding a couple of steps within a confined area to find a more comfortable spot to deliver the football – This is extremely hard to teach, and a necessary attribute to play QB at an elite level in the NFL
  • I noticed more pulling by the Falcons OL in this game: A function of the Saints defense, or something OC Mularkey wants to incorporate more?
  • One thing that jumps out re: the Falcons offense is how much formation variation they utilize, Receivers and backs aligning all over the formation – A lot to prepare for as a DC
  • Ryan much more freedom at the line of scrimmage, There were times in this game he looked Manning orchestrating the offense at the line
  • Ryan pocket movement on 26 yard completion to White on 3rd + 21 on third quarter TD drive, This was an unbelievable play, A stick throw into a very tight window against a Saints defense that rushed 3 and dropped 8 into coverage – Ryan playing as well as any QB in the league right now
  • Saints front seven played well against the run overall, Much more stout than they were earlier in the year – Some physicality and toughness
  • Saints played predominantly zone coverage schemes, Very little man coverage
  • Overall, an outstanding game by Ryan; What really stands out is how professional he is with so little experience – Poise and composure, Reads coverage, Knows where to throw it, Anticipation and accuracy, Pocket movement


  • Panthers ran 58 offensive plays, and gained 464 yards
  • Panthers 8-10 on third down conversions
  • Williams 19-186, 9.8 yds per rush; Stewart 15-115, 7.7 yds per rush
  • Haye was inactive for the Bucs, Sims started at DT
  • DL Wilkerson very quick off the ball as a pass rusher, A tough matchup for OGs on the inside when he aligns at DT
  • DE Adams not very stout against the run, Plays too upright, Loses his leverage and gets driven back too easily
  • What showed up early was that the Bucs DL was getting moved by double teams, They were not stalemating the blocks at the point of attack but being driven back
  • Panthers a 2 back based run game with FB Hoover an excellent lead blocker
  • Smith is the most explosive wide receiver in the NFL, He is such a powerful route runner with incredible burst and lateral agility, He attacks the ball
  • Williams 40 yard run in the second quarter: Again Bucs DTs Hovan and Sims moved by the double teams, but S Jackson had a clean shot in the hole and Williams ran him over
  • MLB Ruud had a difficult time in this game because his DTs could not effectively hold the point, and he often had them in his lap as he tried to read and react and fit into his gap; Therefore, his impact in the run was significantly minimized
  • The stage was set in the first half, The Panthers OL was physically beating the Bucs front seven with consistency, They were too powerful
  • Stewart outstanding downhill explosiveness, A naturally powerful man who runs with great leverage and strength, Terrific short area burst
  • In the second half, Delhomme began throwing the ball to the outside against the Bucs predominant 8 in the box / single high safety defenses; Smith became a big factor in the game
  • Williams a much more powerful runner than he has been in his previous seasons, Runs with more leverage and leg drive, Keeps his legs churning with a low center of gravity
  • Smith 38 yard TD came out of a balanced “12” set versus Bucs 8 in the box / single high safety, Smith short motion to attack deep S Phillips on his corner route – No way Phillips can handle Smith screaming at him vertically, That was the matchup the Panthers wanted
  • Stewart 30 yards in the fourth quarter epitomized physicality of Panthers run game: Muhammad laid out Piscitelli with a great block, and Stewart stiff-armed Barber
  • Bucs also did a poor job setting the edge in the run game, Too many Panthers run on the edge
  • Overall, this was as physically dominating a performance as I had seen on film this season; It was men against boys

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