COACHING TAPE – WEEK 14 (12/8/08)


  • Chargers ran 68 offensive plays, and controlled the ball for more than 34 minutes
  • Chargers 9-18 on third down conversions
  • In the first half, the Chargers ran 37 offensive plays and gained 246 total yards; They were ahead 27-7 at halftime
  • Rivers badly underthrew Jackson on the 46 yard completion on the first series, It would have been a TD with a good throw – I was surprised that Jackson ran by Asomugha, and Asomugha did not show the recovery speed to catch up
  • Tomlinson ran hard, He attacked downhill with aggression – Hester was the FB, He’s not a very strong lead blocker
  • Chargers went back to basics in this game: Foundation was the run, with a focus on “Power”, which has been their staple run with Tomlinson
  • Chargers 15 play, 96 yard TD in the first half featured 11 called runs and only 4 called passes
  • Jackson 59 yard TD on 3rd + 6 came against a “cover 3” zone scheme: CB Johnson allowed Jackson to run by him down the sideline, He did not play his deep third responsibility properly
  • Rivers needs functional space in the pocket to step up and throw comfortably, His efficiency decreases dramatically when there are bodies around him
  • Chargers first half play breakdown: 24 called runs / 13 called passes
  • Rivers at his best when he’s a piece of a multi-dimensional offense whose foundation is the running game – His numbers will always be good because the Chargers have many weapons, and head coach Turner is an excellent play caller, with a great understanding of how to break down defenses


· Redskins only had 254 yards on 60 offensive plays – Redskins RBs only 19-51

· Redskins only 3-14 on third down conversions

· Reed interception was a result of Suggs beating LT Samuels off the edge and hitting Campbell’s arm on the release, Portis may have prevented Samuels from reacting to Suggs outside move; Thomas had run by Washington on a go route and was open, That’s where Campbell was throwing the ball

· No defense is better at breaking down protections and pressuring the QB with just 4 rushers than the Ravens; They are outstanding using second and third level rushers as part of overload blitz concepts

· Redskins really struggle with pass protection: RT Jansen is a below average NFL pass protector, and LT Samuels is just average – Heyer replaced an injured Jansen in the second quarter

· DT Ngata aligned at LB at times, His combination of power and movement is extraordinary for a man his size – I cannot believe the way he moves, It’s remarkable

· Redskins OL looked slow compared to the speed and quickness of the Ravens front seven, They looked totally outclassed

· Redskins need to throw more on first and 10 from run personnel and run formations, That allows them to help both tackles in pass protection – They can dictate isolation routes on the outside, and keep Campbell protected

· Washington has played very solidly at CB for the Ravens, He has played with more week-to-week consistency than McAlister

· The more the Redskins are forced to throw, the more the limitations of their OL get exposed

· Samuels could not pass protect in this game, Suggs made him look foolish many times – Samuels could not handle Suggs’ power, or quickness and speed

· This was physical domination by the Ravens defense against the Redskins OL, It was men against boys

· When Samuels got hurt, the Redskins moved Heyer to LT and Geisinger came in to play RT

· Redskins OL was the reason they lost this game, They were overmatched physically


  • Titans ran 66 offensive plays, and controlled the ball for almost 34 minutes
  • Titans 7-13 on third down conversions
  • Titans 235 yards rushing on 43 carries, 5.5 yds per rush
  • Johnson again proved he’s a complete back: Attacked downhill with decisiveness and more power than his size would indicate, and showed the outside burst and explosiveness that few in the NFL possess
  • Hall 28 yard TD catch came on 4th + 1, “21” personnel with straight “I”; Play action weak side iso lead froze the defense, Hall flared out and was wide open – Great play call
  • White showed more downhill burst and explosiveness than he had shown all season, His feet looked quicker
  • Collins can still throw it, as evidenced by far hash / deep comeback to McCareins in the second quarter – Overall, Collins very comfortable in the pocket
  • One thing that stands out on film is how well the Titans WRs block in the run game, They are asked to do a lot and they execute
  • Johnson 25 yard TD was “counter” strong out of single back, Great block by McCareins on S Jones
  • Titans very diverse and multi-dimensional with their run game, especially with Johnson – White more limited in the kinds of runs he can execute: White predominantly a downhill zone runner, Won’t see “counter” with White


· Giants ran only 51 offensive plays, and had the ball for 25 minutes – They only had 211 total yards

· Giants only 3-11 on third down conversions

· Hanson was the Eagles nickel corner, not Sheppard

· I was surprised at the Giants first drive: A number of plays in shotgun spread formations, It was clearly game planned – And then they tried the reverse to Manningham that lost 12 yards and led to a 3rd and 17

· Eagles went “cover zero” on 4th + 4 on Giants first series, Giants picked up the pressure with no problem but there was a miscommunication between Manning and Hixon

· Safeties Mikell and Dawkins are at their best playing downhill in the run game: Aggressive and violent

· MLB Bradley excellent lateral movement, Works through traffic well, Good speed and explosion as a tackler

· Hixon dropped a TD on the first play of the second quarter, He blew by Brown on a deep post: Play came out of Giants “22” personnel, Eagles had Demps aligned at deep safety with Dawkins and Mikell up in the box; Samuel was not in the game – Unbelievable throw by Manning

· Eagles continued to use Clemons in the standup “Joker” position

· Manning did not pull the trigger to a wide open Toomer on a go route in the second quarter, Manning threw to Hixon for 13 yards and a first down but if threw to Toomer he had a TD

· Eagles did an excellent job with their fronts and alignments to occupy more gaps at the line of scrimmage, and force the Giants OL and FB Hedgecock to be reactive rather than proactive

· Eagles an excellent job on third down versus pass, A high percentage of man coverage concepts – Manning could not convert with the pass on third down

· Boss was not a factor in the pass game

· DT Bunkley much better game this time against the Giants: More physical at the point in the run game, and continued to show the ability to run and chase

· DE Cole stood out in this game, He caused a lot of problems for LT Diehl

· Key to this game was the Giants inability to make any plays in the passing game: Eagles man coverage concepts, both “2 man” and “man free”, did not allow the Giants WRs to get open; Giants receivers did not win

· Giants only 2 offensive possessions in the second half until they got the ball with 2:00 remaining in the game

· Eagles run defense was solid, not dominant – If the Giants made some plays downfield in the passing game, we would not be talking about the Eagles run defense


  • Eagles ran 72 offensive plays, and controlled the ball for almost 35 minutes – They had 331 total yards
  • Eagles 12-18 on third down conversions
  • Eaqles play breakdown: 33 called passes / 38 called runs
  • Giants had success early with blitzing and stunting, getting rushers in clean on McNabb
  • Eagles OL are maulers in the run game, but they struggle with movement like slants and stunts
  • Westbrook’s first 8 rushes produced 9 yards, That was midway through the second quarter – Normally, Reid gives up on the run when Westbrook starts that way
  • Eagles first 4 series only produced 16 plays, Another poor start
  • Both Eagles TEs Smith and Celek are poor blockers in the run game, No physicality at all
  • Westbrook 30 yard TD came against “cover zero”, Giants had 9 defenders at the line of scrimmage; Great job by Eagles OL, Once Westbrook got by the first line of the defense there was no one there
  • Dockery replaced the injured Ross at CB
  • McNabb such an unpredictable passer, No consistency to his fundamentals or his accuracy – That’s why you have to limit his throws, not build your offense around them
  • Westbrook 40 yard TD catch came against Giants “2 man” coverage, Pierce matched on Westbrook; S Butler abandoned his coverage responsibility to jump the crossing route by Jackson, and that opened the field for Westbrook after he caught the ball – Pocket movement by McNabb
  • On the Eagles final FG drive to make it 20-7, 11 of the 13 plays were Westbrook runs: 11-31, but a critical 6 yard run on 3rd + 5
  • Baskett and Avant did a good job sealing the edge in the run game
  • Eagles OL increasingly dominant as the game progressed; Repetition and attrition in the run game, something you rarely can say about the Eagles offense
  • Great game management by the Eagles offensive staff, understanding the Giants offense was not making any plays in the passing game and therefore would not score points – Limit McNabb’s throws and thus his inconsistency and put the game in Westbrook’s hands


  • 49ers ran 74 offensive plays, and controlled the ball for almost 40 minutes – They had 375 total yards
  • 49ers 8-15 on third down conversions
  • 49ers 4 trips inside the red zone, 3 TD
  • 49ers another team that utilizes the unbalanced line, with LT Staley at TE on the right and TE Davis at LT
  • Hill was accurate with the short to intermediate passing game, A very quirky delivery with minimal arm strength but consistently made the underneath throws
  • What also stood out with Hill was how well he processed information, He read the blitz quickly and correctly – Great example was 31 yard completion to Ziegler on 49ers first quarter TD drive
  • Hill had more success throwing the ball against zone coverage schemes than man schemes, Showed anticipation and accuracy
  • Hill has some Jeff Garcia in him: A little bit frenetic and hyperactive in his movement, but he more often than not threw to the right receiver
  • Jets defense looked reactive rather than proactive for the second week in a row – They were off balance in this game, a step behind the 49ers offense
  • There was a rhythm and a tempo to the 49ers offense
  • 49ers did a great job with underneath routes, especially versus man coverage; They all had a stop and start element to them, with the receiver either continuing in the direction he was going or whipping back in the opposite direction – Hill very accurate on those short throws
  • For the second week in a row, Jenkins was not a factor; My sense was he played fewer snaps in this game than he has been playing, but I didn’t officially chart them
  • I thought watching the tape the Jets had a number of mental breakdowns in coverage, Too many receivers running free versus their zone schemes
  • Jets defensive deficiency in this game was their inability to defend the pass; It was Hill’s efficiency and ability to move the chains with the short to intermediate pass game that beat the Jets

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