COACHING TAPE – WEEK 13 (12/3/08)


  • Steelers ran 68 offensive plays, and controlled the ball for more than 35 minutes
  • Steelers 8-16 on third down conversions – They were in the red zone 6 times, scored 3 TD
  • Steelers balanced with their play breakdown: 35 called passes / 33 called runs
  • Wright started again at DE for the inactive Warren, Woods at OLB for Thomas
  • Patriots 3-3-5 package features Lewis Sanders as the 5th DB, and Guyton was the third LB with Mayo and Vrabel – Patriots also featured a 2-3-6 package that had Webster as the 6th DB
  • Parker looked better than in recent weeks, but still did not have the downhill burst that made him special
  • Vrabel interception a terrific play, A function of great recognition just as much as athletic ability
  • Steelers went some no huddle on their third offensive series
  • Steelers continued to feature the bunch look out of 3 WR personnel, It’s a staple formation in their offense – Miller 21 yards to start first quarter TD drive
  • Smith rotated with Wright at DE for the Patriots, Wright not very stout versus run at DE – Wright also played some NT depending on the front and the personnel groupings
  • Roethlisberger very decisive in the pocket on the Steelers first quarter TD drive
  • Patriots “cover zero” out of base 3-4 personnel on 3rd + 3 in the second quarter, Bruschi got in clean on the blitz and forced Roethlisberger to move – Incompletion
  • Roethlisberger badly underthrew Washington on a post route in the second quarter, Washington had badly beaten O’Neal
  • Patriots very successful playing “2 man” coverage, They do a great job undercutting and tailgating routes
  • Patriots only sack came on a corner blitz by Hobbs from the short side of the field out of the 3-3-5 package, Hobbs was not accounted for and got in clean
  • CB O’Neal a weak link for the Patriots, He cannot run anymore and is a liability in schemes that demand he play man coverage on the outside; He was beaten by Holmes for a TD in the second quarter
  • Steelers had success running out of their 3 WR personnel package against the Patriots 3-3-5 package; They attacked DE Wright, who was handled at the point of attack
  • Vrabel stands out in a negative way, particularly against the run: No longer showing the ability to stack and shed, and be physical in the run game
  • Ward 11 yard TD was a great job of anticipation throwing by Roethlisberger; This is something you don’t see as often as you would like from Roethlisberger
  • Roethlisberger played an outstanding game: He was poised, under control and decisive; He threw with timing, anticipation and accuracy
  • Parker played predominantly in the first and fourth quarters, with Moore playing the second and third quarters – Parker 16-87, Moore 12-67
  • Steelers excellent offensive game: Balance between run and pass, Parker and Moore ran well, Roethlisberger controlled and disciplined


  • Broncos 484 total yards on 68 offensive plays, despite only 3-11 on third down conversions
  • First thing that stood out about Hillis was how good he was as a pass protector versus blitz: He understood how to read fronts, and he knew where the pressures were coming from – He was like a veteran
  • Royal 59 yard TD came against Jets 3-3-5 package, Jenkins was the NT; Jets rushed 3 and dropped 8, and played “Tampa 2” – Given the extra underneath defender I believe CB Law did not get enough depth on the outside, He had to get underneath Royal’s corner route
  • Hillis 2 19 yard runs in the first quarter, Both came out of 3 wide sets with TE Scheffler one of the split receivers – On the second one, C Wiegman did an excellent job handling Jenkins
  • Chad Jackson played some snaps for the Broncos, He caught a 19 yard bubble screen
  • Broncos threw a lot of WR screens in the first quarter
  • Jets played a high percentage of zone coverage concepts behind 3 and 4 man pressures; Jets did not generate any consistent pressure on Cutler
  • Broncos ran the ball successfully out of spread formations, whether 3 WR personnel or 3 wide looks with Scheffler in a split or slot position – It created downhill seams for Hillis, who had 3 19 yard runs in the first half
  • In the first half, Jenkins was not a factor either in the run game or as a pass rusher; C Wiegman did an excellent job when asked to block him one-on-one, and the Broncos also did a good job with double teams
  • LT Clady continued to stand out on film, An excellent pass protector, Very fluid and comfortable in his movement, Does not lose his discipline and technique
  • Jets defense looked soft in the first half, They did not challenge the Broncos offense; Very little blitz and predominantly zone coverage concepts that left to many voids in the passing game
  • Jenkins first dominant play came in the middle of the third quarter: He drove C Wiegman back right into Hillis, No gain
  • Lowery end zone interception was a bad decision and a bad throw by Cutler, Can’t do that in that situation when a FG gives you a 16 point lead in the middle of the third quarter
  • Stokley 36 yard TD in the fourth quarter: Royal motioned to stack behind Stokley, Jets “cover zero” concept with S Elam and CB Law responsible for Stokley and Royal – Stokley’s vertical release attacked Law, but Law let him go and reacted to Royal on the short out route; Because Stokley released vertically to the outside, Elam thought Law had him and he also reacted to Royal
  • Jets a passive defensive performance, They did not play with the same physicality and toughness I have seen in recent weeks

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