COACHING TAPE – WEEK 17 (12/25/08)


Giants ran 71 offensive plays, and had 454 total yards, 301 yards on the ground – Ward 15-215 rushing, including runs of 22, 34, 37 and 51 yards
Giants 9-16 on third down conversions
Giants 6 trips inside the red zone, 4 TD
Giants only committed 2 penalties, and did not turn the ball over
Walker started at DT in place of injured and inactive Kemoeatu – Hayden became the third DT in the rotation, Gibson also played some snaps at DT
TE Mathews not as strong a blocker in the run game as Boss, Mathews struggled to block DE Brayton one-on-one
S Harris strong in the box, playing downhill; Not as effective in space, Does not show loose hips and transition skills in coverage – He’s more of a glorified LB
Peppers aligns on both side of the DL, and he’s [...]

COACHING TAPE – WEEK 16 (12/22/08)


Colts 396 total yards on 52 offensive plays, 7.6 yards per play
Colts 6-10 on third down conversions
Manning 29-34 for 364 yards and 3 TD
Harrison inactive in this game, Addai active but did not play
With Harrison inactive, the Colts predominantly played with 2 WR and 2 TE, Clark either in the slot or split wide; When the Colts went 3 wide, Garcon was the third WR
Witherspoon was the Jaguars nickel corner in this game, Hew aligned on the outside with Williams inside over the slot
S Nelson went brain dead on Wayne 41 yard TD, He squatted and allowed Wayne to run by him
Rhodes a good job with blitz recognition and execution
Colts have expanded their passing game with their running backs: Wheel routes out of the backfield, Splitting them out – Great example was Rhodes [...]

Keeper/Dynasty Thoughts for 2009 and Beyond

I’ll update this list as the weeks/months go by, but here’s an early look at some random players (not ranked in any particular order) to keep an eye on for next year and beyond in keeper/dynasty leagues that are still under the radar. Check the recently updated keeper rankings for a complete list of players.


Kevin Kolb/Philadelphia – The bottom line is Donovan McNabb turns 32 next year and is on the books for $10 million in 2009 so the team has a big decision to make. Do they pay McNabb that money or hand Kolb the job. The team is very high on Kolb and his contract ends after the 2010 season so they have to get him in there sooner rather than later.

Luke McCown/Tampa Bay – For dynasty league owners, the team likes him to a certain degree and he has a decent arm and he’s kind of a gunslinger. So if you’re looking for a developmental QB for your team that might start down the road, here’s a long-shot that just might pay off.

Running Back

Rashard Mendenhall/Pittsburgh – He really didn’t do anything of note before he was lost for the season. The team drafted him to eventually be their main ball carrier so that [...]

COACHING TAPE – WEEK 15 (12/18/08)


Raiders only ran 24 offensive plays in the first half
Raiders first 3 possessions went 3-and-out, When they got the ball to start their fourth possession they were losing 21-0
Guyton started at ILB, and Colvin at OLB in the Patriots base 3-4 – Seau played in the nickel package, Also got some snaps at ILB in the base 3-4
Russell remains very erratic and inconsistent with his accuracy, He’s too scattershot
Redd played some snaps at OLB for the Patriots
McFadden does not have good feet, He does not have good lateral agility, Limited ability to redirect in response to penetration, Very stiff in the hips
Seau looked very slow in his movements, No ability to transition and change direction; Very susceptible to play action – Bottom line is that Seau just cannot run
At this point in his [...]

COACHING TAPE – WEEK 15 (12/17/08)


Vikings ran 64 offensive plays and controlled the ball for more than 34 minutes
Vikings 396 total yards – They were 10-15 on third down conversions
Jackson was the QB for the Vikings
Vikings clear commitment to the run game as their offensive foundation – First half play breakdown: 25 called runs / 11 called passes
Vikings had excellent field position in the first quarter, They began both TD drives in Cards territory
Berrian 41 yard TD came on 3rd + 15, Hood press man on Berrian as part of a “quarters” coverage scheme; Hood great coverage, Berrian did not really beat him, Great throw by Jackson – What was interesting was Jackson threw the same go route to Berrian matched on Hood on the first play of the game, Hood also great coverage on that play and he knocked [...]

Week 16 Reaches

15 reaches here for championship week.


Dan Orlovsky vs. New Orleans – He actually looked good last week and he faces a real weak Saint secondary. The problem is that he has no help at WR other than Calvin Johnson so the upside here is the issue. But it could be a high-scoring game so there’s a chance here for Orlovsky to do something of note.

Matt Schaub at Oakland – If the weather holds up, Schaub could keep it going against a Raider secondary which has struggled the last two weeks. And Oakland’s safeties have struggled as has CB Chris Johnson.

Running Back 

DeShaun Foster at St. Louis – IF Frank Gore is out again, look for Foster to get a lot of touches in this game and he could be a very solid #3 RB against a weak Ram defense.Cedric Benson at Cleveland - It sounds crazy to back this guy, but he did well last week and and has a nice matchup this week at the Browns. Not a bad low-end reach starter this week.

Leon Washington at Seattle – I know they still don’t use him enough, but Washington could make a big play or two against a weak Seahawk defense. Not [...]

COACHING TAPE – WEEK 15 (12/16/08)



Redskins only 280 total yards on 60 offensive plays
Redskins only 4-14 on third down conversions
Redskins 4 trips inside the red zone, only 1 TD
Heyer started at LT, and Fabini at RT for the Redskins
Campbell has become a little scattershot with his accuracy, Missing too many easy throws
Redskins OL did not get much push against the Bengals DL – Bengals a lot of slanting and moving with their DL, They looked quicker than the Redskins OL
Redskins big problem has been inability to generate explosive pass plays off their run game, They do not attack at the intermediate and deeper levels in the pass game, Offense compressed
Redskins offensive concept is based on a methodical and efficient approach with the running game as the foundation
Redskins must do first down passing off [...]

Championship Week Lineup Tips

I’m in three championship games (and all three are against the GURU believe it or not) this week so I’m really focusing in on making sure I do a good job of making sure I’m making good decisions on my rosters and lineups.

Here are some quick tips to be aware of when making out your lineups and adjusting your rosters (I may add a few more later this week):

1) Have complete depth.This doesn’t just mean having handcuffs. It actually means having backups for all of your starters if possible.


Lets say you have your handcuffs for your RBs, but you don’t have a backup QB, TE, or K.

What I’m going to do this week is drop players off of my rosters that I don’t plan on using and that my opponent probably won’t pick up (very important that you only drop players that you feel won’t be needed by your opponent), like my third QB for example or backup D.

As funny as it sounds, what if my kicker got hurt in warmups and I didn’t have a backup? I’d take a zero. So I’m going to try to have a backup kicker if my roster allows for it meaning if I can afford [...]

Week 15 Reaches


Matt Schaub vs. Tennessee – Some of you have him on your roster just as a backup or for insurance purposes, but no QB has better passing options than Schaub has to work with. While this matchup is tough, the Texans have enough talent to spread out the Titan secondary.

Running Back

Dominic Rhodes vs. Detroit – Even if Joseph Addai plays, Rhodes should do well against the NFL’s worst run D. Rhodes won’t get many better matchups than this one.

Maurice Morris at St. Louis – I’ve been asked about him all week and what I can tell you is the matchup is clearly good. However, their rotation isn’t set so it’s hard to totally back him. However, Morris should do well enough this week against the poor Ram run defense for you to start him as your flex player.

Jonathan Stewart vs. Denver – His play has been up and down this season, but the way you beat Denver is by pounding them in the running game. So Stewart should get his share of carries in this matchup.

Sammy Morris at Oakland – While New England is a passing team, they’ll still find success on the ground and Morris will be good enough to start [...]

COACHING TAPE – WEEK 14 (12/13/08)


Steelers only 238 total yards on 64 offensive plays
Steelers only 3-16 on third down conversions
Steelers 4 trips inside the red zone, only 1 TD
Starting CB Henry played safety in the Cowboys nickel and dime packages; Jones and Scandrick played in the nickel, and Ball was added in the dime
In some normal down and distance situations when the Steelers went with 3 WRs, the Cowboys stayed with their base 3-4 and brought Scandrick in as the third corner, playing only 1 safety Hamlin
Spencer rotated with Ellis at OLB in the base 3-4, and also played with his hand on the ground at DE in the nickel and dime packages
Burnett played some snaps at ILB in the Cowboys base 3-4 in place of Thomas
Steelers no consistent attempt to run the ball, They did not try to establish [...]

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