COACHING TAPE – WEEK 12 (11/26/08)



  • Eagles ran 64 offensive plays, and had only 206 total yards
  • Eagles 3-13 on third down conversions, making them 6-31 (19%) in the last 2 games
  • Second play of the game Celek wide open in the middle of the field, McNabb did not pull the trigger, Instead checked down to Klecko – Left a 15-20 yard play on the field
  • McNabb not seeing the field clearly, A little slow in processing information – Sack to end the first series was a good example, Jackson wide open on shallow cross with running room but McNabb never got to him
  • McNabb had Jackson running free on a go route versus zone coverage on first play of the third series, Either didn’t see him or didn’t feel comfortable making the throw; Checked it down to Klecko on the same side – Again, another example of a QB struggling with clarity and confidence
  • Westbrook limited burst and acceleration, Clearly does not have the same lateral agility and explosiveness we are used to seeing when healthy – On some runs, not even getting what’s blocked
  • First play of second quarter Curtis open to the deep post on “78 pump”, a deep route combination; Pressure forced McNabb out of the pocket and he was forced to throw the ball away – A well designed big play opportunity missed
  • LT Thomas struggled in pass protection, That was the case on Johnson sack and forced fumble recovery
  • McNabb interception on 3rd + 1 in second quarter: Aggressive play call, Jackson on out-and-go ran right by CB Washington, Ball was badly underthrown, Good throw might have been a TD
  • McNabb playing very fast, Not comfortable at all, No flow or rhythm to his drop and delivery
  • McNabb second interception came on post / cross combination, S Reed jumped the cross before McNabb pulled the trigger, Great jog reading McNabb and anticipating the throw; Horribly inaccurate throw, at least 5 yards behind Jackson
  • A very poor first half performance by McNabb: Not seeing the field with clarity, and significant problems with accuracy; He’s fighting himself – He was not helped by an OL that was not consistently firm in pass protection
  • Kolb missed an opportunity to hit Baskett on a wide open intermediate dig when he left the pocket for no reason, Perceived pressure a common issue with inexperienced QBs
  • TE position a significant weakness for the Eagles: Neither Smith nor Celek can win one-on-one matchups in the passing game, and neither is a good blocker in the run game
  • Kolb’s first interception was an underthrown go route to Curtis, A good throw had a chance
  • Westbrook looked like he was playing in slow motion, Clearly could not cut off his right leg, He had nothing to him
  • Kolb second interception was just a terrible decision, Play was made by S Leonhard, Design was to get the ball to TE Smith but Leonhard did not sell out on run action and stayed with Smith so Kolb came to Brown; It ended a drive in which Kolb found some rhythm in the short passing game, Quick drops and short throws, Got the ball out with some velocity
  • Overall the Eagles offense is a tough watch: Inconsistent OL play, No running back with Westbrook playing injured, No TEs who can play, Average WRs who are not helped by the isolation routes they are asked to run, and a QB in McNabb who is playing with no confidence and is inaccurate


  • Bucs ran 56 offensive plays and had only 255 total yards
  • Bucs fell behind 17-0 and came back to outscore the Lions 38-3 in the final 3 quarters
  • On Garcia fumble that was returned for a TD by Bullocks, Bryant was wide open on a “sluggo” route on the right, Had the right coverage, It was single high safety – Garcia drifted to his right on his drop after he pumped the slant, instead of dropping straight back and he ran into RB Williams
  • Bucs again a lot of tight splits with their receivers; It was a factor in the run game, as the Bucs attacked the perimeter with their WRs executing crack backs
  • Dunn 13 yard TD came on 1st + 10 out of shotgun, “12” personnel with TE Stevens slot right; Basically a “Power” run with RG Joseph pulling – Great lateral agility and quickness by Dunn
  • One thing Garcia doesn’t have is patience in the pocket: If the design of the route combinations doesn’t define itself quickly, he will start to move – That was a factor in this game, and one reason Dunn had 5 catches
  • Hilliard 36 yard TD was classic Garcia: Garcia had Bryant wide open on the in-breaker to his right, He looked there and didn’t throw it; Then Garcia moved to his left and his movement broke down the discipline of the “Tampa 2” scheme, Hilliard wide open down the seam, Great throw and Garcia took a vicious hit
  • Stevens 24 yard TD came with 3 TEs on the field, Timing and rhythm throw by Garcia
  • Williams carried the ball on 12 of the Bucs final 13 snaps: Ran with less reckless abandon than he did before the injury; More controlled, less frenetic and helter-skelter – Clearly trying to get his feel and rhythm back
  • Overall Bucs offense was inconsistent in this game, No rhythm and continuity



  • Patriots ran 70 offensive plays, and gained 530 yards – They had 30 first downs
  • Patriots 5 trips inside the red zone, 3 TD
  • Patriots have averaged 72 offensive plays the last 5 games, That’s a high number of plays
  • Dolphins stayed with base 3-4 personnel much of the first series versus Patriots 3 WR personnel – After the first series, Dolphins almost exclusively went with dime personnel, Crowder the only LB on the field; They did play some snaps of nickel with Ayodele the second LB
  • LG Mankins continued to struggle in pass protection, Has not had a very good season – Overall Mankins has not played with consistently good balance and body control, On the ground too much
  • Patriots first 9 plays Cassel was in the shotgun, Third play of their second series was the first play in which Cassel was under center
  • Moss a very upright route runner, like a 200 meter sprinter; He does not cut well because he runs so straight up, Takes him too many steps to change direction
  • Cassel interception came on a “9 stop” route to Moss, CB Jason Allen all over Moss – Allen knocked the ball in the air, and S Hill made the pick
  • Jason Allen was the Dolphins nickel corner, He played on the outside with Will Allen inside over the slot
  • Dolphins willing to go man-to-man on Moss, CB Allen was singled  up a number of times: Allen won some (the interception), and Moss won some (a great one-handed catch on a great Cassel throw but Allen was right there) – Dolphins a lot of man coverage concepts
  • Cassel 8 yard TD: It was not a designed draw in that the OL did not run block, and the receivers clearly ran routes, but it looked like Cassel had the option to run if he saw the middle open, which it did
  • Cassel looking more comfortable as a passer with each game, More poised and composed as a pocket passer – Much more patient in the pocket, Less willingness to take off and run
  • Patriots a lot of empty sets with Cassel in the shotgun, almost always with 3 WR personnel, RB Faulk and TE Watson
  • Dolphins went “cover zero” in the third quarter: Cassel calmly hit Moss on a quick in-breaker for 11 yards, Again Jason Allen was singled up on Moss – They did it again 3 plays later on 3rd + 10: Cassel great throw under duress to Moss, who made a terrific catch with J. Allen draped all over him
  • Moss 8 yard TD in third quarter came against man coverage, He beat J. Allen on a fade route – Great throw by Cassel
  • Welker 64 yards came against “man free”, Welker whip route from inside slot against Will Allen
  • Very surprised how much the Dolphins played man coverage concepts against the Patriots – For the most part, they got burned
  • 4 times the Dolphins scored a TD, Each time Cassel led a TD drive in response – The answer TD is critical in the NFL
  • Got the sense Cassel much more aware of pressure based on alignment before the snap of the ball, A critical element in the development of a QB
  • Cassel very decisive with his throws, Much less indecision; Could have been a function of high percentage man coverage concepts the Dolphins played, Throws defined more easily
  • Moss 29 yard TD in the fourth quarter came against single high safety coverage, CB Goodman played zone technique but he essentially had Moss man-to-man on the go route – Great throw and catch
  • Moss did not run by anybody in this game, He looked a step slower than his prime

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