COACHING TAPE – WEEK 12 (11/24/08)


  • Titans ran only 51 offensive plays, and had the ball for less than 20 minutes
  • Titans play breakdown: 40 called passes / 11 called runs
  • DT Jenkins once again dominant, and it showed up right away, both in the run game and as a pass rusher – Jenkins controlled and shed C Mawae on 3rd + 1 on Titans second series, White 1 yard loss
  • Jets a high percentage of man coverage concepts, especially in long yardage situations: “2 man” and “man free”
  • Gholston played some snaps as OLB in the base 3-4 front, He was the strong side OLB – Also played some snaps at DE in the dime package
  • Jets front seven an excellent of shedding blocks and finding the football in the run game
  • Scaife a big drop on 3rd + 7 on first series of second quarter: Scaife offset in backfield, DB Barrett had him man-to-man, Scaife beat him on a seam route – Again, Jets “man free” with lurk element
  • Jets had Barrett on Scaife in their man coverage schemes, Clearly game planned
  • Titans had a hard time blocking Jenkins, He was very disruptive versus both run and pass
  • Titans OL overmatched in the first half, Did not sustain blocks in the run game
  • Beginning with 3:02 remaining in the third quarter, trailing 20-3, Titans went shotgun exclusively
  • Jets more zone concepts once they had the 20-3 lead late in the third quarter
  • Gholston aligned at DE in the fourth quarter when Collins was in the shotgun: Slow off the ball, No explosiveness out of his stance, Did not look like an athlete
  • Overall Titans OL was physically beaten in this game; A poor performance versus Jets front seven that looked quicker and faster, and stronger


  • Jets ran 73 offensive, and controlled the ball for more than 40 minutes – They had 409 total yards
  • Jets 7-13 on third down conversions
  • Jets 6 trips inside the red zone, 3 TD
  • Jets first TD drive on opening possession: 9 plays, 76 yards – 6 of the plays were passes
  • Jets excellent job with personnel and formations, at times spreading the field and going empty out of base personnel; Titans stayed base, and the Jets got matchups on the inside with a WR on a LB – Terrific game planning
  • What was evident was the Jets use of the 3 and 5 step drop pass game, Ball came out of Favre’s hands quick – Negated weakness of tackles Ferguson and Woody in pass protection
  • Favre sack to end second series prime example of Ferguson’s liability as a pass protector: Haynesworth aligned at DE, Favre forced to hold the ball in the pocket; Also inside stunt with Vanden Bosch aligned at DT looping around DT Brown and getting in clean
  • Jets first half play breakdown: 21 called passes / 16 called runs (not counting Favre kneel down) – Jets only 16-53 running in first half
  • Jets first drive of second half: 13 plays, 66 yards, FG, Ate up almost 7:00
  • Short passing game was the critical element for the Jets, Favre got the ball out quick and sustained drives
  • Favre made a couple of great individual throws, including the 2 yard TD to Coles; Another throw across his body that very few QBs would be willing to make – That was the back breaker for the Titans
  • Jets wore down the Titans defense with sheer volume of plays as the game progressed; The running game became a factor in the second half – Jets clearly won the war of attrition, Washington’s 61 yard TD ended the competitive phase of the contest
  • Overall a methodical and efficient performance by the Jets offense – TE Keller will become a more significant factor as the season progresses; Focus is a short to intermediate passing game in which Favre gets the ball out, Favre is not a look down the gun barrel QB and the 2 tackles cannot hold up in pass protection


  • Cards ran 68 offensive plays, They had 371 total yards
  • Cards 8-14 on third down conversions
  • Cards play breakdown: 54 called passes / 14 called runs
  • Giants predominantly kept Tuck at DE in the dime package so he could be matched up against RT Brown, who lacks quickness and lateral movement – Tollefson aligned at DT 
  • Giants played dime exclusively against the Cards 4 WR personnel: Thomas was the third CB, and Johnson was the third S                   
  • No one throws in-breaking routes better than Warner, He can make those throws blind-folded
  • Urban a lot of snaps as the fourth WR, Cards played predominantly with 4 WRs
  • Giants utilized the “fire x” blitz concept against Warner as a significant part of their pressure package, Pressure up the middle is what you want versus Warner
  • S Phillips effectively utilized as part of Giants blitz packages, predominantly out of dime personnel – Overload concept
  • Boldin utilized out of the backfield in the pass game: He’s the Cards movable chess piece in the pass game, aligning all over the formation and being used to shift and motion – Cards got him matched on Pierce versus Giants dime package when they split Hightower
  • Every game I watch Warner’s accuracy really stands out’ He’s the most consistently accurate passer in the NFL
  • First time Giants aligned Tuck at RDE he was part of an inside stunt in which he looped behind both DTs and got in clean on Warner, forcing an incomplete pass
  • When the Giants went “2 man” against the Cards 4 WR personnel, S Johnson played over one of the slots
  • Phillips an explosive downhill player, Also excellent hip turn and range as a deep safety
  • The weakness of the Cards OL in pass protection is the right side with RG Lutui and RT Brown
  • Giants excellent job as game progressed taking away the intermediate in-breakers with both their zone and man schemes
  • Johnson and Thomas productive players in the Giants scheme
  • Giants defense fast and explosive, They are very disciplined with their blitz schemes
  • Slot defenders in zone schemes versus Warner and Cards pass game must be smart and aware, Understand that intermediate in-breakers are coming behind them – Thomas interception in fourth quarter a great example
  • Giants had a lot of free blitzers against the Cards pass game, Cards can’t live like that as good as Warner is, Too hard to make plays consistently, Plus Warner will take too many shots



·        Redskins ran 76 offensive plays, and controlled the ball for more than 38 minutes

·        Redskins 386 total yards – They were 7-15 on third down conversions

·        Seahawks first zone blitz concept (on 3rd + 8 on first series) produced a free rusher at Campbell: Incomplete pass

·        Redskins tendency when they attempt to go down field with the passing game is to “max protect”: Give Campbell time, Let the routes develop

·        Portis runs big and physical, He’s a powerful man; He’s a tough inside runner who constantly moves the pile

·        Kelly played some snaps at WR for the Redskins, He looked like he had deceptive speed, Not a burner or a true vertical threat but a guy with build up speed – Needs work against press coverage, Too many steps at the line of scrimmage

·        Campbell struggling a little bit right now with what he’s seeing, He’s not seeing the field clearly – He’s leaving some plays on the field, and throwing check downs

·        Redskins a lot of 2 back / 3 WR personnel packages in this game – They want to get 6 on 6 in the box

·        Randle El 8 yard TD was a great anticipation throw by Campbell, under pressure from a free outside blitzer

·        Redskins pass game very limited in terms of route combinations, I don’t think they do enough to help their receivers get open – That could also factor into why Campbell throws a lot of underneath passes

·        Redskins had 23 offensive plays in the fourth quarter, 16 of them were runs

·        Redskins used the 2 back / 3 WR personnel package as a significant part of their final drive to close out the game: Portis consecutive runs of 11 and 20 yards

·        Campbell and Moss big time connection on 3rd + 6 with less than 4 minutes to go to prolong the fourth quarter drive – Campbell a poised and composed player

·        Overall the Redskins played the way they want to play: Control the pace and tempo with the running game, and make enough plays on third down in the pass game to move the chains – They need more from the passing game to take the next step



  • Falcons 392 total yards – They were 6-13 on third down conversions
  • Falcons 6 trips inside the red zone, 5 TD – That was the key to the win
  • White 30 yards on second play of the game came out of “21” personnel versus late rotation to single high safety, Ryan anticipation and accuracy – What I really liked was TE Hartsock aligned over RDE Peppers to minimize Peppers versus LT Weiner
  • Love Ryan’s willingness to make stick throws into tight windows
  • OC Mularkey does a terrific job with Ryan designed movement off the run game: Another great example was Snelling 27 yard catch and run, Full house backfield with 3 backs
  • Falcons may have the most diverse run game in the NFL
  • Peppers is not a great player play after play, He’s a dynamic athlete capable of great individual plays – When Peppers is playing well, he looks phenomenal, like he did for a second quarter stretch against the Falcons
  • Falcons offense a nice combination of methodical and efficient, and explosive
  • What you consistently see with the Falcons is the backs do an excellent job of blitz recognition and pickup – That speaks to coaching
  • Falcons OL dominated the Panthers front seven on their first 3 drives, which produced 17 points
  • LT Weiner really struggled with Peppers in pass protection, especially the bull rush; Peppers overpowered him a number of times, driving him back into Ryan
  • A bad missed tackle by S Godfrey on Douglas 69 yard catch and run; Arguably the most important single play of the game
  • Falcons a physical offense that establishes a tempo and stays with it – Turner will get 18+ carries every week, It’s how the Falcons build and structure their offense



  • Panthers ran 64 offensive plays, and had 408 total yards
  • Panthers only 5-14 on third down conversions
  • Panthers 5 trips inside the red zone, 3 TD
  • Panthers only 6 offensive plays in the first quarter, 2 consecutive 3-and-outs
  • Falcons defense playing much faster now than it did earlier in the season – Their DL is playing well both against run and getting pressure on the QB
  • Falcons played a lot of man coverage concepts, which surprised me: Both “Man free” and “2 man” – Smith 31 yards on second quarter FG drive came against “man free”, Smith from the slot beat nickel corner Jackson on a go route
  • Panthers missed a golden opportunity to score a TD on second quarter FG drive: Smith wide open, Delhomme’s throw a little high but should have been caught
  • Panthers struggled with blitz pick up, Confusion with assignments and execution – On Abraham’s sack to end the first half, he was unblocked because of a mix-up between LT Gross and LG Wharton
  • What really stood out on film was how physical a blocker WR Muhammad is in the run game: There were many examples, including Williams 5 yard TD in the third quarter
  • One thing that remained constant over the years is the Panthers willingness to run the ball in third and long situations, especially from the shotgun: Williams 21 yards on 3rd + 9 on third quarter FG drive was a good example
  • Smith 27 yards on 3rd + 8 on fourth quarter TD drive came against a 2 deep zone with 8 in coverage – Big time throw by Delhomme
  • Falcons went to more zone coverage in the fourth quarter and wee burned: Smith 27 yards, Rosario 21 yards on the very next play
  • LT Gross struggled in this game, He’s not real firm and strong as a pass protector, He’s doesn’t anchor very well
  • Panthers a patient offense that stayed with the run game most of the game until the fourth quarter – Stewart did not play many snaps in this game, Williams ran well both inside and outside

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