COACHING TAPE – WEEK 11 (11/22/08)


  • Falcons ran 68 offensive plays, and controlled the ball for almost 34 minutes
  • Falcons gained 364 total yards – They were 11-18 on third down conversions
  • Broncos starting LBs: Winborn and Woodyard on the outside, MLB Larsen
  • Falcons again used the unbalanced OL with Dahl, Blaylock and Weiner on the left side with Clabo at RG and Hartsock at RT
  • Broncos dime package featured Williams and Paymah as the extra cornerbacks – Winborn was the only LB
  • Falcons version of the “Wildcat” featured Norwood in the shotgun – Also direct snapped the ball to Snelling
  • Ryan a playmaker element to his game, Can make throws on the move outside the framework of the offense – Great example was White 37 yards versus “cover zero”, Blitzing DB Williams got in clean
  • Ryan overthrew Finneran in the second quarter, Finneran beat CB Bell and it would have been a TD
  • Moss aligned all over the formation in the Broncos dime package, both with his hand on the ground and standing up as a LB
  • Manuel was always the box safety
  • Broncos DL more stout versus run
  • Ryan third quarter interception came against “cover zero”, Again blitzing DB Williams got in clean, Ryan threw it to White without any definition hoping White would make a play, Bly anticipated the crossing route and was in perfect position
  • Falcons predominantly a weak side running team against the Broncos, especially out of “22” personnel with both TEs aligned to the same side
  • Winborn and Woodyard show up on film, They are quick and active
  • Turner 28 yard TD came out of “22” personnel, It was a designed cutback, The misdirection element was very successful getting the Broncos LBs to flow, Woodyard in particular was set up beautifully to be blocked by RT Clabo – Well designed play against a fast flowing LB corps
  • Ryan plays with total confidence, He has a short memory – What’s really impressive for a young QB is his total trust in his protection, He rarely perceives pressure
  • White dropped a TD on an unbelievable throw by Ryan on 3rd + 18 with 1:16 remaining



  • Cowboys ran only 55 offensive plays
  • Cowboys 5-11 on third down conversions
  • Cowboys play breakdown: 26 called runs (not counting 2 Romo kneel downs) / 27 called passes – Romo was not sacked
  • Barber second half numbers: 16-69, including 11 consecutive touches (10 runs, 1 catch) on the Cowboys final drive
  • It was evident that Romo was not comfortable pulling the trigger on intermediate and downfield throws – How long will it take for him to feel comfortable letting it loose and driving the ball?
  • Romo’s first interception was on him: He had Owens wide open on a quick slant (Owens physically blew up Hall in press man coverage), First Romo double clutched making the throw late, Then he threw it well behind Owens – Just a poor play by a Romo lacking confidence
  • Redskins moved Taylor around in their nickel package: He aligned with his hand on the ground at DE, and also as a kind of
    “Joker” in different LB positions
  • Cowboys attacked the edge of the Redskins defense with the running game;  A lot of toss plays in the first play, which tells you it was game planned – Something to look for against the Redskins defense as we move forward
  • Romo’s second interception came versus blitz: Romo read the blitz, and threw the quick slant to Owens, S Landry came down late in the gap and got in clean and quick with pressure right in Romo’s face, Romo threw it behind Owens who got nailed by Rogers
  • The ball did not come out very cleanly from Romo, He did not throw too many spirals
  • Witten 28 yards on second quarter TD drive came against “man free” coverage, Witten beat LB Blades on a crossing route; It was a mismatch – Redskins had 3 LBs and 3 corners on the field against the Cowboys 3 WR personnel
  • Owens 25 yards came against Redskins conventional nickel package, with 2 LBs and 3 corners; Owens ran his intermediate dig against Rogers, but deep safety Landry took a bad angle – Nice throw by Romo, First one that had a little velocity
  • One thing about Romo that was still there was how quickly he processes information; He knows where to go with the football, especially against blitz
  • Once again, S Horton flashed on film: He’s in the Sanders/Polamalu mold in terms of style of play
  • Bennett 25 yard TD in the fourth quarter came out of a balanced “12” set versus “man free” coverage; Bennett one-on-one against S Horton, Horton great coverage, Romo terrific throw to outside shoulder of Bennett
  • Cowboys got the ball with 6:40 remaining in the fourth quarter, and handed the ball to Barber 6 consecutive times for 27 yards; Overall, Barber handled the ball 11 consecutive times as the Cowboys closed out the game
  • Overall, Romo made a couple of throws, including the go-ahead TD, but for the most part, he struggled throwing the ball



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