COACHING TAPE – WEEK 11 (11/20/08)


  • Bucs ran offensive plays, and gained 363 total yards
  • Bucs 5-12 on third down conversions – They got in the red zone 5 times, and scored only 1 TD
  • Gruden a lot of shifting and motion to create the illusion of sophistication
  • Bucs failed to convert on 3rd +1, and 4th + 1 on their first series
  • Dunn 36 yard catch on 3rd + 3 on first quarter FG drive was vintage Garcia: He couldn’t see the throw to Bryant in the middle of the field because of all the big bodies in front of him, so he left the pocket and extended the play; His movement broke down the defense and Dunn worked with him to find an open area down the right sideline – Garcia at his best
  • Bucs version of the “Wildcat”: Direct snap to Dunn in the shotgun, He was flanked by FBs Askew and Cook with Garcia split left – Dunn2 yards
  • Gruden a lot of 2 TE personnel packages, and a lot of tight splits and bunch concepts: He does not have WRs who can consistently win on the outside with isolation routes against corners, including Bryant – Gruden needs to help them with formation, route combinations and play calling
  • Stevens 20 yards on second quarter FG drive: Bucs “22” personnel with FB Cook aligned in a wing TE position on same side as Stevens; Formation got Stevens matched one-on-one with LB Leber – Excellent timing and rhythm throw by Garcia, Accuracy
  • Vikings really struggling at MLB: Harris not a starting caliber MLB – Lacks quickness, Lateral movement skills and overall athleticism; He’s a liability on an otherwise solid defense
  • Garcia’s ability to make plays outside the framework of the offense is critical for the Bucs since they lack playmakers; His improvisational movement and ability to break down defenses is what provides the Bucs with their only real big play capability – A good match of personnel and QB
  • Bucs first drive of the second half: 11 plays, 80 yards, TD
  • Garcia played very well in this game: More timing and rhythm throws, Less reliance on improvisational movement
  • The more I watch Garcia, the more I believe he moves so often and so dramatically because he cannot see over the big bodies; That’s why he does not move within the pocket, but rather leaves the pocket – He needs to get vision so that he can see receivers and find some downfield clarity
  • DE Allen not a factor in the game: LT Penn did a good job on him, but Gruden helped as well with formations; Often there was a TE aligned on Allen’s side, or a back looked to chip him on his release – That limited Allen’s pass rush repertoire, and forced him to react to the defense rather than attack and break down Penn with his wide array of moves
  • Stevens 31 yards on 2nd + 25 on the TD drive to start the fourth quarter: Bucs 3×1 set with Stevens the LOS TE on the 3 receiver side versus Vikings “Tampa 2”; Stevens ran down the seam against LB Leber – Great stick throw by Garcia, and a terrific catch by Stevens; S Sharper does not have the range he used to have, Slow in reacting
  • Vikings defense clearly off balance throughout this game; Gruden an outstanding job with formations, use of personnel and play calling, especially Garcia designed movement – Vikings DL advantage was minimized and was really not a factor in the game; They played with less aggression and intensity as the game progressed
  • Bucs offense balanced and efficient, Enough running to stay on schedule and out of too many long yardage situations – A terrific approach by Gruden



  • Broncos only ran 53 offensive plays, and had the ball for only 26:18
  • Broncos 7-12 on third down conversions – 4 trips inside the red zone, 3 TD
  • Broncos finally some balance with their play breakdown: 29 called passes / 24 called runs
  • On 3rd + 9 on the Broncos first series – the first third down of the game – the Falcons went “cover zero” blitz; Broncos excellent job picking up the blitz, Cutler comfortable throwing to Stokley 12 yards
  • Broncos first series: 10 plays, 55 yards, TD – Only once in those 10 plays did DE Abraham align on the side of LT Clady
  • The Broncos offensive balance came in the second half, In the first half they 15 called passes and only 7 called runs – The passing game was limited, Nothing at the intermediate and deeper levels
  • Abraham only aligned at RDE on 3 snaps in the first snap; When he was in the game, he aligned at LDE over RT Harris – Abraham was a rotation player in the first half, My unofficial guess is that he played only about half the snaps
  • Cutler showed great patience, not forcing downfield throws that were not there
  • DE Anderson at times aligned at DT in the Falcons nickel package; Falcons have done this throughout the season
  • Hillis looked like a traditional FB back from the 1970s running the ball: Body lean forward, Downhill with a physical presence, Very little lateral element to his running, A determined downhill runner with some power
  • Hillis an excellent receiver who can align anywhere in the formation; Particularly strong when he comes out of the backfield from the offset FB position
  • Broncos began the second half with an 11 play, 77 yard TD drive
  • Broncos game winning TD drive in the fourth quarter: 10 plays, 83 yards
  • Abraham did not play almost all of the third quarter, He left the game after the first play of the second half – He returned in the fourth quarter
  • Marshall 47 yards on 3rd + 7 on fourth quarter TD drive came against “cover 3”, Marshall beat CB Houston on a go route; Cutler’s pass was underthrown but Marshall used his big body to shield Houston and make the catch
  • Broncos ran the ball very effectively on the GW TD drive: 3 consecutive runs in the middle of the drive produced 22 yards – All 3 runs were inside zone runs and came out of a balanced 2 TE set versus “quarters”
  • Could see the difference when Bell came in the game at RB: More quickness and explosiveness, Some lateral agility
  • Abraham not a factor in the game: Did not play that many snaps, and was rarely aligned over LT Clady, so that matchup never materialized
  • Overall, a very efficient and methodical performance by the Broncos offense; More balance, more consistency




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