Week 11 Review

Here’s a look at 11 games from last week with detailed “what you might have missed” observations:


- It was noticeable that Atlanta wasn’t doing to allow the deep ball. Everything thrown was in front of them.

- Eddie Royal dropped a wide open throw in the red zone with no one any where near him.

- Peyton Hillis is a powerful, decisive runner but he has no lateral quickness. On one of his runs in the first quarter, he could have made a 4-yard gain into a big one had he had any ability to cut back and explode.

- Tatum Bell got a carry late in the first quarter.

- Brandon Marshall had two bad drops in the first half. He’s going to drop at least a few passes each game based on what we’ve seen this season. He’s trying to run first before he catches it.

- Bell opened up in the backfield to start the second half. P.J. Pope came in later in that drive.

- On the next drive, Pope had a very nice cut back run. He’s not fast at all but he’ll get down hill.

- Hillis almost scored for a third time. He had a few goalline carries but was stopped.

- On a fourth quarter drive, nice job of Cutler stepping up and moving away from pressure to hit Marshall for a deep catch. Marshall got inside position on CB Chris Houston.

- On the same drive, again Cutler stepped away from pressure and threw through traffic to TE Dan Graham for the TD. Cutler really did a nice job of sensing pressure in this game and stepping away from it.


- On Atlanta’s first drive, Roddy White had two drops but I’d say the first one wasn’t his fault. The throw by Matt Ryan was a tad off.

- It was surprising Atlanta didn’t run the ball at all on their first drive. That’s not the Mike Mularkey mentality.

- Jerious Norwood got a direct snap from center on their second drive which went nowhere. There was no spacing on that play.

- Great job on a third and six of Ryan getting rid of the ball under pressure to White for a first down. Denver blitzed and Ryan threw it at the last second.

- They ran the wildcat or direct snap formation again on the second drive which didn’t get anywhere with Norwood.

- Great job of White to adjust to a pass that was a little short on a left side line throw for a completion of 35 yards. There was tight coverage by Dre’ Bly on the play.

- Great job of Ryan extending the play on a third and long. He never lost his down field focus and at the last second found Michael Jenkins crossing over to him.

- Ryan missed a wide open Brian Finneran for a TD catch early on a second quarter drive. Finneran beat coverage (rookie CB Josh Bell) in the middle of the end zone but the ball was thrown too far.

- Ryan tried to go deep to White on the next series but Bly had him covered very well on a 50-yard pass near the end zone.

- Talk about timing, on the next play, Ryan rolled right under pressure and White came over to that side and made a nice catch and run. Their timing is amazing when you consider this is their first year together. Ryan actually threw it while White was moving. In a sense, he was throwing to air and he made White to get the ball. Amazing for a rookie to do this.

- Bad decision on a second half drive on a third down and long by Ryan to just throw it up for grabs under pressure. Easy INT for Denver on that play.

- It was noticeable that Denver was able to get pressure on Ryan at times in this game.

- Huge hole on Michael Turner’s second TD run. He only had to make one cut and run to daylight. Poor angles by the  Denver DBs once Turner got to the second level.

- On their final possession, Ryan threw what might have been an INT for a TD. He threw it right to LB Jamie Winborn who dropped a pass thrown right to him in the numbers.



- On Donovan McNabb’s first play on their first series, he threw a dump off pass too high for Brian Westbrook. He put no touch on the ball and his release point was too high. This pass was typical of McNabb inconsistency this season. Inconsistent throws are a result of poor mechanics. He also doesn’t seem to always have proper balance. 

- On his next pass, the ball was thrown way too high down field to a wide open Kevin Curtis.

- On the second series, Brent Celek dropped a wide open pass over the middle.

- On a series late in the first quarter, Westbrook actually got two carries on two consecutive plays, a rarity.

- On a flea-flicker throw from McNabb to Kevin Curtis, the play was easily defended down field. There was double coverage.

- Later on that drive, Reggie Brown dropped a pass for a first down. It was a third and one play–a down and distance this team continues to struggle with.

- McNabb’s first INT was thrown right to LB Brandon Johnson. McNabb clearly isn’t in rhythm.

- On his second one late in the half, he threw it a little behind Curtis. You can see watching this play McNabb’s inconsistent mechanics. He looks too tight throwing the football and he needs to turn his body more to keep the ball on a straight line. This is an issue with balance.

- There weren’t many holes for Westbrook to run through surprisingly this game. You can see how big the loss of Shawn Andrews is.

- Despite 30 incompletions by McNabb, there were at least five drops in this game.

- I don’t understand why Reid will not use Correll Buckhalter instead of Westbrook on inside runs. Westbrook is a perimeter runner and Buckhalter runs well inside.

- They continued to pass on third and short plays, once again showing Reid has no confidence running the ball in those situations.

- The long play to Hank Baskett shouldn’t have been for more than 10 yards. It was a sideline throw and just bad tackling by the Bengals.

- Nice play on the TD pass to LJ Smith. Smith held his block and once the lineman tried to rush McNabb, he released and was wide open for the TD catch.

- On the next series, McNabb missed Smith open on a jump pass that was way too high.

- I really didn’t see any big play opportunities here in this game for BWB. Give the Bengal D credit but play design, not so much play calling also could be better as well. I’m looking for the one-on-one space plays where BWB is matched up on a LB or just about anyone.

- McNabb’s third INT was well short of LJ Smith down the middle of the field. Bad job of depth recognition here by McNabb.

- Great play call on a first down play early in the fourth quarter. It was a designed play for the defense to come up field which they did and BWB ran free up field but McNabb threw it over his head. Once again, a missed opportunity by McNabb.

- Bad drop by Curtis on that drive as he was wide open for first down over the middle. Next play was to Curtis and he bobbled it but caught it making it a 4th and short.

- A few plays later on a pitch to Jackson, he was looking to throw that pass. It’s something they’ve done in practice and he has a really good arm, BTW.

- The only running plays that seemed to work were in the second half on delays and draws.

- Pass blocking wasn’t a problem at all this game, McNabb got a ton of time to throw on most of his dropbacks.

- McNabb should have had another INT in OT where he threw it down field right to the defender who dropped it.


- Nice job by Ryan Fitzpatrick of setting up a screen pass to Cedric Benson on the first play of the game. He let the Eagles rush up field and threw it to Benson at the last second for a nice gain.

- Chris Henry dropped a wide open pass on that series for a first down.

- Fitzpatrick clearly has good chemistry with T.J. Houshmandzadeh. The ball is out of Fitzpatrick’s hands quickly it seems when it’s being thrown his way.

- On an early series in the second quarter after a fumble recovery, Fitzpatrick missed Chris Henry for a TD. He had inside position on Asante Samuel. The throw was too high. Had it been lower, it would have been an easy TD.

- On their final drive of the half, great job of being patient against the Eagles blitz. The play resulted in a TD to TJH although his first option was to Chad Johnson.

- On a late third quarter drive, great throw into a tight window on a third and two to TJH. Fitzpatrick is far from a polished QB, but he did make some good throws in this game.

- Great play by CB Leon Hall early in the 4th quarter on a deep pass down on the left side. Crocker just was able to break up the pass from being a big completion on a nice pass from McNabb to DeSean Jackson.

- Two drops by Chad Johnson on the same drive in the 4th quarter.



- On their second drive, it was clear that all three backs were doing to touch the ball to give NYG’s defense some different looks.

- The BAL OL did a good job of pass blocking early on. Joe Flacco did a good job of sensing pressure and got rid of the ball on time.

- I like how Flacco will extend a play by not running for yardage. Instead he extends the play with pocket movement and won’t throw the ball away unless absolutely necessary.

- Poor job by Willis McGahee of not hitting the right gap on a second quarter run. The hole opened up on the outside right where he would only have to beat one defender. He ran inside instead where all of the traffic was. He cut back into traffic for some reason.

- The timing between Flacco and Todd Heap continues to be off. Heap was running a deeper route a few plays later and the pass was too far. But it clearly was where Flacco expected him to be in a certain place and Heap ran a shorter route.

- A few plays later, Flacco did a nice job of sensing pressure and found a wide open Derrick Mason over the middle for a TD but the ball was just a tad high and Mason couldn’t totally haul it in. A taller WR would have had it.

- Later in the quarter, it’s a subtle play but you can see how Flacco’s touch has improved. It was a designed screen and Flacco had to hit Ray Rice on a tight throw with a linebacker on him. He did so with a nice touch.

- On the next play, he was under duress but was able to stand in the face of pressure but the throw was poor. He needs to do a better job of recognizing the coverage, which will come the more he plays. He threw it behind Mason just a bit which made it easy for Aaron Ross to catch.

- Flacco ran for two first downs in the third quarter on the same drive. He can move pretty well for a guy his size.

- Finally on that drive, Flacco did a great job of waiting until the last minute to throw the ball and at the last second before he got hit dropping back, he found Le’Ron McClain wide open on the right for an easy TD catch.

- On his second INT, Mason should have made the catch. It went through his hands and onto his helmet and bounced into Ross’ hands.

New York Giants

- On Brandon Jacobs’ first run, it was add odd play. He ran into traffic and his body bounced off of it and had a lot run to the left. The entire Raven front seven ran to the left and his body got turned so he ran right and found a ton of daylight down field.

- Their OL is amazing. They do such a great job of one on one blocking also double-teaming. This is clearly the top OL unit in the NFL.

- Kevin Boss is a very underrated blocking TE. He wiped out a defender on a run by Jacobs in the first quarter. It was funny to see S Ed Reed be taken for a ride by Jacobs on that play. Reed is out weighed by over 70 pounds.

- The Giant OL constantly moved the BAL front seven off of the ball. You could see that clearly on Derrick Ward’s long run early in the second quarter.

- Eli Manning missed Boss for a 20-yard play or so down field on that same drive.

- Noticed that Derrick Ward was flanked out of the slot or out wide on a few occasions. This is something we’ve seen previously.

- Plaxico Burress dropped a fade pass in the left corner of the endzone over Samari Rolle later on that drive.

- Early in the third quarter, Eli Manning turned his body with just one defender coming at him and sailed the ball over the intended receiver’s head. That’s the kind of stuff he’s done for years but not as much these days.


New Orleans

- The main reason why Pierre Thomas saw so much playing time was due to the loss of Aaron Stecker who reinjured his hamstring. With Stecker unable to keep playing and with Reggie Bush, he had to play significant minutes since they only had him and Deuce McAllister as the healthy backs.

- Late in the first quarter, they ran a formation with Thomas as the FB and McAllister behind him. Keep in mind FB Mike Karney was out and they played without a FB in that game.

- On their first play of the second quarter, it was a flea-flicker pass from Drew Brees to Marques Colston down field to the two. Rookie CB Lance Leggett caught up to it and while he didn’t touch the ball, he made it tougher for Colston to catch it, which he didn’t wind up doing.

- Thomas took in a play that would have been to Stecker. It was a third and five and Thomas and TE Billy Miller were split in the back field. Thomas went out for a pass to the right which was uncovered and he was able to catch it for a big gain.

- Brees made a big time throw over a defender late in the first half into the waiting arms of Colston who had one defender in front of him and one in back. The ball had to be placed perfectly to be completed, which it was.

- On the next play, Brees threw it 30 yards down field to Lance Moore who would have caught it but the defender knocked it away in the middle of the field at the last second.

- Thomas clearly was handling Stecker or Bush’s third down role in this game. They really had no choice with only two healthy backs left. Thomas let a pass for a first down late in the half go right through his hands.

- Near the end of the half, Brees missed Colston for a TD in the back of the end zone. The ball should have been thrown higher as LB Rocky Boiman never saw the pass.

- Brees missed Colston wide open for a short pass on the left handside to begin their first drive of the second half.

- Two plays later Moore got singled up and on a pump fake, Brees easily found him wide open down the right sideline for the score.

- On their next series, Devery Henderson makes a great catch on one play, and one the next one, he dropped an easy pass. That’s his career in a nutshell.

- Jeremy Shockey dropped a 20 yard pass which would have taken the ball to the 2-yardline. He was like the third option on that play as Brees did a great job of surveying the field.

- What I like most about Thomas is while has no speed at all, he runs hard and gives really good effort. He showed that on a play right after Shockey’s drop. It was a designed screen which was easily snuffed out by the Chiefs but they couldn’t wrap him up and he ran 21 yards to the one. He scored on the next play.

Kansas City

- It was interesting to see Tyler Thigpen playing with Larry Johnson for the first time. They ran the ball out of the shotgun which they haven’t done before.

- KC ran LJ in a wild cat formation on their second drive in the first quarter which resulted in a first down on a 4th and 1 play.

- On their first TD, Thigpen lobbed the ball to Dwayne Bowe and he easily got in front of CB Usama Young for the TD catch. Watch teams go after Young now that he’s moved up to their nickel role.

- Thigpen was under center on LJ’s 9-yard run in the second quarter and also on the next play on a short run for a first down.

- Tony Gonzalez was just inches of scoring on a throw inside the 10-yardline later on that drive.

- They tried Bowe on a fade again but Jason David had nice coverage. It was almost an incredible one-handed grab by Bowe for the score.

- LJ had two fumbles in this game which might be a result of his inactivity.

- He had a big time run on a play early in the third quarter where he was going to the right then went left and made the unblocked defender miss.

- Randall Gay knocked away a potential TD pass to Bowe on the right side of the endzone. Bowe looked to have it and knocked it in the air but Gay knocked it away.

- LJ nearly scored on a great run a few plays later where he made two unblocked defenders miss. However, there was a hold called on the play.

- Johnson took a direct snap on the next play and ran close for a first down.

- On a series early in the 4th quarter, great of Bowe reeling in a fade TD over Usama Young who had his backed turned the entire play.



- Nice job on their first drive of mixing the run and pass.

- Steve Slaton and Ahman Green rotated on that series. Slaton took in most the carries until they got closer to the red zone area where both alternated.

- They did a nice job of taking advantage of the absence of SS Bob Sanders.

- In a rarity, the Colts actually gave up a big play down the left side line to Kevin Walter. It looked like the usual safety help wasn’t there.

- Houston has next to no pass rush and until they find one, their defense will always be bad. They don’t have the secondary talent to overcome a lack of a pass rush.

- Sage Rosenfels missed Owen Daniels twice in the first half.

- On a late second quarter drive, Slaton had almost all the carries until Green came in for a goalline run after Slaton struggled on the first few to get the TD.

- What I like about Slaton is he’s willing to run hard inside and hit it up in there. Not many small backs are willing to do that.

- Huge hole on the right gap of the Colt D line on Slaton’s long TD run. He was never touched. Walter actually made a nice block inside.

- On their first series of the fourth quarter, you can see how Slaton was relentless as would be tacklers couldn’t bring him down after first contact. He falls forward and rarely takes negative gains.

- Green is clearly still a strong runner in goalline situations, even better than Slaton. He may continue to get some goalline looks over Slaton. On Green’s TD run in the fourth quarter, he did a great job of giving second effort.


- On their first drive, Peyton Manning missed a wide open Dallas Clark over the middle in Houston territory for a first down. Manning also missed his next pass high.

- On their first drive of the second quarter, great catch by Clark for a first down as he dove for the pass on his knees.

- There were at least three dropped passes in the first half. Joseph Addai, who was clearly going to get a lot of touches in this game, dropped a wide open pass in the flat for a first down on a third and 5 play in the second quarter.

- Despite two drops and two penalties, nice job by Manning on the drive inside two minutes to end the half. Several nice plays to Wayne and Clark.

 - Joseph Addai was able to run freely and well in this game due in part for the Texans missing DT Amobi Okoye. They really have a lack of talent on their defensive line.

- Manning missed Marvin Harrison on a third quarter drive for a TD when Harrison split in the middle of the coverage but the ball was slightly behind him.

- A few plays later he hit Addai, on what looked to be a wheel route, for a TD catch. Perfect play against anticipated coverage.

- Absolutely no resistance by the Texan defense on the next drive after Slaton scored. Their defense is an embarrassment. GM Rick Smith will have totally retool that defense with at least four new starters next year. They need more impact players especially at DE and in the secondary.

- Texan CB Fred Bennett held Harrison on a potential TD pass late in the third quarter. Harrison just missed a TD catch by a yard. Then later on the series Manning hit him for a great catch inside the redzone where he caught the ball almost on his hip in tight coverage.

- Surprisingly, there were holes for Kevin Smith to run through early on in this game. Smith has no speed or elusiveness but he’s not going down easily, which is a good trait for a young back to have.
- Nice job by Daunte Culpepper of avoiding pressure on his first quarter TD pass to Calvin Johnson. That play almost didn’t result in a score though because the pass was thrown too low because Culpepper didn’t have proper balance and Johnson slid down for the catch and was able to haul it in.
- Bad decision by Culpepper on their second series for an INT. LB Na’il Diggs was right with TE John Owens. The throw never should have been made.
- On the next series, Smith popped off a long run against the blitz. Again, he has no speed or burst, but he has decent balance. He also had another long run on a draw on a 3rd and 19 play.
- It was surprising to see the movement the Lion OL got on the Panther front four. They were pushing them up field on many runs in the first half.
- In the second half, the running game started to slow down and the Panthers seemed to make more adjustments.
- Smith did pop off a few decent runs in the fourth quarter and actually showed some nice change of direction.
-  The timing between Culpepper and his receivers is way off. He had Cal. Johnson wide open on a third and two play for an easy first down and threw it short and Johnson didn’t even seem to be ready to catch it.
- Surprisingly on a third and four play inside the Carolina 10, they ran it with Smith and he powered his way to a first down. That’s showing confidence in the young back and maybe they don’t trust Culpepper to make the right throw.
-  Terrible decision by Culpepper on the next series when he rolled out and threw it right to S Charles Godfrey. Cal Johnson started to move down field and he didn’t notice and threw it to the defender.
- Keep mind the Lions were playing with half of their starting defense out in this game–not that those players are any good. That will explain the gaping holes in the running game for the Panthers. Both DEs got engulfed on many running plays.
- DeAngelo Williams runs with good vision and balance. He’s another patient runner who seems to know where he wants to go and he sets up his blocks well.
- Good throw by Jake Delhomme through traffic to TE Jeff King for a TD.
- As the game progressed, the Panther OL started dominating the Lion front seven and that created huge holes for the backs to run through.
- On Jonathan Stewart’s second quarter TD to the left side, the entire Lion front four was moved by the Panther OL, impressive to see that develop. All Stewart had to do is make one defender miss and he had an easy TD.
- The cutback lanes seemed to be there all day for the backs.
- Steve Smith got involved later in the game since the Lions brought a safety down into the box to help against the run so he got more single coverage.
- Muhsin Muhammad was invisible in this game. The only pass I noticed he got thrown in the first three quarters he dropped. Then again, they ran the ball a ton in this game.

Minnesota-Tampa Bay

- I found it interesting that they came out and threw the ball and didn’t run it with Adrian Peterson until their second drive. - Unbelieveable spin move by Peterson for a long run late in the first quarter. Against this defense, you have to try anything you can to make yardage. Ronde Barber got in the backfield but Peterson spun out of his grasp.

- Later on that drive, Gus Frerotte should have pulled the trigger on a slant to Sidney Rice. A good throw would have been a TD as he had inside position on the DB. Rice threw his hands up at the end of the play.

- Peterson got everything he could against this fast defense. Even when the holes look big, they close quickly.

- Frerotte seemed to be very cautious this game. It was almost like he wouldn’t throw the ball unless the receiver/TE was wide open although he did make a nice stick throw to Visanthe Shiancoe in the first half through traffic.

Tampa Bay

- Was surprised on a fourth and one on their first drive that they gave the ball to Warrick Dunn on that play. Earnest Graham got hurt shortly before that but Dunn against the Viking front four isn’t a great matchup on that type of play. Their only other realistic choice would have been to either pass it or use FB B.J. Askew who played RB in college.

- They tried a direct snap to Dunn which went no where.

- With Graham out of the picture, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Tampa Bay become more of a passing team. It will be hard to give Dunn 20 carries/game.

- Garcia missed Antonio Bryant wide open in the middle of the end zone on a second quarter play. He extended the play and saw Bryant but threw it a bit wide of the mark.

- Dunn had a beautiful run early in the third quarter called back because of a hold. He put two spin moves on.

- Later on that drive, Bryant had a TD catch called back due to a penalty. Garcia dumped it off short and Bryant crossed the field untouched.

- A few plays later, Garcia hit Jerramy Stevens for a big gain over the middle to the one yardline. Great throw and for the most part, Garcia was pretty accurate in this game. Askew ran hard on the next play and banged it home on second effort.

- Garcia missed Dunn wide open for a TD late in the fourth quarter. He was scrambling around and Dunn broke open late but he threw it wide.

- Dunn looked pretty fast in this game and ran hard.



- A couple of dangerous throws by Kyle Orton on their first drive to Desmond Clark and then Greg Olsen. The one to Olsen was a tight throw with someone close to him–good timing throw there.

- Unreal catch by Devin Hester on a deep left side line throw. He caught it one handed but clearly pushed the defender out of the way so he was flagged.

- Orton missed Rashied Davis on a third down play two plays later. Davis got free down field on the left but the pass was way over thrown. I wonder if Orton hadn’t missed time if he could have been accurate there.

- Great job of Forte recognizing the blitz on their first series of the second quarter on a third down play. He ran free and beat his man down field for a nice gain and a good throw by Orton.

- I never got the impression watching this game that their passing game had any rhythm or timing.

Green Bay

- Nice mix of running to the left and right on their first drive. DT Dusty Dvoracek looked like he was bulldozed on the first play–meaning he was moved up field by the GB OL. It looked like he was on a tractor that was on reverse. It’s even more embarrassing if you slow the play down on the second time you saw it.

- Ryan Grant looked like he did last year early in this game. He was able to make his one-cut zone runs. He looks totally healthy.

 - Grant had big run on a rare straight draw. Not his usual one-cut run. Man was there a huge void on the Bear DL on that one. Tommie Harris was once a really good player but knee problems have made him a shell of the player he once was.

 - Great play action fake by Aaron Rodgers on their second drive and the pass was thrown on a rope to Donald Driver.

- Chicago’s lack of a pass rush really hurt them in the first quarter. WRs/TEs were running freely. Rodgers also did a nice job of getting the ball out of his hands quickly–no hesitation at all and good play calls.

- Another great call with Greg Jennings on his TD catch. He got one one one coverage with backup CB Corey Graham. Jennings ran a quick slant and got inside for the easy score. This play was acually from the one yardline so they decided not to run it from that close–that’s gutsy.

- Noticed a lot of full house backfield the last few weeks from Green Bay. They line up two TEs or a TE and FB in the backfield along with Grant or Brandon Jackson.

- Rodgers’ INT in the second quarter on what looked to be a solid drive was just a bad pass. He had Donald Driver open a bit past Brian Urlacher but the pass was thrown way too short.

- Grant was being asked to make different kind of runs this game. Not every one was his typical one cut zone run. He had a really nice run late in the second quarter for 20 yards that he almost scored on. It was really about getting to the second level and he did that by getting outside and running down the left sideline.  He scored on the next play from the 4-yardline on a straight run to the right.

- I couldn’t believe how free Jennings got on a third down play in the middle of the third quarter. He was lined in the slot on a backup S (Danieal Manning) and the rest of the DBs were playing way back. He just wound up running to the middle of the field for a big play.

- I love the formation variations the Packers used on offense in this game. It really kept the Bears guessing and they never could figure out what was coming next.



- Nothing like three penalties in the first few minutes of the game to get you started.

- Great stick throw by JaMarcus Russell to Ronald Curry on their second drive. You could see on this throw that it had to be perfect and it was. The defender was right next to Curry.

- Justin Fargas runs hard but seemingly doesn’t get very far. I can’t quite figure out why he’s not doing as well as last year. He rarely breaks off a good run. 6-7 yards is about as much as he’ll get.

- Russell got a lot of time to throw in the first half and he did a nice job stepping up in the pocket and throwing the ball on time to intended target.

- Unbelieveable tight window throw by Russell between two defenders inside the two-minute warning inside the 10-yardline to Zach Miller. He actually threw it while Miller was in his route. The timing here was great by both players. This right here was why we liked Miller this season.

- On their first drive of the third quarter, nice slide to the left by Russell and throw to TE Tony Stewart. You can see Russell’s confidence.

- Fargas is a cutting and slashing type of back that needs a cutback lane in order to be successful. He got some better lanes to run in during the second half.

- Darren McFadden couldn’t get started in this game. He’s still learning how to run at the NFL level. He needs a lot more work which he’ll get in their OTAs next year.

- Russell seemed to be in complete control in this game. He had total command of what he was being asked to do and he was able to spread the ball around quite a bit. While there weren’t many down field completions, he was still able to move the ball.


- Miami has a very deliberate offense. Nothing explosive but they really pick their way down field. 5 yards here, 7 yards there.

- Huge hole for Ronnie Brown on a draw on their first drive of the second quarter.

- Ted Ginn continues to become a bigger part of their offense. He’s clearly the only big play option they have.

- Patrick Cobbs seems to have carved out a passing down role. He doesn’t carry much fantasy value but it’s easy to see what they’re looking for from him. He’s small and has quick feet.

- Ronnie Brown looked really good in this game. He made a nice run on a late third quarter drive where he made two unblocked defenders miss.

- They ran the wildcat formation a lot in the second half of this game and with a lot of success. I’d say they ran it at least 10 times and only seemed to fail once.



- Unbelievably, Anquan Boldin was uncovered in the slot on their second play on offense. No one was 10 yards of him.

- Other than his first dropback, Kurt Warner was untouched in the first half. He took a lot of three step drops.

_ Unbelieveable catch on a third and one play in the first quarter by Larry Fitzgerald. The ball was thrown too far in front of him but he shielded off the defender and was able to stretch for the ball.

- J.J. Arrington lost a nice 20 yard end around carry because of penalty. It’s clear that they use him to get speed in the backfield.

- What’s noticeable is Warner will throw the ball to an area and it’s up to Boldin or Fitzgerald to get the ball. Their chemistry with him is that good. It’s something to see.

- Arrington was in on a red zone carry inside the five for a score. Tim Hightower was in on several plays before that so they used a formation that worked for Arrington. He ran out of a one-back set with Warner in the shotgun.

- They hardly tried to run the ball in the first half. They let Warner carry the offense.

- They ran a wildcat formation with Warner out wide and Boldin taking the handoff. He didn’t get far.

- Warner has an unbelieveable clock in his head and sense of what’s around him. He moves around just at the right moment to create space to throw.

- Hightower looks a bit worn down when he runs. No explosion. I can see why Arrington is starting to get on the field more than expected.

- On their first third quarter drive, unreal job by Warner of stepping up in the pocket and throwing deep on time to Boldin for a great passing play. I don’t see a better QB out there with pocket awareness. It’s like he knows where everyone is at all times. Amazing. Best waiver wire fantasy pickup of recent years.

- Arrington is being used on space plays. He pretty much got touches  when he was moving and they got him out in space. Draws on runs. That’s about the best way to use him in the running game.

- I’m not sure why but Steve Breaston was no where to be found in this game. It was Boldin and Fitzgerald almost exclusively as the passing game.

- Hightower did have a nice run in the third quarter for a nice gain but he just wasn’t able to sustain much in this game. He had one more good run in the fourth quarter to get a big first down.

- Arrington scored again on an inside screen from the five. His speed is apparent on these type of plays.


- Matt Hasselbeck looked very good on their first offensive series. They just couldn’t run the ball at all with Julius Jones.

- I really den’t understand why they aren’t using Maurice Morris more and especially after Jones struggled in the first quarter.

- They tried to get Koren Robinson deep for a score but the defender easily broke it up.

- Great throw to the right late in the first half by Hasselbeck to John Carlson to bobbled the ball and dropped it. Hasselbeck looked off the defenders to the left and made a great throw to his right.

- Nice job by Morris on his TD catch on a screen. He set up his blockers well.

- Carlson was getting looks in this game and he does move fairly well. He has a good sense of spacing between defenders.

- Morris is clearly their hurry up or passing down back. He was in almost the entire third quarter.

- Timing was way off between Hasselbeck and Deion Branch on a fade route inside the five yardline.

- Karlos Dansby stepped right in front of Robinson in the endzone for an INT in the fourth quarter. Dansby then fumbled it on his return to Seattle got it right back.



- Kerry Collins first pass was a duck down field but Justin Gage caught it easily and was wide open. There looked to be a blown coverage. The Jacksonville secondary is probably one of the five worst at this point in the league.

- Three plays later he threw another bad pass down field to Gage which was overthrown and was picked off.

- Chris Johnson was clearly the main ball carrier in the first half just by play calls. The problem was he couldn’t really break off any long runs. The cut back lanes weren’t there.

- Tennessee came out throwing quite a bit in the third quarter. They didn’t have much of a choice being that they were down by 11 points and they couldn’t consistently run the ball with success.

- Johnson did break off four to five nice runs in this game but no real long runs.

- LenDale White did get hurt in this game so Johnson had to carry the load for much of the third quarter. White returned to get a lot of carries in the fourth.

- Tennessee took the lead by attacking the weak Jaguar secondary.

- In no great surprise, they went after weak CB Drayton Florence deep to Justin Gage for a TD.

- Late in the fourth quarter, they went deep again for a TD, this time it was against CB Brian Williams.

- Very quiet game for a change for Bo Scaife. Hardly noticed him.


- Jacksonville has very little pass rush and that puts a huge burden on their already bad secondary.

- Even when the Jaguars had some running lanes, they quickly closed. Their LBs are very smart and disciplined.

- Maurice Jones-Drew lined up as a receiver out wide on a play in the second quarter which resulted in a first down. I don’t know why they don’t do that more with him–get him out in space where he can easily beat the defender one-on-one.

- On the next play, great run by Fred Taylor where he ran in the middle and because he kept his head up, he was able to then run outside and break it for a nice gain.

- Lots of power running for the Jaguars in the first half. They actually got a decent push up front on some of these plays.

- David Garrard just missed Jerry Porter in the back or the right corner in the endzone for a TD late in the half.

- Garrard struggled all day to get time to throw the ball. Jacksonville must upgrade their OL next season at both guard and tackle spots.

- LT Khalif Barnes got abused all game by the Titan DLs.

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