COACHING TAPE – WEEK 10 (11/15/08)

Editor’s Note: Welcome to a new blog here on This blog will include the raw notes taken by our own Greg Cosell as he prepares for the Matchup Show on ESPN by analyzing NFL coach’s tape. Greg is Senior Producer of the show, and he’s been a producer at NFL Films for over 20 years. 


  • Eagles only ran 57 offensive plays, and had the ball for only 20:50
  • Eagles only 300 total yards, and only 3-11 on third down conversions
  • Eagles 5 trips inside the red zone, 4 TD; 3-3 goal-to-go efficiency
  • Blackburn started at WLB for the Giants, Wilkinson inactive – Phillips started at S with Butler inactive
  • Jackson 9 yard TD: Direct snap to Jackson in the shotgun with Buckhalter offset to his right, McNabb was split wide left outside the numbers, Westbrook slot left; Sweep right behind pulling RT Runyan and leading Buckhalter
  • Interesting front alignment by the Giants on a 3rd + 7 in the second quarter: Tuck and Tollefson stood up as LBs with only 2 DL with their hands on the ground; Giants actually blew the coverage, and did not account for TE Smith, but S Phillips got in clean and forced a hurried McNabb throw
  • Giants played a lot of press coverage against the Eagles receivers, both from a 2 deep shell and single high safety; Also a lot of man coverage conceptsNo fear of the Eagles wide receivers, They do not scare anyone
  • Jackson runs a limited number of routes, Most have a vertical element to them although against press man he will run slants as he did against the Giants; Not a refined route runner, Needs work on his release against press plus greater understanding of coverages and how they impact how he runs particular routes
  • Madison interception was a poor throw by McNabb, He had a chance to hit Jackson on the go route: Eagles 4 vertical routes, Giants were in “2 man”,  Madison played underneath Jackson expecting help from S Phillips over the top but Jackson did not have much depth or width in his coverage drop – It was a very tight throw into a small window, but McNabb underthrew it badly giving him no chance
  • Giants dime package featured CB Thomas at LCB wit Ross inside over the slot, and Knight was the third safety
  • Buckhalter 20 yards on third quarter TD drive: Giants defense los their gap discipline, S Johnson was the alley player but he filled from the inside out rather than from the outside in; CB Webster was the primary run support player on the outside with the responsibility to set the edge – Webster allowed Buckhalter to get outside
  • S Johnson not a physical player in run support
  • Baskett 7 yard TD was a fade route versus Ross, Excellent throw by McNabb taking advantage of Baskett’s height advantage
  • McNabb 17 yard run in the third quarter came against “man free”, He saw the lane open up and he took advantage of the opportunity
  • McNabb not very savvy or refined at manipulating the secondary and getting safeties moved – McNabb also not a timing and anticipation passer, Tendency to wait for receivers to finish their routes and break open rather than deliver on time: When you wait for receivers to come open, it’s too late
  • Eagles predominantly a zone running team, and they don’t do a consistently good job of establishing the line of scrimmage – Eagles OL not well suited to a zone blocking scheme, which demands quickness and lateral movement; They would be better suited to a “Power” run game
  • Jackson 32 yards on fourth quarter TD drive: Jackson beat press man coverage of Webster and McNabb dropped it into the bucket
  • Eagles got the ball with 3:14 remaining, trailing by 6:
    1. Curtis 17 yards versus traditional “cover 2”
    2. Defensive holding: Kiwanuka on TE Smith – McNabb lost his downfield definition and threw an interception, but the penalty negated it
    3. Incompletion to Celek on 1st + 10: Giants zone blitz concept, Jackson snapped the ball early, Result was LT Thomas was beaten off the edge by Kiwanuka and McNabb was forced to leave the pocket – A catchable ball to Celek
    4. McNabb 7 yard scramble: RG Jean-Gilles beaten immediately off the ball by DT Alford
    5. Westbrook 2 yards on 3rd + 3: Toss play with 4 to block 3 but Eagles did not execute properly and Ross was unblocked in the hole, forcing Westbrook to bounce further outside for 2 yards
    6. Westbrook no gain on 4th + 1: Responsibility of either C Jackson or G Jean-Gilles to get a hat on LB Blackburn; My sense was that it was Jackson, given the initial “A” gap penetration by the DT and Jean-Gilles in position to seal him inside, who had to get up to the second level



  • Giants ran 77 offensive plays, and controlled the ball for more than 39 minutes
  • Giants 401 total yards, They were 7-15 on third down conversions
  • Giants were in the red zone 7 times, 4 TD
  • Giants 45-219 in the run game, Jacobs 22-126
  • Patterson interception came off a zone pressure scheme in which LBs Bradley and Gocong, and S Mikell blitzed from the inside and the 2 DEs Cole and Parker dropped into coverage; It was a 5 man pressure with “cover 3” behind it – Boss broke wide open in the middle, Manning saw him but Patterson made a terrific athletic play
  • Bradley great ability to work laterally through traffic and find the football, Excellent lateral agility and quickness, A very good run and chase MLB – Shows up on film every game
  • Jacobs 20 yards out of “12” personnel, Jacobs counter step in the backfield impacted the 3 stacked LBs, Both guards Snee and Seubert pulled to the left, Boss physically manhandled DE Cole on play side
  • TE Boss has improved significantly as a run blocker as the season has progressed; The litmus test is the ability to block DEs one-on-one and Boss is doing that consistently and very well
  • Burress 17 yard TD on 3rd + 9 in the first quarter: Giants 3×1 set with Burress the single receiver to the boundary, Eagles zone pressure concept with CB Brown (initially aligned over Burress) part of the blitz, Dawkins man-to-man on Burress – Giants picked up the blitz, Manning secure in the pocket, Burress easily beat Dawkins on a skinny post
  • DT Bunkley struggles to hold the point versus double team blocks, Have to at the very least stalemate the double team but Bunkley gets moved too often – Bunkley flashes but lacks the needed consistency to be a stout inside run defender
  • Giants OL again an outstanding job with double teams at the point of attack, They physically move the DL and make it difficult for LBs to flow freely to the ball
  • Eagles defense was physically beaten in the first quarter, Their DL was too easily moved in the run game and they did not get any pressure on Manning
  • In base personnel groupings with 2 WRs, the Eagles at times aligned Samuel over Toomer regardless of what side Toomer was on
  • Hanson was the Eagles nickel corner in this game, Sheppard was active but had been hurt in the week leading up to the game
  • Giants first drive of the second half was 13 plays, 69 yards for a TD – First 3 plays were Jacobs runs for 21 yards, 2 of the runs were “Power” (7 and 11 yards), Giants immediately re-established physical superiority
  • Eagles defense never was in control of this game; They did not dictate, they reacted – The Giants physical superiority was the dominant feature
  • Jordan played snaps in the second half at WLB in place of Gaither: He’s quick and athletic, but lacks size and bulk – A runner and a mover
  • Overall, a methodical and efficient performance by the Giants offense against a defense that was clearly overmatched physically




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