Week Three Reaches

Last week’s reaches did pretty well so I’ll try it again:


J.T. O’Sullivan vs. Detroit – The game is at home against one of the worst defenses in the NFL. I have to think JTO will throw for two TDs in this game and for well over 200 yards.

Jon Kitna at San Francisco – It could get ugly at times for him with some INTs, but he’s a good bet to throw at least two TDs and for well over 200 yards against a suspect 49er secondary.

Running Back

Julius Jones vs. St. Louis – He may have been a dog last year but it’s all about matchups and Jones has a great one again this week.

Sammy Morris vs. Miami – Even if Laurence Maroney plays, they should be up big in this game in the second half so Morris should be at least a solid #3 RB this week.

Fred Taylor at Indianapolis – He’s been quiet so far but the only thing the Jags can really do against the Colts is run the ball.

LenDale White vs. Houston – Have to think he’ll be heavily involved again when they get a lead. White should be a solid #3 RB this week.

Wide Receiver

Amani Toomer vs. Cincinnati – CB Johnathan Joseph is doubtful to play so Toomer could continue to put up good numbers this week against a suspect Bengal secondary.

Bryant Johnson vs. Detroit – Strictly a matchup play here vs. a weak Lion secondary. Johnson got red zone looks last week which is a good sign he’ll be involved there again.

Laurent Robinson vs. Kansas City – They are starting two rookies at CB this week. Robinson is a real reach here but I’m actually starting him in one league because of injuries to my top WRs.

David Patten vs. Denver – There will be a ton of passing in this game and by the end, Patten should have decent numbers. Start him as your #3 WR.

Isaac Bruce vs. Detroit – He did well last week against a much better secondary.


Buffalo vs. Oakland – There’s no way Oakland is going to move the ball well in this road matchup for them.

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  1. Mike Hoffman says:

    Maurice Jones Drew (Jax) or Jonathon Stewart (Car)? Who would you play this week?

    Points for RB catches in our league.

  2. Adam Caplan says:

    FYI: This isn’t an advice area.

  3. D. J. Keisling says:

    Thanks for the extra advice Adam!

  4. Mike Barrett says:

    Hey Adam–I already miss you on Fantasy Fix.

  5. Mike Barrett says:

    What I meant was you should be a part of the show.

  6. D. W. Berson says:

    Useful thoughts, Adam. Is Chester Taylor a good reach this week even if Peterson starts?

  7. Tim Quirk says:

    Gut feeling on AP today?

  8. Peter Brown says:

    No TE reaches?

  9. Adam Caplan says:

    No TEs that really stood out.

  10. Adam Caplan says:

    Good luck all, see you after the games.

  11. riverjags says:

    listings were pretty much dead on based on the matchup — Well Done !

  12. Adam Caplan says:

    Yeah, good week again. Check back for more this Sunday morning.

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