Post Week One Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts as I look back at the first 14 games:

- There are some train wreck offenses, St. Louis, Washington, and Cincinnati come to mind.

- We knew the Atlanta defense could be your get-well defense for fantasy owners. Add Detroit’s.

- It’s hard to tell how well Michael Turner will do this season since he should be a on a bad team but as we told you many times, they are a power rushing team so he’s going to get the ball plenty. He’s off to a great start and is carrying over his fine play from the preseason.

- Calvin Johnson is ready for a breakout season. Sure the Falcon secondary is weak but he moves so well despite being as big as he is.

- Jacksonville lost both starting guards to injury so we have to see what they do to get by.

- You’ll be thanking us for Chris Johnson at some point–he’s that good. It’s only one game but he carried over his great play from training camp and the preseason. He runs with surprisingly good vision for a rookie and no back has better speed than him.

- We’ll see if Jericho Cotchery can continue what we saw against a weak Dolphin secondary but he’s going to get the ball down field this season, that much we know.

- The Miami RBs are in a true RBBC, could get ugly.

- I’m glad I drafted Kurt Warner–he could help save my season in RotoBowl since I drafted Tom Brady with my second-round pick. As we’ve said many times, you won’t lose your season because of one player. It certainly doesn’t help your cause but the waiver wire is also a life saver. Trust us, if you pick the right players off there, you can save your season–I’ve done that many times.

- When will Tampa Bay actually get a quarterback who will plant and throw the ball to an open receiver?

- Good to see Drew Brees off to a strong start. He could put up huge numbers this season if they can continue to run the ball well. He works great off of a strong running game.

- Donovan McNabb is headed for a career season if he can stay healthy for 16 games. The way the Eagle passing game works, you don’t have to have great WRs. They just have to find a way to get open. He’ll get Reggie Brown back soon and Kevin Curtis by mid season. DeSean Jackson really is a playmaker and L.J. Smith is finally healthy.

- The Houston game went exactly like we thought it would. Thank goodness for GTP.

- Watching Carson Palmer yesterday was very difficult. Could it get worse for him?

- You have to be encouraged if you’re a Jake Delhomme owner based on what he did against a usually solid Charger defense.

- Strange game for Philip Rivers. He’ll never get high grades for style and watching him could be detrimental for your health but he has lots of talent around him to work with.

- The Dallas offense seems almost unstoppable. Just pray Owens or Witten don’t get hurt.

- Cleveland ‘s offense is a work in progress. They have no depth at WR as we saw on Sunday.

- The Arizona defense is one of the most underrated fantasy Ds this season. They’re a great backup or starter depending on the matchup.

- The Colt offense is also going to be a work in progress. They’re without two starters on the OL for at least the first six weeks.

- Matt Forte is another rookie back that has it going on like Chris Johnson. He can do it all.

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  1. JOOCE says:

    Yeah, I also had Brady, and also drafted Warner. Good thing… Here comes Cassel as my QB2, since my star-studded team got blown up yesterday in fantasy and I will be at the top of the waiver wire order…

  2. Dan says:

    we may be thanking you for Chris Johnson but MJD has gone from “rock solid NO DOWNSIDE WHATSOEVER” to a major major risk. I know they had two injuries yesterday but the website’s toon on him has changed drastically.

  3. Adam Caplan says:

    No one can control injuries so one has nothing to do with the other.

  4. Duh says:

    Dan, just curious. MJD lost 40% of his OL for the season on Sunday. Do you expect the site to spin him like they did in the summer? MJD probably still doesn’t have much downside, but his upside is now very limited. Anyone who complains about a positive spin on MJD must not watch football.

  5. Air Stich says:

    -NO didn’t run the ball all that well against the Bucs. They were barely average on the ground, but were able to pick apart a solid Bucs D through the air.

    -I don’t know how big the RBBC will be in Miami. Ricky Williams is junk and Brown will have no trouble getting his job back if he’s healthy. I will agree that the situation is ugly, however.

    -Chris Johnson is a total stud. I hope he can stay healthy, but I’m not optimistic. A midseason trade may be in order.

    -TB should give McCown a look. He’s the only QB on their roster with any long-term upside. They need to find out if they will have to use a 1st round pick on a QB next year.

  6. Jon says:

    - the support for Selvin Young is not looking like a good call at this point. Its already looking like a full blown committee and the first opportunity near the goal line and Pittman is in. Looks like a bad call by the site to support him as much as they did.

    - Eddie Royal looks sick – that was a great great great call by the site

  7. Duh says:

    So far it’s not good. But “this point” is of course a quarter and a half of a 16 game season.

  8. Jon says:

    hear you Duh, but it looks like it will be same old Shanahan with this RBBC….which would mean he would have not been more of a 8-9 rd pick, not the 5th rder that was advocated. I reiterate though, Royal looks off the chain.

  9. Jon says:

    maybe a 12th rounder on Young actually

  10. Bob says:

    I hate Shanahan, Young is the 3rd RB on this team it looks like

  11. Jay says:

    I’m a little surprised you guys are claiming you were all over Chris Johnson. I wished i’d known. From the pre-season package, it looked like J Stewart was your favorite among Stewart Johnson and Forte!

    Great job on Royal. I didnt miss that one (got him cheap in both of my leagues)

  12. Adam Caplan says:

    You obviously haven’t listened to any of the subscriber podcasts since July. My goodness, we were all over him. We also mentioned him in other analysis. We got a ton of comments on Johnson in emails over the last few weeks so others obviously knew. The only thing we had to see is if he could handle a lot of touches and you saw what he could do in the first game. Lets hope he holds up physically.

  13. Dan says:

    I will call it as I see it. The site was ALL over Royal and C Johnson. no doubt about it, and they were great great calls. Many sites (I subscribe to 5) were call out CJ as a stud but not Royal. Great props for that. On the negative side, the Selvin Young as a 5th round steal was a very bad call and is going to hurt badly I think…

  14. Jason Smith says:

    To a few of our fellow subscribers…WOW, give the Guru Boys a break and quit whining! Are we expecting 100% accuracy across the board???
    Let’s see…Chris Johnson-great call, Forte-killer, Royal-hope u got him…I did : ), McFadden-McPussy, Bengals “bad vibes”-bingo, and yes they were high on Stewart but said be PATIENT because it won’t happen overnight.
    I won’t go on but if you happened to target Selvin Young in the 5th and also followed the draft plan then you should have a stud RB and be in great shape at WR & QB. I grabbed Holmes in the 4th in one league but I’m not crying just yet because, having used the draft plan to form my own, my two teams look like this (12 experience fantasy teams, PPR, all TDs 6pts)
    Team #1(Picked 8th)
    Forte/Chris Johnson
    S. Smith

    Team #2(Picked 3rd)
    AP (QUESTION???? If Kiffin is an idiot for not using Miller, what is Childress for not letting AP touch the ball on the final key drive???????)
    Jacobs/Chris Johnson/C. Taylor
    B. Marshall
    Holmes/Jennings(stole him)/Royal

    Swap Selvin in if you want but I did all that could be done here…now they have to play the games.

    THANK YOU Adam, John, and the GURU STAFF, couldn’t have done it with out you.

  15. Jay says:

    Hey Adam, I was a long time Football injuries subscriber, and have made the switch. I think the Guru Website is a great improvement, and the customizable cheat sheets was something I always wish you had, The only negative so far is that the package was included free in the 1 Yahoo premium league I’m in. When I walked into the draft room, 9 of the 12 teams were using the Fantasy Guru list!
    In my auction league, I went heavy on Broncos (Cutler, Marshall, Royal) + M Barber Dallas D. Hoping for a Den-Dall Super bowl, even though I’m a Giant Fan!

    Are there going to be weekly Chats? Are you going to answer questions on this blog?

    Great having your help again!

  16. Dan says:

    no whining, just stating the facts. As you can see I gave massive props for CJ and ER. Like the boys did today, they admitted that Denver seems to have fooled us all.

    my man, I followed the draft plan exactly…unfortunately MJD may hurt

    Portis/ MJD/ S young / C Johnson/ D Ward
    Holmes/ S Smith/ Young/ Walker/ R Williams/ K Curtis
    Z Miller

  17. Steely says:

    Unfortunately, I took Selvin over Forte in my last draft due to the bump he got from you guys right before my draft. However, in 3 leagues I do have Forte in one, C. Johnson in another, and snagged Royal in a third. Unfortunately, you weren’t as high on Royal as you were on Josh Morgan 3 weeks ago when 2 of my drafts occurred! But when you begged us to draft him, I did in my final draft. Thanks!

    But damned if I dont have Selvin Young in two leagues and Zach Miller in all 3! Last night was painful to watch.

  18. Zap says:

    Step back from the ledge guys, 1 week doesn’t make a fantasy season. It’s grind where slow and steady wins the race.

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