My RotoBowl Team

Saturday was my first foray in RotoBowl and it didn’t quite go as planned.

Here’s a look at my draft and what I was thinking on each pick.

Round 1

Frank Gore: I had the fifth pick. It came down to the upside of Gore or the safety of Marion Barber. I chose the upside with Gore in perhaps the best offensive scheme in the NFL where the backs put up huge numbers.

Tom Brady: Those subscribers who have followed my drafting habits over the years know that I rarely take a QB before the fifth round. This pick came down to Marques Colston or Brady. I knew neither play would be there for me in the next round. I had targeted Braylon Edwards who went right before me. I just couldn’t get around what Brady did last year. But I also looked ahead, as I always do, to see who might be there for me with the next pick. You have to always plan out what might happen if you take a player here. The plan would be to go with Brandon Marshall or Steve Smith or even Santonio Holmes in the next round.

Santonio Holmes: Interestingly, Marshall went off the board after I picked in the second round and Smith went before me in the third round. I didn’t really have much choice here. I would have loved to wait another round for Holmes but I couldn’t take that chance. I paid for the selection of Brady instead of Colston. I knew that was a risk.

Jason Witten: There was next to nothing to take here. Any receiver that was a strong value was off the board. I just went the best value and that was either Witten or Kellen Winslow. Because we have two flex starters, I planned to actually take Winslow in the next round.

Kevin Smith: I wanted Winslow badly here, he’s kind of like a high-end #2 WR in this scoring and that would have really made my draft. He went right before I picked. When things don’t go as planned, you should always try to be creative–Winslow would have made up for not getting Brady. There wasn’t really anyone of note left here on the board so I went with Smith as my #2 RB.

Chris Johnson: You all know how we feel about Johnson and he’s perfect here as my #3 RB.

Joey Galloway: I really needed to get him here and I started to get nervous but he dropped to me. Easy call here.

Felix Jones: I needed WR depth but there was nothing really worth looking at here at that position so I went with Jones for depth at RB. There were some strange picks in this round like D.J. Hackett. Maybe the guy who picked him thought it was the 18th round instead of the 8th?

We also had a bunch of subscribers drafting in this league–one guy next to me took Kevin Walter here. I had planned to go with him in the next round.

Sidney Rice: I wanted to wait for him for 1-2 more rounds but I couldn’t really see anything else worth taking here. Way too early for a defense.

Eddie Royal: Again, would have waited for a few more rounds but I couldn’t see any player remotely worth taking other than Royal. It’s really about upside here in the middle rounds.

The first 10 rounds didn’t go as I wanted so I would have to really make up for it in the final 10.

Justin Fargas: Off to a great start here. He was terrific last season after taking over the starting job. He may be in a RBBC this season but you can’t do much better with him as depth.

Devin Hester: While consistency will be an issue for him he’ll have at least four to five big games this season based on the way they plan to use him. I went with his upside here. Why not?

Kurt Warner: I was shocked he didn’t go earlier based on what numbers he produced last year. Not a bad insurance policy for Brady. So far, so good in the second half.

Round 14

Derrick Ward: I couldn’t believe the Brandon Jacobs owner didn’t take him earlier. This is a value selection for sure.

Kevin Curtis: I needed depth at WR and Curtis could be that and more later in the season.

Philadelphia Defense: I wanted Seattle badly but they went a few rounds earlier.

Ben Utecht: I was looking for my backup TE and he’ll be that with some upside.

Andre Davis: There was total skank left and being that I don’t like skank much, I went with Davis. You saw what he did last year when he started.

Mason Crosby: He’s one of the best fantasy Ks.


Arizona Defense: They should be one of the better sleeper Ds this season.

Week One Lineup

Tom Brady
Frank Gore/Kevin Smith/Justin Fargas/Chris Johnson
Santonio Holmes/Joey Galloway/Eddie Royal
Jason Witten
Mason Crosby


QB: Tom Brady/Kurt Warner
RB: Frank Gore/Kevin Smith/Chris Johnson/Felix Jones/Justin Fargas/Derrick Ward
WR: Santonio Holmes/Joey Galloway/Sidney Rice/Eddie Royal/Devin Hester/Kevin Curtis/Andre Davis
TE: Jason Witten/Ben Utecht
K: Mason Crosby
D: Philadelphia/Arizona

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