Week One Quick Thoughts

Here are some quick thoughts in regard to this week’s matchups:

- First of all, be sure to listen to the podcast we did with Greg Cosell on Tuesday. If you’ve never heard him before, you’ll learn something every time you hear him break down matchups.

- On Detroit, how could Jon Kitna not throw two TDs this game against two young Falcon CBs?

- I’m very interested to see how the Eagles use DeSean Jackson this week. It could be telling.

- I think Dallas will easily score over 30 on the revamped Brown defense. Don’t be surprised if Terrell Owens scores twice on the young Brown CBs.

- The Redskin offense is a work in progress and it could get ugly Thursday morning. If you plan on watching the game, hide the family if you’re a Redskin fan.

- We’re interested in seeing how Matt Forte does Sunday night against an average Colt run defense. Forte is the most versatile back out of the 2008 draft. Think a younger Dorsey Levens with a little better speed.

- It could get ugly for the Seahawk passing game on Sunday. We do want to see how they use the RBs. How could Maurice Morris not deserve to start?

- Scalpers day off in Atlanta. Who would want to go to that game?

- We have a suspicion that Brett Favre will be throwing the ball down field plenty this season. His timing may be off with his receivers at first but we’re interested to see how they do.

- How will Kansas City score on Sunday? Free free to give us your gameplan and we’ll forward it to the Chiefs.

- All the hype we’ve given Chris Johnson will start to play out on Sunday. Jacksonville has a good defense but expect him to do something special at least a few times on Sunday.

- Joey Galloway owns the Saint secondary so expect him to BE the Buccaneer passing game as usual this season. It’s funny how teams know exactly where the ball is going yet he still wins more battles than he loses.

- Who is a bigger train wreck, the Rams or Dolphins?

- This isn’t the week to play Matt Schaub but if you’re patient he’ll pay off later.

- The only way Carolina will move the ball on Sunday without Steve Smith is on the ground and expect both top backs to get a lot of carries. They have to try to wear down San Diego’s front seven. This should be a good week to play the Charger defense.

- The 49er secondary can be had so even though the game is on the road, the Cardinal passing game should be strong–good week to get Kurt Warner in your lineup.

- On the other hand, it’s not a good week to use our boy Jay Cutler. No Brandon Marshall and an aging Darrell Jackson and rookie WR Eddie Royal, who we like, are slated as starters. Not exactly what you want going to the Black Hole.

I’ll be back later in the week but feel free to tell me I’m nuts or agree if you will…..

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  1. Chris says:

    Given the situation in Detroit with Rudi Johnson moving in and seemingly impressing the Lions coaching staff, would you rather have Chris Johnson or Kevin Smith on your roster? Seems like both of these guys are taken around the same time in drafts.

  2. hash marks says:

    are the chiefs still in the nfl?

  3. Adam Caplan says:

    The Chiefs are clearly rebuilding. Nice draft they had though.

  4. Dont tell me this, I have Schaub and Cutler!

    I think I will be getting off to a slow start…I have Andrea Johnson and Steve Smith but I will have to wait until week 3 for Smith.

  5. Kevin O'Brien says:

    Royal and Scheffler will be huge this week for the Broncos. Forget the speculation. Scheffler #1 TE, and going to play and produce!! Selvin Young will keep any DST honest.

  6. Rob says:

    Keep an eye on the weather for the east coast. Hannah is scheduled to be in the North East Sunday morning. Could in pact some of the NE games

  7. Greg says:

    I’m really impressed with the update you gave the site this year. The podcast with Greg (don’t call me Howard)Cosell was very informative. I hope you’re right about Chris Johnson-he’s on the bench for all my three teams!

  8. Adam Caplan says:

    Thanks for the comments. Greg acutally is Howard’s nephew although he really doesn’t talk about him. Those podcasts are going to be great, even better next week since Greg will have seen the first week’s games.

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