Thoughts Going Into the Weekend

Here are some quick thoughts with the pre-season behind us:

·         After Donovan McNabb lost Kevin Curtis, we originally thought that he might be in trouble. After watching him play in his last two pre-season games especially, he seems to be in a zone. He’s still a great value in rounds 6-7 as your starter.

·         As for DeSean Jackson, he’s going to play a lot until Curtis comes back. Pick up Jackson for roster depth but who knows, you may wind up using him. He has special talent.

·         The Washington passing offense is a work in progress so Chris Cooley and Santana Moss owners will need to be patient.

·         The hype on Devin Hester has subsided somewhat which is a good thing. While consistency might be a problem, can you find many more players who have more upside than him in rounds 12-13?

·         I think Roddy White will be up and down this season due to Matt Ryan being the QB.

·         I’m very interested to see how Jake Delhomme does once Steve Smith does after he gets back from his two-game suspension. Delhomme was on fire last season in their new offensive scheme before he got hurt.

·         As for their RBs, we’re pretty certain Jonathan Stewart will be the main ball carrier before mid season hits. It’s just a matter of time before he takes over. Keep in mind they drafted him to handle the role.

·         He’s moving up to rounds 5-6. Just be patient in the first few games as they figure out his role.

·         We still are miffed at why Devery Henderson is seeing more time in the #2 WR role for the Saints than the others there. We have to think Robert Meachem will eventually take over that job. When is the issue.

·         Pierre Thomas’ role still is up in the air. Not surprising as that’s what we expected if Deuce McAllister would still be on the team.

·         The #2 WR role for the Buccaneers is still a mess. You could actually win it if you’re at least 6′3″ and were a high draft pick. Think I’m joking? How could Antonio Bryant be out of the league and now be pushing for that job.

·         I’ll be very interested to see how the coaches use Tim Hightower is Edgerrin James struggles at all.

·         It’s a shame that Josh Morgan has been sick all week. He’s done nothing to lose the #1 WR job with SF. Now Bryant Johnson is coming back so we could see what we feared, a rotation of both players. We’ll see how this shakes out.

·         Ronnie Brown’s role is still not clear other than he’s backing up Ricky Williams for the time being. The good thing is Brown played in the fourth pre-season game and looked good so we’ll see what they do with him going forward.

·         It will be interesting to see what the Ravens do at QB. Joe Flacco is the only healthy one they have of the top three. Flacco isn’t ready to play but he has the mental makeup to handle the ups and downs. It’s the speed of the game that he’ll struggle with.

·         Keep an eye on Demetrius Williams now that he’s back. He has value for deep depth.

·         I’ve gotten a lot of QBBC questions on the message board and I’m one who likes to use them.

·         The ones to target are: Warner/Schaub/Cutler/Garrard. The best mix probably is Warner and either Schaub or Cutler.

·         Kevin Walter is starting to get a little respect but he should still be there in rounds 11-12 for you as your #3/#4 WR. Jacoby Jones never challenged him. Walter is a supreme possession WR who is good with RAC.

·         Watching David Garrard may be detrimental to your health but the bottom line is the numbers always seem to be there in the end. I have no idea how he will average 1.5 TDs/game but he always seems to come through.

·         The Titan passing game is going to be an abomination, how much of one remains to be seen. Justin Gage and Justin McCareins as starting WRs? Is this the CFL? Gawd.

·         But the upside is they will run the heck out of the ball. We’re telling you that Chris Johnson is the closest thing the league has seen since Brian Westbrook. If you haven’t seen him play, you probably have no feel for him like we do.

·         Eddie Royal is probably the closest thing to Greg Jennings that we’ve seen this summer (props to the guru for that comparison).

·         Royal is an excellent route runner, has solid speed, and can play inside or outside. He’s also very coachable.

·         It may be ugly at times but Larry Johnson is back where he was two years ago. He had an outstanding training camp and looks fresh and not worn down. Their offensive line is a major work in progress as is their passing game. That’s why he’s a lower end #1 RB and not better.

·         Expect the Raiders to run the ball a ton this season. When they throw it on intermediate routes, most likely it’s going to our boy Zach Miller.


We’ll be keeping an eye out of the roster cuts so I’ll be back Sunday with comments…..



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  1. Ben Schoene says:

    Totally agree on Jonathan Stewart and see him as a hands down RB#2. Suprisingly, he has been great value in all of my drafts. Generally, I have targeted the rookies to fill my #2 and bench spots because the value has been so good. I just don’t think drafting the “names” at RB beyond RB#1 is a good strategy considering how fast I view value at WR to fall off. Hope it pays off and thanks for the good info!

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