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Runs and RBIs are two of the vital offensive categories and when a MLB team scores a lot of runs, you can count on hits and/or HRs to be a beneficiary. Today we will take a look at six teams and their early-season run production so you can apply it to shaping your fantasy franchise.

1) Arizona Diamondbacks: They lead the league in runs scored at over 6 per game. Since they play half of their games in an extreme hitter’s park, the good times should roll all summer. Getting D-Backs on your roster is an excellent idea. They won’t likely lead the league as they are now, but this emerging offense should finish in the top 8.

2) Chicago Cubs: Last year, the Cubs had offensive talent, but couldn’t get timely hitting to score big runs. This year, things look much better, especially with Kosuke Fukudome added to the mix. Also, don’t forget that Alfonso Soriano will be back soon and might help this offense be a juggernaut. Wrigley is an excellent hitter’s park and plays very well in the summer months. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cubs led the league in scoring this year, and with their pitching, they might need to!

3) Chicago White Sox: The Sox come in at #5 in scoring and play in a great hitter’s park as well. They are doing this well with the middle of their lineup slumping. When they wake up, they Sox might move to the top three in runs scored this year. A healthy Joe Crede, a resurgent AJ Pierzynski, and breakout candidate Carlos Quentin should help this offense flourish in 2008.

The other end of the spectrum gives us the teams that have been disappointing so far:

1) Cleveland Indians: The Tribe is #25 in runs scored and they play in a pretty unfriendly hitter’s park. Travis Hafner looks like a hitter on the decline and their lineup may be vastly overrated. They certainly may turn things around, but I’m getting really bad vibes about the Indians.

2) Cincinnati Reds: The Reds are #23 in runs scored and their offense looks like it’s running in concrete. Certainly Adam Dunn will heat up, but the team looks to lack offensive continuity. Of course they play in a hitter’s park and the weather will be warming up, which could change things quite a bit. I see this offense ending up in the middle of the pack, but not much better, in run scoring this season.

3) Colorado Rockies: The Rox are #24 in runs scored, but regardless of the humidor factor, Coors Field is still the best place for hitters to pile up numbers. Warm weather and a good homestand or two will vault the Rox into the top third of the league in scoring, where they should be for the rest of the year.

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