Is the ‘Cliff’ in sight?

Cliff Lee now has 4 starts that have produced the following results:

4 wins

0.28 ERA

30 Ks

Before we annoint him as a breakout candidate, let’s take a look at some of his career stats to see if he is a prefect ‘sell high’ player or a player that you need to get at all costs. 2007- 5-8, 6.29 ERA

2006- 14-11, 4.40

2005- 18-5, 3.79

This post is to lay out information, so you can make your own determination.

First, it must be noted that Lee is 30 years old. This helps to to know that he is not a young pitcher in the learning curve of a career.

Lee’s four wins have come against the Athletics (twice), the Twins, and the Royals. There is not a better schedule that he could have hoped for, and he has taken full advantage of this opportunity. Also, he has pitched all of his games in pitcher-friendly parks.

To Lee’s credit, he has dominated a team twice (the A’s), which points to the fact that adjustments were likely made, but to no avail to the hitters.

Although Lee had shown a three-year regression in his statline, it can be pointed out that three short years ago (2005), he was a stud with the 18-5, [...]

Run away to a title

Runs and RBIs are two of the vital offensive categories and when a MLB team scores a lot of runs, you can count on hits and/or HRs to be a beneficiary. Today we will take a look at six teams and their early-season run production so you can apply it to shaping your fantasy franchise.

1) Arizona Diamondbacks: They lead the league in runs scored at over 6 per game. Since they play half of their games in an extreme hitter’s park, the good times should roll all summer. Getting D-Backs on your roster is an excellent idea. They won’t likely lead the league as they are now, but this emerging offense should finish in the top 8.

2) Chicago Cubs: Last year, the Cubs had offensive talent, but couldn’t get timely hitting to score big runs. This year, things look much better, especially with Kosuke Fukudome added to the mix. Also, don’t forget that Alfonso Soriano will be back soon and might help this offense be a juggernaut. Wrigley is an excellent hitter’s park and plays very well in the summer months. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cubs led the league in scoring this year, and with their pitching, they might [...]

Pitchers to watch

Far too often players are written off, but none more than SPs that are in their 20′s and have a bad start to their careers. The hype machine causes us to expect great things immediately and then when it does not go as planned, player value plummets until the player resurfaces. Here are a few pitchers that once had good value, but can be found on many waiver wires and may well be strong pitchers on your staff this year:

Zack Greinke (KC). He had an amazing start to the 2007 season, and it looks like he’s at it again after three starts, boasting 3 wins, a 0.75 ERA, and a 0.92 WHIP.

Scott Olsen (Fla). So far, he has 2wins, a 3.05 ERA, and a 1.06 WHIP. Olsen looked good in 2006 for awhile, but was awful in 2007. He has great stuff, so he may merit a pickup.

Ervin Santana (LAA). Of the three pitchers in this post, he has the best chance to amass a high number of wins. So far, he has 2 wins, a 3.32 ERA, and a 1.21 WHIP.

Again, I am not saying that these pitchers have broken out, but I certainly am saying that they might [...]

Think in terms of the mean

In junior high, I remember learning that the mean was simply the mathematical average. In the world of fantasy baseball, the mean is the concept that should allow you to sleep easy at night when David Ortiz is on your team and hitting well under .100. If Ortiz hits .300 for the season, you should be getting a .330 hitter from May through September.

Unless a player is going into serious decline or is in the infancy of a career, you can generally assume that most players will catch up to their career norms after a slow start. By the same token, a player that is absoulutely on fire for the first month will see a market correction over the course of a season.

Panic is often the emotion that many fantasy players demonstrate when their players are crawling out of the gate. Here is what I suggest for fantasy owners:

1) If your players are slumping, try to get a bench player to step in for the short term, then as soon as your player starts to heat up, get him right back in the lineup and let the good times roll!

2) If your opponents have slumping players, try to make a reasonable trade [...]

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